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  1. So my PS4 has finally given up after struggling for the last couple of months. I'm pretty sure the problem is the HDD so I'm thinking I might try replacing it as I don't want to buy a new one with Ps5 on the horizon. I'm just not sure which drives are compatible these days. I was thinking about one of these if any one can confirm it'll work. I'm also going to post for an original 500gb one in the Wanted thread incase anyone has one they've replaced (I gave mine away when I replaced it back in the day).
  2. Rocket League is probably a good call. Only got it on PS4 so far but I'm sure it would be good in handheld mode. I'll take a look at those SNES games too, hadn't thought of that.
  3. Can anyone recommend a decent football game? I'm not wanting fifa, just something that's pretty arcadey. I got Super Arcade Soccer and it's almost quite good but suffers from some awful bugs.
  4. I've not got the online subscription as yet. I k ow everyone loves Tetris 99 but I doubt I'll be playing much else online. Are there other perks like with PS+?
  5. Good point about just playing what we've got. Too many games on that unfinished pile already. Still good to hear recommendations though. I've at least got a wishlist for future sales. I'm going to need an SD card before long I suspect. Is there anything out of the ordinary needed or just what ever is on sale?
  6. That list is perfect. Many thanks.
  7. Another new Switch owner here. Got what I want from the big titles for now (Mario Odyssey and Zelda BOTW) but no idea about what to look at from the online store. Is there anything which is essential? Sorry, asking a question which I'm sure has been answered plenty of times already.
  8. Found it. Not sure why that was so hard to do d. Downloading now. Trackmania is amazing isn't it? Especially when it flicks to first person view. So why can't you just select first person? And why are the vr tracks so short? Seems such a wasted opportunity.
  9. Finally made the move and had one of the best gaming nights in ages last night. I'm so impressed by the quality and how immersive it all is. I bought the Mega Pack and got download codes but Wipeout is just a digital art book, not the game. Is that correct? Seems a bit misleading.
  10. Not managed to take the plunge yet but I'm hopeful that I'll be picking one up soon. I only have the original PS4 tho and someone told me it's not compatible as you need a Pro. Is that true or poo?
  11. harbey

    Hitman 2

    I've just started in this having had it given for Christmas and it's certainly grabbing me. Since downloading the legacy pack I've now got 3 versions of Hitman installed tho: the original 2016, and two versions of Hitman 2 (one which needs the disc and the other doesn't but seems to be missing content). Can I just delete the original and the spare V2 copy?
  12. Thanks for the advice. It does seem a great deal but I'm a bit put off by the all the cables you get with the MK1. Other than that, is there much difference? Not to worry - I found this to explain the difference.
  13. Seriously considering getting me some VR action after trying to pursued myself that I don't really need it. Can anyone recommend a good deal / bundle? I was looking at this one but I'm not sure if it's the version 2 headset - anybody know?
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