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  1. I've been playing this on Game Pass after looking for another Subnautica-style experience and so far I'm liking it. It's got that satisfying survival game experience of collecting resources to build things to let you expand your boundaries a little further each time and improve your quality of life. It's not quite Subnautica with its sublime fear of the deep but it replaces that with a fascinating freeze-frame of a large spaceship caught mid-explosion that you explore for resources and for witty comments from your AI spaceship on the various fates of the crew. Humour's what sets it apart, although the actual survival part is pretty straight. Mostly it's down to the commentary and descriptions of items, but there's some silly set pieces and some clever fourth-wall breaking at points. Although I reckon a few people will hate the joke early on where you're forced to build something for no particular reason, so be warned, but it's a one-off so far. Only downsides for me so far are that the narrator talks pretty fast and when you're concentrating on oxygen levels and everything else, it's easy to miss and have to go back to read the lines in the log. Also basic resources, while not hard to come by, are a little hard to spot floating around in space. And, while it gives you all the typical blueprints for a base, I was never clear when or where to use it and you can survive perfectly fine without. I'm probably halfway through, though, so I don't know if that'll change. I'd say if you like the survival aspects of Subnautica, this is definitely worth a try, although play Subnautica first if you haven't.
  2. I hope they're holding back on new stuff just to surprise us. There's no way it's just a straight remake, unless their idea of a fully-connected ship means you get to move around in the trams while they go to the next section. I don't think there'll be a lot, but there's probably a few new corridors and rooms that lead back to old areas in hopefully entertaining ways.
  3. They're still waiting for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to judge all those fanart submissions or something.
  4. James Lyon


    I downloaded this for the kids at the weekend. We haven't made it past the menu screen! (For those not in the know, the menu is playable and pretty much lets you run around and pick up weapons to fire against other players. On that basis, it's pretty fun.)
  5. James Lyon


    Fair enough, although if my kids suddenly decided they wanted to watch a video about speedrunning Mega Man, I'd probably think they're ready to handle swearing.
  6. I don't think I had any problems. Seemed quite solid to me.
  7. Ah, that's definitely a fun-stopper right there first time you play it. It makes sense when you realise that the developer's last couple of games were all about taking pleasure out of mastering tricky controls. If it helps, I really enjoyed it. Once you get past this bit, you get to choose between three other fish with different abilities. Levels have a nice polish with a good deal of variety, I thought. There's a skip to next checkpoint option for frustrating bits. Would be nice not to need to use it, but checkpoints aren't too far apart and there's not too much of the bottle in there.
  8. Doom Eternal should be fine since it's Bethesda. Rule of thumb for everything else is give it a year. So check what was announced for Game Pass before twelve months ago to plan accordingly.
  9. Definitely. I've said it before, but give us a bit more a heads up before it goes. A month rather than two weeks, at least.
  10. Might give it a miss, then, unless it's really good. It was already a push trying to complete Subnautica: Below Zero in the time I had before it went and I like to try doing the achievements.
  11. I've started a rewatch from the start. I'd forgotten how different Troy is in the first episode. The show itself at that point is good, all the pieces are there, but it definitely takes a little while to crank up to greatness. I'm glad they have that relatively normal start, though. It helps them to build up the characters and make you really like them before things go crazy.
  12. Anyone played The Good Life? Worth giving it a go before it leaves? Seems reviews aren't kind to it, but it might have a sliver of Deadly Preminition's charm, maybe?
  13. Played a bit of this in early access. Thought it might be a little too aimed towards kids, but seems decent enough as a survival game. Worth noting that like Subnautica you can turn off all the food and water stuff if you hate all that.
  14. I love his stuff, too, but I don't think I've ever sat down and finished anything he's done.
  15. Minimum of two exploding heads per episode or I'm out.
  16. It's a weird thing to do as he can't even take the credit for it and has to stay anonymous (in theory!). Are those NDAs legit, though? Could he seriously be made to pay a fine or is blacklisting the worst thing?
  17. I am shocked that this looks like a GTA game.
  18. I thought the campaign on this one was meant to be really short but it seems to be about the same length as the first according to HLTB. I think I'll give it a go anyway. Seems doable.
  19. I've got a whole lot of games I finished this year. More than last year and mostly thanks to Gamepass. I've got into the habit of taking on games once they're announced to leave Gamepass as this gives me good motivation to get through them (even though I already have some of them on other platforms!). Still, it got me through some good things, some of which I'll list a few below for now: Phogs: A puzzler where you control a sausage-shaped dog with a head on each end. Two players can control a head each and I guess it was built with that in mind, but it thankfully works in single player with a bit of adjustment. Some good use of the idea like swinging on poles over gaps head by head or making particular shapes. It's a little bit too sweet and bland otherwise, but a nice idea and I liked how the levels are themed around a dog's ideals of sleep, food, and fun. Narita Boy: Everything 2D platformer is a Metroidvania these days, so I fully expected this one to be. It's not, it's a straight-ish combat platformer with some minor back and forth in small hubs but mostly linear. Loved the presentation - not sure what you call the graphic style exactly; pixel art but everything's fuzzy. Reminds me of a few things that I can't quite place. Anyway, was a nice run-through a weird computer world which I don't recall being too tough. Rain On Your Parade: Comedy game about a cloud literally raining down mayhem on the world below. Great breadth of ideas in this with measured parodies of other games that are fun to play amongst the other mini-levels. It was great to go back with the new game plus mode and pick up all the other challenges. Haven't played the DLC yet but I hope the developers are already working on something bigger, better and sillier.
  20. I'd play all the sexy anime games on Steam. I should get through about 5% at least.
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