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  1. Metroid Winalot Prime
  2. A premature review as I'm halfway through, but I'm really enjoying it. Some good performances in there and some funny moments for a drama.
  3. No Madagascar? I thought that was a big one for them.
  4. Wow. Better get it watched. Zero expectations for it before now.
  5. 5/5 if you like Star Wars and just needed something much better to come along after the last few attempts or 5/5 full stop?
  6. I think they should fully commit to only being able to watch episodes at 13:25 or 17:35.
  7. Considering Netflix usually cancel after the second season, that's a good run.
  8. There's some classic Magnetic Scrolls games on there if you like that sort of thing.
  9. Just finished watching this. Fantastic show. One of the best I've seen in a long time. Favourite moment: I hadn't looked into much at all of the true story behind this. In fact, I'd convinced myself that Purdue and the Sacklers were made up because no-one could be that awful, at least until the actual footage was shown. Completely horrific to think that people who'd never think of doing illegal drugs would happily chomp down on those pills based on the lies and corruption that convinced people it was safe. I thought it was him for a bit!
  10. From that top cover it looks like Indy's having to battle giant glowing flying snakes. Why'd it have to be giant glowing flying snakes?
  11. Yes! I can finally relive the Billy and Anne era in full HD.
  12. Human Fall Flat's a good one Also maybe the new Turtles game might fit the bill.
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