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  1. Im about half way through (chapter 7). Decided to take a break and go watch Apocalypse Now as Im pretty sure thats where there the plots heading. Ive avoided reading too much in here so apologies if this is old news.

  2. I just picked up a brand new keyboard for £10 in one of our local pound / catalogue shops. They had boxes full!

    If you like RB, you should really give Rocksmith a go.

  3. A game's a game's a game. I don't see why an XBLA game should be judged differently from Halo 4 just because the developer of Spelunky decided not to print it on a round piece of plastic. If I think Little Racers STREET is the best Xbox 360 game this year, the voting should reflect that.

    It's worth splitting voting between different platforms because otherwise the two hundred 360 owners will outvote the three Vita owners and Vita games wouldn't get a look-in, but awards like "best downloadable game" are pretty irrelevant in the year 2012 when downloadable games have pretty much exceeded the quality of retail ones.

    Well firstly, the idea of the thread was to give opinions on categories for game awards, so I think suggesting categories for sub dividing formats is in the spirit of that. More importantly though, whilst I share the philosophy of 'a game's a game' in theory, in practice, I don't think it fair to compare a 3 year in the making, 100+ staff and a massive development and marketing budget title with something which a couple of guys spent 6 months writing in their spare time. The indie games this year have been fantastic and i think they deserve their own share of the spotlight without competing against the likes of Halo. If nothing else it might turn a few people on to some of the great games that are so easily missed.

  4. As predicted... work in the way of doing too much on this. Everyone ok to let Breed run until Sunday (I think a fortnightly challenge is more realistic tbh)?

    Does anyone know if there's online leaderboards for friends? Would be good if we added each other (assuming same platform), but pointless if there's no way to see each other's scores. Would be great if you got to download friend's performances (a bit like the way you can download replays on Trials say) - Rocksmith 2?

  5. Yep, once you've played a really good guitar you'll notice the difference. And so begins the rather expensive affliction of Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. But to start off, Just get something playable any get playing.

  6. Okay so I bought this but don't have an electric guitar... what is my best way of getting something that is none shit but not going to break the bank?

    I guess £100 I could spend. If I go second hand how can I not be ripped off? If I go new is that enough to get something that will be fun to play or is it still toy level?

    I'd go to eBay and look at a squire telecaster, strat or an epiphone las Paul depending on your personal preference. You'll get one for £100 and they're very decent as a rule. My first guitar was a squire stratocaster which still gets used loads today. Invest in new strings as soon as you get it tho. Even a great guitar will sound shit with old strings.

  7. Haha. I see what you mean. I'm in a third floor flat so I'm fine. I don't like playing sitting down. Partly because BC Richs aren't designed to be easy on the thighs.

    That's some pointy angles you've got to deal with. Don't go doing yourself an injury ;)

    I've switched at the moment but can't decide which I prefer. I'll probably stick to what I have now I've played most of the game so far with it.

    Stick with the switched version, it'll make tabs so much easier to deal with.

  8. Great to see everyone sharing tips / ideas already. The solo is definitely the killer on this track. As said, it's a bit 'odd' compared to the rest of the track, but good to have a challenge in there. I find playing the solo with a pick quite difficult as you need to mute strings which has always been a challenge for me. Doing ok tho' - definitely improving.

    As for the fingering, I often get a bit caught out with this too as using the Leveler option you can often get caught into using the wrong fingers and as you progress you need to re-learn parts using a different fingering pattern. Don't get too worried about it at the moment tho'. Just playing along with the backing track, building up your speed, rhythm and finger ends, will be moving you in the right direction and helping you improve. You won't pick up any bad habits just playing around with a track for a week or so I wouldn't have thought, and as long as you're enjoying it, that's what matters.

    And having watched all the Rolling Stones stuff on TV last night, I'm now practicing their stuff - just about to try Satisfaction on Master Mode :)

  9. RockSmith Weekly Challenge

    OK you wannabe Rock Gods (and Goddesses), here's the place to come practice those killer riffs. Each week we'll post a new song to get your teeth into and discuss with fellow musicians. We'll have a little bit of competition to make it interesting (split between Master Mode for the clever guys, and normal for those who are still getting there), but the emphasis is really upon helping each other out, discussing the song / tab / techniques used, and just keeping each other going with the practice routines. Post your scores in here and I'll update a couple of times a week (although I'm happy for others to do as much as possible to help out as I often get caught up with work / family stuff). We'll let each challenge run for a week initially (Sunday to Sunday), although I suspect we may want to up that to a fortnight before long.

    Week 1

    (25th Nov 2012)

    Nirvana - Breed


    Feel free to get very off-topic and talk lots about general guitar issues (should this thread be moved elsewhere at some point?).

    Any suggestions / ideas for future tracks / constructive criticism etc, please post here.


    Master Mode:

    1. Mr Hendo - 208,439

    Normal Mode (is there a better title for this?):

  10. I really don't bother with the leveller option or indeed building up the mastery from a simple start. As you've mentioned, it can actually make things harder because (I find at least) you really miss some of the rhythm and 'bigger picture'. I go for 100% mastery as a rule, but at a slow pace, until I've got the section in my head. I then just up the pace.

  11. Nirvana: Breed on Combo then? I'll have a look at it tomorrow and post a few details as needed. I agree its a good starting point due to length and reasonable difficulty.

    If you have any other views or ideas over the details post them in here. Do you think a week is about right or would you prefer two weeks per track? As mentioned, I dont think we should get too hung up on scores initially as everyone will be at different points in their learning / skills. Just be nice to have a focus and keep everyone's motivation up.

  12. I suck soooo badly with a plectrum :-(

    Sent from my Nexus 7

    Stick with it. Try a soft pick to start out and you'll soon move to something a little firmer. And don't feel obliged to use one - there are plenty of tracks where I start out using the pick, then move to finger picking to allow faster movement between strings. Develop your own style which you're happy with. I was watching a Justin Guitar interview with Gordan Giltrap last night where he was saying he uses just a pick and his little finger. Disadvantages him in some respects, but makes for him having his own style / sound which others can't replicate.

  13. Sounds like a great idea. Are we going master score or not, or both?

    I think it's best to just let everyone go for it at their own level. If we make it too competitive we'll probably just put people off. It'd be nice to just have a track each week or so that we can open up to discussion and share tips / tricks on how to progress with it. Guess we can give it a go and see how it pans out.

    Anyone want to make a suggestion for a track and arrangement? I'd suggest starting out with tracks which aren't DLC and aren't too technical so everyone can join in.

  14. All songs are available as individual downloads as well, apart from those in the Alternative Rock pack that aren't the Rush ones.

    And does anyone know if that's the way it's going to stay? I want a few of the Alt' Rock Pack, but not really wanting to pay for the full set as I doubt I'll play most of them. I'm assuming the Rush tracks are very advanced?

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