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  1. Just got my copy (£29 in Morissons). No doubt I'll have the usual problems with scoring but that's not going to put me off. I'll be on most the night I should think if any one fancies putting a few past me. What I really want to know tho' is how I get into the league - it's the reason I bought this. Any help appreciated.
  2. This sounds great. Halo 2 for people that can't shoot straight due to lack of co-ordination or the consumption of too much alcohol. I fit both categories so count me in. Do you mind me posting friends requests to you? My tag: harbey hope to see you soon
  3. Played Robbo the other night - had some great games. Been looking for a good league for a while and would love to get in on the PES5 one. harvey@mccarthey.freeserve.co.uk Tag: harbey
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