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  1. Yeah, it's alright, but Little Racers STREET is better and a tenth of the price. BBR doesn't even have online multiplayer

    What a shame, it looked like it was going to be great. It can't be THAT hard to make a new multiplayer party racer which is as much fun as Mashed can it?

  2. Ive been hyping this in the xbindie thread Adman. It provided me and my boys with some of the greatest bonding sessions weve had in years - real laugh out loud, punch each other on the arm stuff. Get on with v2 with some extra game modes and ideas and let us know how we can support you. Youve created just the type of game which is missing from this gen's roster. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow! Championship eh? I just keep on getting promoted despite finishing one place short of the relegation zone :eyebrows: .

    Get the feeling I could be punching above my weight this season. Never mind - if I get my weekly FIFA fix i'll be happy.

    Apologies in advance, I'm not the most active member of the forum and just don't get time to write detailed reports etc. I will play my games on time tho' (or at least let you know if I can't), so hopefully you'll forgive me.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Bit of a mystery really. Good job I've got All 4 One coming for the PS3, hopefully that'll keep the little buggers happy.

    Hidden in Plain Sight on the XBox Indie section is my favourite game to play with the kids at the mo'. Might be a bit too old for yours, but for 80 ppints it's well worth a look.

  5. In case anyone missed it. Hidden In Plain Sight is incredible fun if you have a few people to play it with on local multiplayer. I just picked it up off the back of a review which TTKs posted in the XBLA thread for me. You NEED real people on the couch to play it I'm afraid, but if you've got real people sat on your couch, you need to play this game. Not laughed / bonded with the kids so much in years.

  6. Permanent reductions do happen, it's just quite limited, and they don't actually tell anyone they're doing it.

    I did an indie round up last month, and someone else did one for this month

    I'm not as up to date with gaming news as I once was, and these reductions had definitely gone unnoticed by me.

    Thanks for the round-ups, always enjoy reading those.

    EDIT: Just spent an amazing couple of hours with the kids playing Hidden In Plain Sight (Indie Game so wrong thread again). Tears running down our faces and sides aching. Would have missed it if not for the above links so thanks.

  7. I think that introduces other issues such as why would people buy new games if they can get them half price in six months? Some stuff does get reduced in a few months, but it shouldn't ever be a default thing. I already find myself waiting for a lot of stuff to be a Deal of the Week, if it was almost guaranteed that a game was going to be cheaper in six months I wouldn't ever buy new games, and they need to avoid that.

    Fair point. I just wonder if many of the games that get past their sell by date ever make any money again. I think I'd pay full for titles I liked to get them on release, and would have a go at the also ran if they were down to half price 12 months on. Deals Of The Week seem quite limited - how many times are they going to reduce Bastion? Meanwhile many titles from 2 years ago are still out there at full price and surely no one is biting. Not saying they should reduce everything after x-months, just think they would make more money, and do us favours, by widening the reduced content scope. Can't complain tho. there's some great stuff out there. XBLA and the indie stuff have definitely been my main gaming expenditure this year.

    By the way TTK, have you done an indie round up recently? (wrong thread i know).

  8. The Limbo ones are easy even if you don't use a guide.

    Do you think so? I doubt I'd have ever found some of those without a guide, especially the ones that are hidden in the darkness.

    @TTK, I thnik you're dead right about if people haven't bought stuff yet, then they're never going to, which is a philosophy I would put into price points. I think we should see many more and much great price reductions once a game passes the 6 - 12 month since release point. There are plenty of games I'd have a punt at if they reduced the price, but won't be touching at full price.

  9. Got the achievements done and it motivated me to play through Limbo again and mop up all the cheeves I'd not got ( except the no point in dieing one, although i might even give that a go now). Such a great game and I'd say the puzzles are pitched just right. The solution is never really obvious, but is always solvable with a bit of thought and logic.

    This is such a great offer, seems too good to be true. Hope it lasts, but how are they making money on it?

  10. Got the Limbo achievements, so I guess I'll be playing Shadow Complex tomorrow! I've started it about four times now and I always get bored about half an hour through it, so I'll try and stick with it this time.

    I started it quite a few times before it clicked. Stick with it! It gets so much better.

    First one of these where i have two of the games. How exciting.

  11. Silent Hill Shattered Memories when you get the mobile phone and calls come in using the speaker on the Wiimote, forcing you to hold it up to your ear like an actual phone. Amazing use of the controller and so immersive.

    And LA Noire. Despite the lack of a great game, I spent ages just comparing the game world with the real life one using Google Earth. Incredible attention to detail.

  12. Mindbender track is just amazing. If that really is created using the ingame editor then we are surely going to be in for some wonderful stuff once people really get the hang of using it. If people put half the amount of effort into this as they did creating paint jobs in Forza, I cant see us needing the traditional DLC in a month or twos time. Perhaps they'll add new vehicles and environments instead?

  13. i was playing this with my lad earlier and feeling a bit underwhelmed by the initial lack of tracks. Then we went and checked out the downloadable player creayed content... wow! already there are loads of extra tracks for single, multiplayer, skill games and bizarre fps games! i think this element will really make this game an absolute classic and one which will last forever (well ages anyway)

  14. A small number is one thing, but six is really small. Six starts to look like you're not really getting value for money and I just don't see the game lasting very long. Online will be dead right away because there are so few tracks that people will tire of them in hours, no matter how fun it is.

    Yep. This is exactly what i meant. It's not as though they've not had much time to spend developing a decent number of good quality tracks either. It looks like at least two of the tracks have been recycled from Mashed as well. I'd have been happy if they'd just thrown in the majority of the old Mashed circuits and then added a few new ones to keep it fresh. I'm just feeling a bit let down as it was so high on my list of must have games, but the mega delay followed by the lack of new content is leaving me feeling under whelmed at the moment. I really hope the finished product proves me wrong.

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