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  1. Worth remembering it’s just a rumour at this point. Hasn’t been confirmed. Much like when HP was rumoured to be imminent on backwards compatibility and look what happened there. I want to believe.
  2. Oh. My. God. I love this game and have been dying for a remaster as it’s a bugger to get running nicely on a multi-core cpu. Now give us a Max Payne trilogy remaster and we can happily move onto the next gen Edit - is this confirmed? Doesn’t appear to be.
  3. Xbox Live Indie Games. Gateways was another excellent example and, of course, Hidden In Plain Sight which is happily now available on Switch.
  4. Ooh wonder if that’s on the Shield (Android) version. Will have to do some investigating. Thanks.
  5. Which emulator does this? Play mostly on my Shield using an Android emulator but may have to switch to PC if there’s an emulator which sorts out all the texture warping and still runs well.
  6. Protect Athena! At least that’s what it looks like in 720i
  7. Riddled Corpses EX (worst game title ever?) is a twin stick shooter which is fairly well reviewed and is only £2.69 on the eshop at the moment. Anyone here played it? Edit - there’s a demo available
  8. Does it work well with just 2 players?
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