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  1. Great report Kiko.

    Massive apologies to everyone for my lack of involvement so far. I've really had a run of ridiculous schedules and family business going on, but there's light at the end of the tunnel now so I should be a little more active and easier to track down. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

    Just need to score some goals and get some points on the board and life will once again be peachy :D

  2. This has been a bit of a farce hasn't it? As already said, Spring, then Summer, Autumn, now I'm thinking 2012 tbh. I'm still going to be getting this as soon as it launches, but the wait has taken some of the shine off it. It's also going to be competing against all the AAA retail titles now, which is a real shame as I can see it getting over looked (a little bit like a certain game called Mashed on the original Box).

  3. What ever happened to formula GP? Was looking forward to that.

    This is exactly what I came into the thread to ask.

    I seem to remember it going to peer review or whatever, back in August for a mid September release.

    EDIT: So it's now Magic Racing GP '2' and it appeared then disappeared on market place. Can't be long now. Looks like they've added a fair bit to it:

    Official Site

  4. My iPod just ran out of battery whilst downloading an update for an App. As a result, I've had to reset the bloody thing through iTunes which means I've lost all my saved games etc. :angry: Must start backing up more often :rolleyes:

  5. Never does that with me. Even in the 'fancy camera' thing before the race, I can rev myself. Isn't it an assist thing that triggers auto-revving?

    I've got everything offf assists wise but I am talking single player. Haven't even been online yet but I suspect it won't do it in multiplayer.

    Edit: sorry Shimmy, just seen your post explaining th clutch.

  6. I'm sure this has probably been mentioned but I've missed it if so. When the race starts, is there anyway to get a bit more time in the car /able to see and control the revs? It's bloody annoying when you only get one second to try to find the sweet spot on the rev counter and avoid the clouds of tyre smoke. This seems like something of a backward step in an otherwise amazing update.

  7. Apparently there's something else coming to XBLA this week too, but it's something that's not had its release date announced so it's just gonna appear, probably.

    Wrecked! Wrecked? Please be Wrecked! Where the f*$k has Wrecked gone? Someone, please announce a release date! I'm tempted to not buy the freakin' thing just because it's been teasing me for so long. But I will. I just want to know when!

  8. I've been away, lost in the wilderness and all that. But now I'm back! Back to show you all how to pull off a last minute relegation escape as was my party trick over the last few seasons I was in the league.

    Just a reminder thought fellas (I was having a trawl through the League site earlier): Season 15 - Won League Two! I'm a bit older, shorter on pace and have slightly more grey hairs, but I'm just as hungry! :ph34r:

  9. I was hoping for a pre-Christmas release just so I could have spent some time on it during the Xmas hols - looks like it would be a great party game. Guess I'll have to make do with the other 47 great games coming out (did I mention I'm looking forward to Wrecked too?).

  10. This was posted earlier in the thread:

    Tesco - £37.90 outright

    Sainsburys - £24.99 when bought with a Wireless controller (£29.99)

    HMV - £1.99 with a trade in of F1 2011

    Best Buy - £59.99 with the Wireless Speed wheel

    Cheers man. Nothing very attractive there, but as my local Sainsburys is useless, they probably won't have any wireless controllers so I could get into an argument and try to get the deal price anyway :eyebrows:

    That said, F3 seemed to fall in price quite quickly... but I really want it tomorrow... but I can't afford it after F1 and Fifa... Christ, I hate this time of year.

  11. Any news on this? Still interested, despite 2011 already out

    I'm beginning to think this and Wrecked on XBLA are just myths :unsure:

    Seriously though, it's a real shame that neither game got release before the silly season. I just can't see me having the time to enjoy it as much now that f1, FIFA, Forza etc are upon us.

  12. So, I am going to buy this next week, does it worth my money or should I wait for the price to drop?

    I'm not sure FIFA games drop in price that much do they? At least not in the first six months or so. The Sainsbury's deal is spot on anyway, if you're doing any shopping.

  13. Has anyone mentioned what I assume is a DRS bug? This has happened a couple of times, but most noticably in Valencia, I had Vettel behind me, he was faster through sector 1 and 2 and would get right on my back, but I was quicker through sector 3 so his advantage was lost. During the latter half of the race when we got to the DRS zone, he'd be half a second behind, with no cars in front as I was leading. My DRS would activate, allowing me to pull away.

    Also, I've noticed it deploying when I come up on back markers in other races, despite them being a lap down.

    I thought it was quite odd that I could use DRS when being chased by someone, but as I'm not too hot on the actual rules, I assumed it was supposed to be like that. I also didn't realise you'd be able to use KERS quite as much. I'm doing 20% race distance and I get a full charge every lap. It's fun and all, but it does feel a bit nitro boosting fast and furious - maybe that's what the fia were after?

    Overall I've enjoyed this game immensely, but what annoys me slightly is how easy it is to overtake at the first corner or two. Everything else feels so realistic and I know I could always just hang back, but it just makes qualifying a bit of a nonsense.

    This time of year is bloody stupid. I was loving playing this all last week, now FIFA's here and Forza is just around the corner, not to mention all the other stuff coming out.

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