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  1. Are there any reviews of this from a person starting at the level of not quite being sure which way up to hold a guitar?

    It's a fun way to get started without a doubt. You'll be far more motivated to get playing with this as it gives you the sense of playingin a band as opposed to just strumming away on your own. Its not particularly structured however and certainly isn't a guitar tutor. Id say its a great way to compliment your learning, but your going to have to put some time in to learning basic chords and a few scales away from the game. The are a couple of the mini games which will really help you with this element too. If youre at all interested in learning guitar, Id have no reservation in recommending this, a half decent guitar and a youtube connection as all you need to open up a world of enjoyment and fun which will keep you going for a good year or three.

  2. Alternative Rock Pack is out. 2400 bucks.

    § Rush – “Tom Sawyer”

    § Rush – “YYZ”

    § Rush – “Limelight”

    § Rush – “Red Barchetta”

    § Rush – “Subdivisions”

    § Vampire Weekend – “Cousins”

    § The Black Keys – “Gold on the Ceiling”

    § The Black Keys – “Mind Eraser”

    § The Black Keys – “Just Got to Be”

    § Pearl Jam – “Jeremy”

    § 3 Doors Down – “When I’m Gone”

    § 3 Doors Down – “Loser”

    § The Offspring – “Come Out and Play”

    § The Offspring – “Self Esteem”

    § The Offspring – “Gone Away"

    Really want The Black Keys tracks, but not bothered about the others so hoping they'll split it like the last lot.

  3. I really want this! I dont have an electric guitar though :(

    I'd go for a second hand Squier Stratocaster - you'll get one for about £70. These are really great guitars for the money. Add a new set of strings fot about £7 and you're sorted.

    I played this for quite some time tonight, but didnt do much other than mess about with the amp, mic and effects settings. There's some bloody lovely stuff hidden in there. Under the amp settings youve got loads of amps, cabs and even mics to play with. You can create any combination and youll get some beautiful sounds out of them. The only downside is theres loads of stuff locked until you progress with the 'career' mode, and the interface isnt particularly friendly, particularly for changing the settings on effects pedals. Even so, you're getting an amazing set of tools for the price.

  4. Been playing the acoustic over the weekend. Funny how this game has re-ignited my electric guitar fire, which has then wafted the flames of my acoustic desires. I'm aiming to get back on this tonight to finally nail those Nirvana solos.

    It's a shame there's not a Star Rating for the songs on this so you know which are easy to complete and which you need to be more accomplished for. It's great that they've made them all accessible, but Go With The Flow is far easier to master than say Slither

    Anyway, here's an interesting article for you: http://www.mediumdifficulty.com/2012/03/16/rocksmith-and-the-limits-of-learning/

    I'm hoping we get something similar to this for keyboard - I know Rock Band made an attempt, but I think we need a full size keyboard. It would be a lot easier too I assume, as the keyboard would send a digital signal for each note as opposed to the analogue one from the guitar.

  5. You want to be playing at sufficiently loud volume to have that audio feedback, you'll hear your mistakes more clearly and depending on your level will find it easier to know when you are playing the wrong note. With an electro acoustic it would depend on your volume coming from the guitar, on max it should work.

    You can alter the output volume of the guitar, backing track, vocals, bass etc. in the options menu. I have mine set to 100 for the guitar and 80 for the rest.

    Speaking of which, has anyone tried singing yet? I assume any old usb mic will work?

  6. - Silly question

    I am currently using an Electric Guitar for this, but how well would an Electro Acoutsic work on Rocksmith? - ie with the songs.

    As there's a lot of effects put on the guitar, I imagine it would work fine but look pretty odd. The only sumbling block would be the output level of the pickup on the guitar. So long as the software can hear it, i'd image it would be fine.

  7. Regarding the difficulties with how the notes appear, I too share these frustrations. My solution would be for the game to have the option of letting you see a full tab sheet for the song ( in whatever notation). That way, you could have a go at learning the song or solo without accompaniment befor trying in the game.

    It is such a shame that with just a few tweaks here and there, this would have been a piece of perfection. Makes you wonder how much testing it had with actual users.

    Still, it's reignited my passion for electric guitar after playing nothing but accoustic for a long time. Just got me a new amp even :)

  8. Im using optical out and theres very very little lag, certainly not enough to be an issue. My bloody fingers are a bit sore after about 4 hours play tonight tho'.

  9. You are very much echoing my impressions of Riff Repeater... however:

    you can also set the Accelerator time to a fixed speed, this has the added benefit of not stopping when you miss a note. This enables you to go in set the mastery to 100% and then the speed to 50% for example, which enables you to work out what the notes are and then as you improve you ramp up the speed manually, until you are at 100%.

    is the bit I'd missed! I don't like the dumbing down of the track to learn it as I find you end up learning the wrong timings / fingering etc. But 100% mastery on full speed can be a bit too much as you just don't get time to see what's coming next. This work around seems to be a perfect solution, especially if it doesn't stop the track if you miss a note. As you say, they've done a great job of messing up what is a fantastic system. I wonder if any of the people who made the game actually play guitar? They have done a fantastic job, but there's just a few 'awkward' elements to it. Another on being, how do you quickly restart a section without having to go through all the menus, tuning etc? I think it was in the techniques section I suffered this the most and ended up just pausing and restarting just before I got to the end of the track.

  10. Anyone know if you can save your replays? Its great when you put in a flawless performance and get to hear it back with a "I did that" smile on yer face. Would love to be able to save them for a compilation of me best bits.

  11. Just about to set off home from work for another evening of this. I manged to get 100% on Go With The Flow this weekend (it's not that great an achievement as it's just power chords, but it's a good start). Also got my son playing it until his fingers hurt too much - he'll be back tho'.

    A lot of the thoughts on here echo mine after having spent the whole weekend on it (didn't play any FIFA13!). First off, it's really, really excellent fun. If you have ever had any enjoyment from playing a guitar, you will love it! And if you haven't played a guitar before, this is THE BEST way to start. I wish I'd had it when I first started out.

    The difficulty ramping up is perhaps my biggest issue with the game. It's been sort of mentioned above, but the easier difficulty levels are just getting you into bad habits in some ways. I think they're fine if you are wanting to play this as 'a game' and want to just tap out a few notes in rhythm. But if you want to learn the song, I really think you need to go to the Riff Repeater (I think that's what it's called), pause the game and then ramp the difficulty straight up to at least 60%. That way you're at least working towards the real version.

    I love the amp / effect models you get. It's great to win the song and get the set up which sounds pleasing like the real thing so you can just do some jamming in the style of.

    I'm now desperate to unlock the Scales arcade game (anyone managed it yet?).

    I think we need a weekly challenge...

  12. Ive spent pretty much all day on this and have to say Im very impressed. I pretty much stopped playing games about a year ago to start playing guitar again (used to play a bit years ago but just open chords mainly). Ive done well in twelve months I reckon, and at first I was concerned that this was far too basic. As mentioned, it starts very basic asking you to play just a few notes from the song and gradually adds in more. Thing is, if youre used to playing a bit, this is actually harder than playing the whole thing as the rhythm can be tricky with notes missing, and it also simplifies chords to one note, which again, I found confusing. Then I found the practice area outside of the main game... Here you can choose a song and use some really useful training tools to break the song up into component parts. You can also ramp the difficulty straight up to avoid having to grind through all the basic stuff. Im loving every minute now. You could get the tab and lessons from the internet insted of course, but the game element, unlocking amps and effects, and most importantly the backing tracks, make this much more fun. Theres also some nice arcade style training games, which i reckon would be great, particularly for the beginner (theres one where you have to kill zombies by striking the right chords which is good fun and also surprisingly complicated as it progresses). If youre at all interested in learning or getting better at guitar, Id say its a must - youll save yourself hours of frustration and i would say youll probably progress much quicker if youre just starting out. Its the price of 2 - 3 hours of lessons and will keep you going for months. Cant wait for the Black Keys DLC to come out over here.

  13. my copy was posted from Zavvi today, but I just know it aint gonna fit through the letter box so ill have to wait an extra day to get it from the post office. Really looking forward to it having watched loads of YouTube coverage - like that theres some proper guitar tuition (scales and the like) as well as just the songs to learn. Bloody Fifa out on Friday too. Rockstar or footballer? What a decision!

  14. I only just downloaded this yesterday and got a couple of games going. It's clear I'm a bit behind as I watched one of my guys get destroyed by my opponent in one hit. But it looks like it's gonna be fun.

    What's your game tag name thingy? Ill give youa few games. Im harbey.

  15. Minecraft. Everything I build has to be symetrical including how chests, beds, pictures etc are positioned. Had to pretty much destroy my house the other night because things just didnt line up right.

  16. And for a different view: I found bang bang racing to be virtually unplayable from the sweepy lurching camera . The cars handle like they are stuck to the tarmac, unless you brake.

    This was my view too. You need to be going sideways around corners in this type of game. And the lack of online multiplayer is a bit of a let down too.

    As for Little Racers, yeah loads more cars, loads more tracks, weapons and local multiplayer too please. Not asking too much I hope :)

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