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  1. Sweet Mountain River by Monster Truck = retro rock heaven. Almost got rhythm and lead cracked, such addictive fun although I suspect Mrs Harbey is starting to get a little sick of hearing the same riff for the last three hours :)

  2. I have just aquired a Jackson Rhoads geetar. Im trying to decide which platform to get Rocksmith on, PC with headphones or Xbox with Pioneer surround sound?

    Does rocksmith have the cables I need?

    Get it on XBox and send me a friends request :bye: . You'll get much better latency / delay / lag if you use an analogue output from the xbox / input to the amp however - that said, I use an optical out and it's fine (just don't rely on HDMI for sound).

    I've just had the game freeze on me again so the update hasn't cured that. Is it just me (I've installed it to HDD) or is everyone on Xbox experiencing this?

    I've also noticed that the leader board now lets you compare scores with friends so lets get ourselves some friendly competition organised - please add me, my tag (Xbxox) is Harbey.

  3. I couldn't play the intro for shit on guitar hero, so I'll be even worse on this. Think I'll pass.

    Still can't buy original game DLC without owning original game. Very poor show on Valve's part.

    It's pretty easy once you get a good grasp of which fingers to fret each string with (and I'm pretty shit tbh).

    I got an update today - no idea what it does but hopefully addresses the game freezing fairly frequently.

    Has anybody been following Bandfuse at all? I think it's out in the US now.

  4. This week's dlc:

    The Who The Seeker: Play The Seeker by The Who on any electric guitar. Bass included. This song includes a new Authentic Tone.

    The Who Pinball Wizard: Play Pinball Wizard by The Who on any electric guitar. Bass included. This song includes a new Authentic Tone.

    The Who Baba ORiley: Play Baba ORiley by The Who on any electric guitar. Bass included. This song includes a new Authentic Tone.

    The Who Who Are You: Play Who Are You by The Who on any electric guitar. Bass included. This song includes a new Authentic Tone.

    The Who Behind Blue Eyes: Play Behind Blue Eyes by The Who on any electric guitar. Bass included. This song includes a new Authentic Tone.

    One Ok Rock Liar: Play Liar by ONE OK ROCK on any electric guitar. Bass included. This song includes a new Authentic Tone.

    One Ok Rock No Scared: Play NO SCARED by ONE OK ROCK on any electric guitar. Bass included. This song includes a new Authentic Tone.

    Kazuyoshi Saito Yasashiku Naritai: Play Yasashiku Naritai by Kazuyoshi Saito on any electric guitar. Bass included. This song includes a new Authentic Tone.

    Not sure about the obscure Japanese stuff but I'll be getting the Who pack. This game is costing me too much :)

    I really hope they can keep the momentum going with the weekly dlc. The last one died off quite quickly but hopefully they're making enough to keep it going this time.

  5. Villa 0 - Arsenal 1

    Close game with both sides having periods of domination. In the end, it was an unlucky deflection for the Villa defence which was the difference between the two teams.

    Arsenal 0 - 1 Villa

    See above. Another close game which was decided by one mistake in the defense department. To be fair, scoots goal was a bit more skilful than mine. Arsenal nearly salvaged something but saw the volley ricochet off the bar with just seconds left to play.

    Good games mate. Very tight but exciting stuff. Good luck with the rest of the season.

  6. AlfromSleep (1 - 5) Harbey

    Arsenal came out of the blocks pretty quick, managing to tuck away a low cross early in the game and take the game to Aberdeen from that point. Confidence was high and a couple of very long range shots somehow manged to bobble under the keeper to put the visitors in a commanding position by the break. Second half was a little more balanced but Aberdeen had their work cut out to make up for lost time.

    Harbey (2 - 0) AlfromSleep

    A much more evenly balanced game, but another game where the starting eleven made all the difference. Despite some very close chances, Aberdeen just couldn't find the target whilst Arsenal tested the keeper at every attack. A harsh scoreline considering but the Arsenal manager was happy to have some points on the board after a slow start to the season.

    Cheers for the games mate. You were unlucky due to your keeper's performance in the first and your striker's in the second. Good luck with the season.

  7. Harbey 1 - 0 Greeny

    A really open game with loads of chances. Amazing the score sheet was so low. Walcott came on in the second half and was unlucky not to score after a run taking in the whole length of the field.

    Greeny 2 - 1 Harbey

    A good start for Arsenal with an early goal but this just spurred Spurs in to a game of attacking football. Greeny threw men forward and was rewarded with an equaliser and a late winner. Arsenal were denied a goal of the season over head attempt by a man on the line but overall a fair result.

    Good games mate. Evenly matched teams made for some tense action. Good luck with the season.

  8. Harbey 1 - 3 Timmmo

    A terrible start for Arsenal as we put the ball in our own net following the first Man City attack of the game. Never really got going after that and after making a change to try to get forward more, ended up leaving a fair bit of space at the back.

    Really sorry to Timmo for a delayed start, but thanks for the game. Good luck with the cup.

  9. Has anyone else been experiencing the game hanging up, requiring a reboot (360 version)? I've had a few a d the problem seems to be getting worse. I've installed to the hdd and wondered if that was the issue?

    Also, does anyone know how to skip levels on the guitarcade games so you can get to the harder sections / levels without having to grind through all the beginner stuff?

  10. Bloody tough first fixtures here. Thought I was going to be ok with Newcastle starting very slow in the first and Arsenal missing a few good chances. Shalo got into the game with some excellent through balls and clever runs though and once ahead I was always chasing things.

    In the second game I thought it was going to be an embarrassing score line as Newcastle came out firing on all four straight away. We were both playing attacking football though which left lots of space on the counter and I managed to claw back to 3-3 with only a few minutes left. Disaster struck though when my defence were left with no where to go other than into our own net.

    A very gentlemanly performance Mr Shalo, and a pleasure to play against you. I doubt many will be able to match your skills this season - well played.

    Nice to get the season started and I'm going to put in a bit of practice now. Good luck everyone!

  11. I don't think anyone is suggesting there should be pressure to post them. If you don't post them no-one is going to have a go at you. Posting reports should correlate with a higjher team pick, though.

    And that would be fine, but I do feel there has been increasing pressure to post reports, in fact I know there has. I'm sure many people enjoy writing and reading them, but I think that's a subjective thing and if people just want a good game of footy and a bit of banter I don't think it should matter. Timekeeping, comms, fair play, nice bloke - I think these are the important factors. Having said all that, I'm not hugely concerned by team picking order. I've had some really good seasons with 'lesser teams'.

    Why not make a return to fastest finger first team selection evening? Now that's drama. In fact, looking at the big picture of how to get a bit more interest in the league, I think we should perhaps just go back to basics, make things simple and enjoy playing the game without the distractions of peer ratings, stats, picking order lots of cup competitions etc.

    You guys who organise this stuff are cracking and Saint's done an amazing job of growing such a great community. It's all very much appreciated and I hope my comments aren't taken as being negative. Looking forward to next season.

  12. Bah, just lost my long response to this - bloody tablet pcs.

    So, the abridged version...

    I used to post quite a few long, creative reports as and when i got urge. Recently however, the expectation to do reports has led to me not posting them as i know i cant do it for every fixture. I wonder if new members have been put off joining by this expectation? What I'm saying is, match reports are great for those who want to post / read them, but I don't think there should be any pressure to post them.

    For me, this league is great because i get to play a fair game of FIFA whilst having a chat with like minded folk. The comms are the most important part for me - it's how I've got to know lots of the people on here.

  13. I've been playing this all day! Fingers now need a rest and I've also developed shoulder ache from playing standing up with a Les Paul for hours. It's great! Fantastic fun, makes learning new stuff a pleasure and the new tracks combined with the imported oldies and my DLC mean I've got a great library :).

    But... there are still a few issues which I really hope they manage to patch. Most annoying of the lot, and hopefully I've just not found the option to address this, is the arcade stuff. I was really looking forward to seeing how they'd developed the mini games as they had great potential in the last game but just seemed a little lacking in depth. Now I think they've addressed this as there seem to be a lot more levels to the games which I assume mean greater complexity. Thing is, the game wont let you jump in at a level you're ready for (or I can't find how). For example, the scales game could be really useful for me if I could pick the scale I want to work on. But instead, I have to start at minor pentatonic, 1st position, and beat wave after wave of the game in order to progress to, I assume, position 2. Such a shame! And it's exactly the same with the chord game - I spent over 40min's beating the first section of the game and in that time all I played was E5, A5, F5, G5, C5 and D5. There are loads of other chords I can see on later levels which would be useful to where I am with my playing, but I can't bloody get to them without first putting in what I would estimate to be about 8 hours of grinding through stuff I'm already confident with.

    Other minor annoyances: Session mode seems to stop working after a while, requiring a reset to get it back; the shop doesn't let you sort by release date so you have to read through the whole lot to find the new songs (meaning I will no doubt miss stuff I would like); Riff Repeater has a much better interface, but seems a little unreliable when changing the settings (could be me); and finally, I've had a couple of instances where the game has frozen, loosing all my progress in the process.

    Sorry to moan, it really is a great game and I'll be playing it all year until the 2015 version (hopefully) comes out, just hope they can address a few points along the way.

  14. Leaving work early to go get me a copy of this. Great to hear they've ironed out the annoying bits, although i do still play the original. What's the jam mode like?

  15. Great games with everyone in last few weeks. Sorry for not being more active in here.

    Something Witty : amazing games, really open and sooo many chances which i wasted. Your finishing was much better than mine and both games were edge of the seat excitement. Great chat and banter throughout. May come and visit you for the last game of the real life Championship season.

    Saint: well you just outclassed me in all departments. Certainly my toughest games of the season, made all the more difficult to swallow by the fact you're playing with a less equipped squad. Well played mate, you're destined for promotion i think.

    Tommy Mat: Again these were really open games and the first one swung back and forth like a pair of swollen plums. You deserved something from the game and im sure you would have got it with a few minutes more extra time. The second just saw everything go my way and the third goal which saw the ball ricochet off the back of your keepers head, into the net, was just awful and left me feeling that the FIFA gods had made a decision.

    Good luck to you all in the promotion / relegation battle.

  16. Sorry for going AWOL everyone - the father in law has had to go in to a care home meaning we were called away to sort things out for him with out any notice. Just got back last night but I'm going to be away again from Monday next week until probably Thursday. Really sorry about messing anyone about but I'll try to ensure I'm available as much as possible over the weekend and upon return.

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