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  1. Same. I also find it doesn’t re-centre itself at all, leading to it often veering off to one direction. Really disappointing.
  2. Jazz Glands

    PES 2020

    Goalkeeper animations are pretty much the same as 2019 as far as I can see, unfortunately. The weird top corner one-handed floating dive animation has needed sorting for a long time.
  3. Jazz Glands

    PES 2020

    It’s far from awful, it’s actually very decent. Sure, it’s an iterative update of PES2019, but considering that was the best playing football videogame of the last few years that’s not a particularly bad thing. As Chooch says, will be interesting to see what the final game looks like, as the demos tend to be braver than the final retail releases.
  4. Anyone tried the android version on an Nvidia Shield?
  5. Jazz Glands

    PES 2020

    Nope, FIFA is a confusing mess of options and AI assists itself.
  6. If I order this now, digital or physical, will I still get the season pass as a preoredr bonus?
  7. Does anyone know of/have any experience of any decent HDMI solutions for a modded original Xbox? I would I like to retire my old AV Receiver as the component inputs for my original Xbox are the only reason I still use it. Edit - or would a component to HDMI scaler be my best bet?
  8. Jazz Glands

    PES 2018

    Short answer, no. Whilst that would potentially bump up the amount of exp points you’d get for him as a trainer, you’d be better off spending those trainers/game time you’d use to get him to Level 20 on the original player you want to level up. If that makes sense
  9. Let me know if you’re selling for a good price, as a massive fan of Dragon’s Trap myself I’m tempted to at least give it a go
  10. Jazz Glands

    Mike Patton

    I have tickets to see Mike Patton's Mondo Cane in Milan in September. Excited is an understatement
  11. Jazz Glands


    Source? I’ve been holding off buying it on Switch for this very reason
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