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  1. Will I need a notepad and pen to keep track of everyone again?
  2. True, except The Avengers series didn't end in massive disappointment. This is a chance for them to hopefully fix things.
  3. Awkward interviews with those two guys: https://www.vulture.com/2020/01/uncut-gems-cast-mitchell-stewart-wenig.html
  4. Loom - the one LucasFilm / Arts game I never played. Ironically, the reasons I didn't play it then are the reasons I want to play it now: too short, too easy and not the same as all the other LucasFilm point 'n clickers I loved back then. Right now, that all appeals to me to get a quick bite of a game I can actually finish. There isn't too much to it, then. Your main interface with the world is a musical staff on which you can play a series of four notes which translate into spells. You use those on the environment to solve puzzles. Simple enough, although I stumbled for a while on what it all meant until I resorted upon that near-forgotten art of reading the manual. The game is set in a sort of whimsical fantasy land which plays it straight rather than winkingly sardonic, as it may have done if made a few years later. In fact, I was surprised that it got a little dark towards the end. Overall, rather gentle, though, and one to finally tick off the list. As an aside, I started playing the voiced Steam version. Reading the game's discussion pages while trying to look for instructions, I learnt that this was a cut-down lesser version with less music and dialogue. I found out that the FM Towns version was considered one of the best and, after a little research, I got it running through ScummVM. Voices aside, it is pretty good and it works well with the music, unlike the Steam version which has very little. Never thought I'd ever play an FM Towns game, mind.
  5. He obviously escaped under the car into an open manhole just in time. Or had a twin...
  6. Reign Over Me as well.
  7. I did watch this. It was really good even though I hated every decision that Howard made. I had a feeling his life is constantly like that and we're just seeing a tiny slice of it.
  8. Feels like we've been waiting pipapopupo years for this remake.
  9. James Lyon


    Just got round to watching the AGDQ 2020 Super Metroid Impossible run. What a game to end on. If anyone hasn't seen, they do a few panels at the events which are up on YouTube. Here's one I found quite interesting on the submission process. Looks like they're encouraging more wider displays of skill other than speed-running, hence the shmup and previous Tetris blocks, etc.
  10. I think every episode will be Obi-Wan trying to rationalise how Darth Vader could have built C-3PO.
  11. At least this guy is putting everything on display and not hiding it in boxes in his garage.
  12. He's got Lemony Snicket and Finding Nemo for the Gamecube. If he really wants to make it authentic, he should put 4 for $20 on all the boxes.
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