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  1. Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure. Edit - should've checked the first page
  2. They take the crunch culture to the next level - my gf was quite senior there and the design staff are expected to work 18 hour days, without breaks, for weeks leading up to runway shows. The attitude within the company is this is expected and you don’t question it if you want to work for a big fashion brand - they take advantage of a lot of youngsters who want to get into the industry as a result. Gucci, for example, are a far better company to work for and don’t take the piss like Burberry do. Also the creative director is a POS who happily parks his tank in disabled bays as the fines are small change to him.
  3. Off topic, but my girlfriend used to work for Burberry. Absolutely shocking company when it comes to ethics and crunch culture.
  4. Pure on 360/PS3 has a similar feel to Excitebike. As does one of the earliest MX/ATV games on PS2, but the name escapes me. I’d kill for a new game that is even half as magical as Wave Race 64 though. The best racing game of all time for me.
  5. Hail, Caesar. Big fan of the Coens but this just felt utterly directionless as a movie. Goes in the Intolerable Cruelty/Burn After Reading pile rather than the Big Lebowski/Oh Brother pile. 2/5
  6. Same here unfortunately. Anyone found if it’s possible to add multiple region box art along with added games, so the box art changes when you change the console language? A quick tinker with it yesterday and couldn’t see a way to do it.
  7. Overall their sales are far better than the Xbox equivalents.
  8. A proper new Wave Race game that nails the physics and tight racing of 64 would probably be my number one pick.
  9. Thanks! Anyone know if this'll work with a 256gb USB 3.0 stick?
  10. How easy is it to get a hyperspin build on it? I have retro arch but the front end is hardly pretty. Any advice appreciated
  11. Physical Yooka Laylee Invisible Lair - Xbone £13.99 Moss - PSVR £13.99 Rage 2 & Anthem (Anthem getting traded) -Xbone £9.99 Digital Contra Anniversary- Switch £7.99 Chariot - Switch 89p Megaman X Legacy Collection- Switch £7.99
  12. £4.99 with Plus on PS4 right now. Never played it so took a punt
  13. IT (2017). 3/5 Cliched and formulaic as all hell, but a fairly enjoyable old school horror movie, which is actually nicely shot for the most part too.
  14. My girlfriend’s brother is coming over later and has never experienced VR. I’d quote like to scare the shit out of him, but haven’t touched my PSVR in about 2 years - can anyone recommend me any decent Halloween games/experiences (cheaper the better). I have Until Dawn Rush of Blood and Resi 7, although am thinking the kitchen demo might be better for aquick intro. Anything else? Sorry if this has already been asked.
  15. Every copy of Virtua Tennis 2 I use in this crashes after a game or two (Android version on Shield). Anyone get this working ok?
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