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  1. I've become massively addicted to Quarrel. I know it's been out for a while, but I'd never heard of it. It's brilliant- a mix between Scrabble and Risk, but with a real nice style to it. Downloaded the Lite version and paid for the full one after one game.

    What's the difference between the Lite and full fat one? Also, does anyone know if there are plans for a multiplayer update?

  2. Congratulations Dave. I would just like to add that I should take most of the credit for your success this season as my commitment to being your sparring partner has obviously worked wonders on you - although the thrashing I gave you the other night probably gave you a bit of a wake up call and proved I'd just been boosting your confidence all season ;)

    No doubt I'll now be relegated as all the pools panel results go in favour of DFowles, despite him leaving(?) the league. Oh the bitter irony :o

    If I even hint at choosing Wednesday next season will someone please punch me? Hard!

  3. That other top downer by the Mashed guys might finally turn up at some point as well.

    Wrecked! I've lost all my enthusiasm for it after an almost 12 month wait. Go get Magic Gp from the indie section if you want some top down action.

  4. Well Ive actually bought more in the last month at Game and Gamestation than in the last few years. I've picked up Skyrim for £22, Saints row 3 for £20, Gears 3 dr £15 (preowned), and would have had Dark Souls today for £20 if I hadn't have already ordered it from zavvi. As long as they keep on having the special offers, I'm in.

  5. Joe Danger has some festive DLC this week I believe.

    Other than that, it's your iOS devices which seem to have the most festive spirit. I've noticed quite a few updates recently but I've only played the Bike Baron one (which isn't particularly festive)

  6. Ai cars? in which track they did it?

    I'm building a new update.....

    Yes it was the AI cars, and it's happened on every track tonight - from Monaco onwards. I've also had the really silly qualifying times from the AI cars which I assume is connected to the going the wrong way? I'll register on your forum to avoid clogging up this thread now.

    Still a great game, but ive not managed to get an online session yet.

  7. Been playing a fair bit of mrgp2 today and really getting into the groove. I had quite a few instances of cars going the wrong way however, particularly around the pit lane. Only seems to happen during qualifying, but can really mess up the session.

  8. But please can you beat graham twice ha!!


    GrahamDunn 6 - 0 Harbeyfield Wednesday

    Harbeyfield Wednesday 1 - 4 GrahamDunn

    I don't remember a huge amount of detail, other than in my home match particularly, I wasn't quite so outclassed as the results would suggest. I'm really in the market for a couple of decent strikers if anyone has anybody they want to put on loan :)

    Cfgs Graham - you obviously deserved the points. Good luck in the title chase.

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