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  1. I've just finished it! Loved the game - perfect level of challenge and introduction of new mechanics / puzzles etc. as the game progressed. My favourite thing, however, is also my big issue with the game. Those fantastic 'hidden' retro games that you come across are just amazing, brought such a retro smile to my face. But... you get one go, and that's it! It's like only having 10p when you go in the arcade. Surely there's some way to just go back to the 'mini-games' without having to do the whole game again isn't there? I was hoping there'd be a new menu item upon completion - no! Then I thought, it'll be in the arcade bit at the start of the game - nope! Is there anyway to access them or are they lost forever (well at least without playing the whole game again)?
  2. Haven't I? Sorry if I've missed that somewhere. I'm good all weekend but I'll PM / message you to arrange. Just got back from Hull vs Wednesday. Fernando Forestieri's sending off! Yes, I'm biased. But that was some awful decision. (and I've had a drink )
  3. Well played Alison. Enjoyed the games but my defending is in need of some work. Vardy! Bloody hell, he's dangerous. Good luck with your season.
  4. Forgot to mention, my Playstation name is HarbeyBobs Been having a few games today (I really haven't played more then a couple of games since getting a PS4) and I'm starting to click with it. MAking the move from 360 controller to the PS is a bit of a curve. And I can't get a few of my buttons mapped across to how I used to have it set up - is there still a button to make a team mate make a tackle? Generally enjoying it tho' (I've been promoted in the Seasons game at least!
  5. Woohoo! Looks like you got me after all! Thanks to everyone concerned for finding me a place this season. I've posted the cheques as agreed, but wasn't sure whether to include the money for tipping the title my way or not at this stage. Let me know which account you want that paying into. Meanwhile, as we is absolutely loaded, I is going for the mighty Watford this season. Let's see if we can buy our way into the Championship! Looking forward to the season.
  6. ] Have fun guys. I was hoping to have Sheffield Wednesday and emulate our season (just to annoy Bearing as we breeze past Boro to take an automatic promotion after they fail to beat Weeds Utd). Hope to see you next season - would you mind sending an official invitation to the league to my home address, preferably via royal corgi or perhaps that Cheryl Cole lass?
  7. I'd still be on for joining if there's a place going. Has the forum been down in my absence
  8. Chuffin' bugger nuts. I missed the pm about this starting up (I don't visit rllmuk much since the 1v1 league finished on 360). Perhaps not a bad thing as I must have played Fifa at least twice since e I got it. Have a good season and hopefully see you next time around.
  9. Few years older, few pound heavier, few hairs greyer. Last desperate attempt to recapture me youff innit? EDIT: Just noticed my avatar even has an x-box 360 controller - how retro is that?
  10. After a long time not playing games, I walked in to Sainsburys today to pick-up some organic goat's cheese and decaffeinated, fair trade, low carb asparagus, when I stumbled upon a PS4 + Fifa 16 for £290 deal. I hit the beer shelves and walked out with brand new PS4 and a 24 pack of Heineken. Get in! So, I'm back and putting my name down for some League 1 relegation excitement.
  11. harbey


    Loved Sega Rally. We used to have a lot of weekly TTs on here.
  12. I'm considering a wheel purchase (PS4) at the moment. I'm not wanting to invest thousands and I was perfectly happy with the MS FFB wheel on the 360. What's the current recommendations? One of the Thrustmasters?
  13. Tesco - not stocking it Morrison's - not stocking it Sainsburys - on offer! Sold out! First (proper) game I was planning on buying since GTAV and I can't bloody find a copy in my backwater town. It's going to be a long, dull Friday night
  14. The new Humble Bundle (11) has 80 Days and Kingdom Rush Origins - not to mention a few others I've not heard of. What a bargain! EDIT: Just watched the video for Bounden (also included) - looks interesting...
  15. I'll have forgotten some I'm sure. There were so many excellent games, or maybe it was just my age. 1. Mashed Fully Loaded 2. Halo 3. Kung fu chaos 4. Rallisport Challenge 2 5. Burnout 3 6. Ninja gaiden 7. Fable 8. Top Spin 9. Black 10. Mercenaries
  16. harbey

    Chrimbo gaming

    Just unwrapped Grid Autosport! Very nice. I've also got The Walking Dead 2 saved up, ready for the post Christmas pre New Year slump. Not the same without a new Fable tho'. I freakin love Fable at Christmas - it's like mince pies, sherry and the queen's speech.
  17. harbey


    Jimi DLC should keep you busy over the festive period. Rocksmith 2014 Jimi Hendrix DLC Pack Trailer: 12 songs spread over 4 packs: Purple Haze The Wind Cries Mary Manic Depression Foxey Lady Bold As Love Castles Made Of Sand Little Wing Freedom Fire If 6 was 9 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Red House You can, of course, buy all 12 in one pack at a discount. Just need some Led Zeppelin and AC/DC now. Great end to the year for this game and an amazing effort they've put in to release dlc every week since launch. It would be nice if they found a way to add more to Session Mode but no complaints.
  18. harbey


    This is costing me too much at the moment. Foo fighters dlc followed by Bon Jovi (not a fan but fun to play along with), and now... Rage Against the Machine! Like bloody buses!
  19. harbey


    Looks like they're tempting us to buy this all over again on This Gen': Jimi Hendrix Song Pack ($29.99, free for PS4 and Xbox One owners until January 31st, 2015) Jimi Hendrix – Freedom The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Bold As Love The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Castles Made of Sand The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Fire The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Foxey Lady The Jimi Hendrix Experience – If 6 Was 9 The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Little Wing The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Manic Depression The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Purple Haze The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Red House The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Voodoo Child (Slight Return) The Jimi Hendrix Experience – The Wind Cries Mary Fortunately, it is also available on Last Gen - just not for free. Can't wait although I imagine we'll be paying quite a bit for this.
  20. harbey


    No I hadn't. But I will .
  21. harbey


    The White Stripes Song Pack is available: The White Stripes Blue Orchid [XBL] / Steam No Bass Arrangement The White Stripes Fell In Love With A Girl [XBL] / Steam The White Stripes Seven Nation Army Open A [Lead] [XBL] / Steam The White Stripes The Hardest Button To Button [XBL] / Steam The White Stripes You Dont Know What Love Is (You Just Do What Youre Told) [XBL] / Steam No Bass Arrangement First one I'm going to be buying for a while.
  22. If you include mobile gaming then I'm in the 3-6, but probably 75℅ of that is on the phone. Don't do much on the consoles these days.
  23. Are you guys playing this on 360? I've been out of gaming for ages but if this is working well with a 360 wheel and there's a few of you having friendly races, I could well be tempted. Like everyone, I'd love to seea decent attempt at updating the old Race Driver series and this seems to be getting near to it.
  24. harbey


    Nope, this is my bag:
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