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  1. Alfromsleep, I'm good for any evening although im away over the weekend.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Yeah Friday evening good for me.
  3. Liverpool (Tomox) 2 - 3 Harbey (CSKA Moscow) CSKA 1 - 2 Liverpool A couple of good tight games. I was pleasantly surprised by the Russian's pace and goal scoring abilities (having not played much pre-season). A couple of gifted goals that said . And the good news... I found my mic settings! After spending the last couple of seasons, and both of these games, struggling to hear what my opponent is saying, I found a stupid bloody volume setting in the Profile section of the dashboard - it was set to 1/10! Always a pleasure mate. Hopefully we can have a few friendlies and actually have a decent chat now I'm not deaf any more. Wincho (4 - 1) harbey Scorers: Cassano x 3, Milito As I remember it was a very tight first half with no goals to show from either team. Then half time came along and a bit of managerial wizardry saw Cassano switch sides to find acres of space, and a rather sweet left foot, to bag a hat trick in the space of about 15 mins. harbey (1 - 0) Wincho Another slow first half, but this time it was the Russians who shook things up a little changing to their manager's favoured formation from his time at Stoke City. Both teams went all out attack in the second half and after a period of good pressure, the home team finally found the net. Great games mate and nice to finally have a decent discussion with someone and actually hear what they're saying. A decent start to the season for the Moscow outfit. Certainly doing better than I expected at the start of the season. My goal is to survive in the Championship and avoid my seasonal yo-yoing.
  4. Unfortunately Greeny and i never got played so will await a pools panel. Good season everyone. Enjoyed all my games and chatting to those of you with mics (at least the ones i could hear).
  5. Salsa and i played last night. The first was rather one sided finishing 0-6 to Stoke. The second was a more balanced game with Marseille taking an early lead and Stoke fighting to come back. It finished 4-1 and despite some bad lag in the second half, was a very enjoyable game. Youve taken a different style from last time i played you. I was expecting a very physical game and was perhaps overly physical myself as a result. It seemed to suit my players tho so i continued . Cheers for the games mate.
  6. Bloody snow! And that own goal! Good games mate. I never felt too out classed in those fixtures which im taking as a positive, i just didnt create the chances - down to your defence. Well done on your promotion. I should be all done by this evening barring the Greeny fixtures.
  7. harbey


    Track listing is starting to appear : http://rocksmith.ubi.com/rocksmith/en-us/music/index.aspx Also: WHAT'S NEW: There are over 50 tracks all new to Rocksmith 2014 Edition including the biggest hits yet. It is also backwards compatible with songs you already own in the original Rocksmith. Which is great news
  8. Thanks for the games Tom. Scrappy first game and dramatic second - where did the keeper get those boots from? Great to chat with you as always. Good luck in the final push.
  9. Not sure how 'heavy' you may think this is, but I too am on a blues / rock revival at the moment and love these guys. I've been to see them a couple of times and looking forward to seeing them again in York in a couple of weeks. They record everything live when they're in the studio - although still waiting for the first album. Very much in the Left Lane Cruiser camp: And I missed these recently when they supported the Rival Sons, but I'm sure they'll be coming around again:
  10. Good work Klaark. We had a couple of really close games - hope you get sorted.
  11. Looks like I'm a bit late to the party, but if anyone has a Waffles invite going I'd really appreciate it. I fell out with music a few years ago and didn't take any notice of what was going on. About 18 months ago however, I picked my guitar up again after not touching it for about 15 years (kids and jobs) and (helped by Rocksmith) I've caught the playing bug which has now sparked my interest again. I'm now trying to find my old record collection (and some new stuff), but having troubles on public sites. Any help appreciated
  12. First game I think you suffered from sitting too deep. You never seemed to have anyone up front to pick the ball up after a clearance. Second game was different though and you came back from 2_0 down with some great possession and pressure. Final 10 mins I just threw everyone forward and you were unlucky with the free kicks. Shame you couldn't hear me- i've had loads of issues with my mic this season. Good luck with the season mate.
  13. Never mind football, what happened to the rally game Magic?
  14. Villa 2 - Stoke 1 An experimental first half line up soon went tits up with Villa taking an early lead. Stoke manager Harbey made a few changes and sparked the Stoke team into action for an equaliser before the break. Despite some good pressure in the 2nd half, a defensive fook up saw the home team take a second lead and far too many wasted chances let the 3 points go Villa's way. Stoke 1 - Villa 2 In the return game, Stoke once again went a goal down, this time against the run of play. Confidence was high however and again they equalised and pushed forward for the winner. Chance after chance went begging, including a would be goal of the season over head shot which ricocheted off the bar. It ended up being a long clearance which saw Bent break one on one for Villa's second attempt on goal and second goal seeing Stoke once again lose a game despite having the majority of the chances. Well played mate - you took your chances when my defence made mistakes, whilst I squandered my opportunities. Don't know if you could hear me or not on the mic but good luck with the season.
  15. Harbey 3 - 0 Big Gus Big Gus 0 - 1 Harbey I hope you enjoyed the games Gus, i did get worried that you were getting a bit stressed at one point so i eased up and allowed you a few chances . Seriously though, we probably do both have a bit of work to do on the training ground - the first game in particular involved a lot of scrappy play with both of us seemingly happy to run straight into the others' defending players. I think me switching to the attacking mentality was the difference between us as until then, you'd been having the better of things. Don't know why the mic was so quiet - it's often other people who complain of mine being too quiet so perhaps i just need a new headset. Pleasure as always anyway fella. Ill see you in the relegation battle.
  16. Mini Motor Racing is currently on sale (i think) and is the best top down racer out there imo. So good in fact ive bought it on Android and ios. Loads of content and a really nice difficulty curve which keeps the challenge going.
  17. The Android game selection is really on the up. I was unimpressed when I got my Nexus just before Christmas, but in the last month the quality and quantity has gone through the roof.
  18. Nice to be back in League 1. Looking forward to seeing the team selections.
  19. Just got Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes after randomly stumbling across it then downloading it by mistake! Wow - what a happy accident. Came out Jan 2011 so a few of you, like me, may well have missed it. It's a Spelunky / Meatboy style platformer with boat loads of frustration, one more go and trial and error. Go get! 80msp
  20. Thing is, whilst I'm sure MS spent heaps on repairing RRD Boxes, I'd think they made money out of it in the end. I'm on my 4th machine and each of the dead ones expired after the warranty. I know many people in the same boat. And I know people who just bought a new one because they couldn't be bothered sending it back. I'm always curious about how the RRD effected sales figures. Are there really more xboxes out there than ps3s? Or is it just we've all got 2 or 3 of them each? Perhaps the RRD was actually the greatest marketing strategy of the decade?
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