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  1. Libertines this week. Whilst not a massive fan, I'll be picking it up. It males a nice change from all the american punk pop stuff we've had of late (not that there's owt wrong with that but its just not my bag).

  2. If you like the look of Stratocaster, get a squier. They're fantastic quality (I started on one and still play it today, and i bought a Squier Telecaster recently despite having more expensive guitars too) and if you go for a second hand one you'll pick it up for less than £100 and can sell it again without losing anything.

    Go for something you like the look of though as you'll be far more likely to pick it up and play it if it pleases your eye too. Don't buy that thing off eBay - it will undoubtedly be rubbish. Squier, Yamaha, epiphone are you're best bet for a budget guitar. Nothing more guaranteed to put you off playing more than a shit instrument that you have to fight with.

    In other news, we get a break from the recent dlc with some Bob Dylan this week:

    The Bob Dylan pack features three iconic and legendary folk songs such as Subterranean Homesick Blues, Like a Rolling Stone, and Just Like a Woman.

    Get that campfire lit :)

  3. This week's dlc...

    Women That Rock:

    Heart Crazy On You

    Halestorm Love Bites (So Do I) (Drop D)

    Flyleaf All Around Me (Drop D)

    Not my bag, but that means I'll have more time to catch up with the older stuff. Does anyone else find once you've mastered something and move on you forget the earlier stuff? Maybe its my age :(

  4. Yes I did get the Doors stuff although I have only had the oppotunity to have a quick go at each track once. I don't believe that any of it is keyboard parts converted to guitar. That does however mean that actually there isn't that much going on for the guitar. Well let me rephrase that, it's not neccesarily the part you latch onto when listening to the song.

    I don't know, having looked at the trailer Light My Fire certainly seems to do just that. I'll no doubt pick it up at some point still.

    In other news, apparently it's Boston this week.

  5. It's a crappy 2nd hand behringer that I got about 10 years ago and has been mostly gathering dust. Don't think it's ever had a tune up. I put new Ernie Ball Super Slinky's on it recently.

    It might be worth venturing in to the guitar thread in "off-topic". The guys in there will give you loads of advice and often have guitars for sale. Beware though, there's a lot of GAS in there and you may well find yourself with a habit before you know it ;)

  6. What's the point of palm mutes? I find them tricky to pull off because of the way I sit - slumped in a sofa with guitar propped up by a crossed leg at an 45 degree angle. Palm mutes sound no different to ordinary notes to me.

    It deadens the sound so the notes don't ring out. Its a bit tricky as you have to lightly rest your palm on the strings so the notes still sound but with no sustain. I'd recommend trying a standing position - it takes a bit of getting used to but its good fun.

    Thanks for the heads up on the podcast - I'm going to give it a go tonight.

    As for your tuning issues, have you got a decent(ish) guitar with good quality strings? It might be worth getting someone to check the set up / intonation if you're in tune with open strings but finding problems whilst you move up the fret board.

  7. I've managed to spend 97 quid on DLC since getting Rocksmith 2014. Haven't added up the DLC I bought prior to that but I guess it was about 50 quids worth. So adding the price of the games on top I've spent about 230 quid ish on the Rocksmith 'platform'......


    If you're playing on PC then I guess the user generated dlc would be well worth you looking at - I don't see it as "piracy" as the tracks aren't available through official channels anyway. Did you get The Doors stuff? I was a bit put off by the fact that it seems to be keyboard tracks ported to the fretboard although I may be wrong.

  8. The "not on disc band" dlc is a really interesting developing for sure. Opens up great possibilities for what we might see in the future and I assume sales must be going pretty well as were a good 4-5 months in with weekly dlc turning up.

    I'm still interested to hear of anyone's experience with user generated dlc if anyone's ventured into it.

    And what's the story with Bandfuse? Anyone know anything about a UK release?

  9. Well this is genuine surprise. Would appear this week's DLC is from The Doors! Not the biggest fan but will no doubt be investing as it's something a bit different.

  10. Blimey. Just been looking at this:


    Didn't realise there was such a lot of user generated dlc/songs out there! I'm really tempted to get this on PC now. Has anyone tried any of this type of content and is it any good? Also, the only thing I'll be able to run this on is my laptop. It's an i7 processor so I guess it'll run ok , but I'm a bit unsure about sound quality - I'll put it through my HiFi but do you think it will run / sound OK? The thought of all those tracks has got me really excited

  11. Great stuff. I think I can play most of them already but it'll be nice to get the solos done and also great songs to play in co-op.

    Seems like the dlc stuff is adding songs from the bands already licences on the disc, which makes sense I guess. Hopefully that means some more Rolling Stones, Jack White and Arctic Monkeys. Shame Led Zeppelin never let any of their stuff find its way into these types of games.

    I've been spending quite a bit of time in session mode recently and have to say it's got a lot more to it than I initially thought. I've gradually made my way through session mode by following the challenges and im now using different scales and reallybgetting used to how to play with and predict "the band". Give it a few hours if you've not used it much -beats the traditional backing track by a mile.

  12. Sorry to hear that Pete - I can be pretty flexible with our fixtures if it helps.

    In other news... My Christmas fixtures have gone pretty well with really open games in the 3 sets of fixtures I've played. I can't really remember huge amounts about any of them other than they were all full of opportunities for both teams - is this a Fifa 14 trait?

    Thanks to everyone for their efforts in making time over Christmas.

  13. Unexpectedly, I find myself with a little disposable income come the end of the month. I was going to go the PS4 path in the near future but given the lack of decent titles, and perhaps because it's Christmas and Mario always seems great around this time of year, I'm now thinking of going WiiU instead. Are there any unmissable sales / bundles out there at the moment? Apologies if this is a lazy post but I just haven't been following the thread.

  14. Seems that money is just appearing for everyone now. I don't know anyone who hasn't had a ton of money dumped into their accounts, and as a result, we're seeing everyone buying tanks and the like. Should be interesting to see how Rockstar sort it out. I just hope we don't lose the money we had legitimately earned.

    I wonder if it was just an experiment by Rockstar to see what would happen if they basically did away with money. Or is it that as soon as Rockstar closed up and went home for Christmas, the hackers moved in? Either way, things are pretty chaotic at the moment.

  15. My lad and I have done a fair bit of multiplayer - him on bass me on 6 strings. It's great fun and works really well. Much better if you're playing something you both know fairly well but good fun even with new songs.

    Frodo, the Monstertruck album is getting lots of airplay in our house at the moment, love it. We actually got into them through The Sheepdogs. Check them out if you haven't - even more retro than the real thing!

  16. I was thinking I might fire up Fable 2. That has a nice christmas feel to it and I have a game on the go.

    It's such a great Christmas game. I've managed to complete it only playing between Christmas an New Year over the past couple of years.

    I'm going to be giving Fable 3 a go, although I suspect it may not have the charm of its predecessor.

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