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  1. A few years ago, I was really into Dota 2 but stopped when I had kids. It never really gets discussed on here anyway. Seems it's still going strong with a few new heroes, numerous map change and some new modes. It's still one of the most played on Steam, too. But! Then there Counterstrike. I haven't played it for twenty years or so. How is that still so popular?
  2. I always thought he was referring to the planet (of the apes) rather than the statue itself.
  3. They could always use that de-aging CGI like they did with Samuel L Jackson. At least we know it's pretty convincing these days.
  4. Shia's waiting by his phone. Remember when everyone said Chris Pratt would make a great Indy?
  5. If you liked Call of the Sea's adventure elements, you'll probably like this. The puzzles aren't as difficult and there's a few, relatively easy, platforming sections in this one. The moon looks good as well.
  6. OK, so best to do these quests as soon as they come up, thanks
  7. I was going to do the Black Desert weekly quest last night but it seems to have disappeared. I thought weekly quests lasted until Tuesday evening. Is that not always the case?
  8. Caravan of Courage is just as disappointing as it was the last time I watched it twenty-five or so years ago. The Ewoks looks even more nightmarish now, too. Best thing about it is that there's an Ewok called Widdle. I might watch the sequel, though, see if that's any better.
  9. The big news is that the original Space Jam website has been replaced. It's been shunted off to its own section as the new movie takes its place. https://www.spacejam.com/1996/
  10. I wonder why they don't have Droids, though, if they're putting that stuff up.
  11. Holy moly! I've just seen they've got Caravan of Courage on there now and a few other old Star Wars things. How long have those been up? One for those who thought Star Wars side stories only began with Rogue One. I dread to find out how terrible it looks now.
  12. I hope we get an adaptation of his original script as a kid. Including such scenes as Cheetara's bra falling off and Panthro blowing up Mumm-Ra's pyramid with a rocket launcher and a machine gun and a nuke then the Transformers arrive and then...
  13. Continuing that trend of having actor / directors of cult movies appearing in Star Wars TV shows. I'm hoping for David Lynch as a stormtrooper next.
  14. Ah well. It did sound too good to be true. I experienced some of that login confusion setting it up. It wasn't entirely clear in-game that needed to link your account with Epic outisde the game. Thankfully reading this thread put me right in what to expect.
  15. Hang on, I think I misread this. It's only playable for a week rather than being available to download like Paris was, right? Maybe not so generous, then.
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