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  1. Well, Blood Money's last level - I guess it was an epilogue really - had you blasting out of a coffin and escaping a church. Not much stealth going on there. I'm hoping that H3 level at least has you putting on disguises
  2. Also Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and American Gladiators.
  3. Her step sister gets super powers which the series fails to show off. There's a serial killer villain in this one whose only threat is knowing his rights. Almost a good character but it didn't quite work for me.
  4. I'd also say on that list, every single show could have done with being trimmed by four or five episodes at least. Way to much to slog through when they didn't have the budget to break out some more interesting concepts.
  5. I'm watching Jessica Jones series 3 right now. It's alright. No match for the first but a bit better than the second, although I seemed to like that series more than others here. The main bad guy's more annoying than threatening and the plot logic doesn't make much sense after a point. At least they connect Hogarth's story more firmly to the other main characters this time, more than they did in S2. Carrie-Anne Moss is the best thing in it, I reckon. I'd put it between Iron Fist and JJ S2 in that list, personally.
  6. They seriously need to bring back the elusive contracts missions permanently for 1 and 2, then. They mostly use unused or underlooked parts of the map while having new dialogue. There's a couple I'd definitely like to try again. I don't think anyone would begrudge Io releasing them despite what they said in the past. Make them exclusive to 3 or don't give out the rewards, but come on, please.
  7. Call of Duty: WW II https://callofduty.fandom.com/wiki/Polish_Land_Forces
  8. Yeah, it is a lot of trial and error. Once you find that route, though, you feel like you've deciphered the Matrix. It makes you think of the map in a whole new way as well. You have to go down to go up or go out of the way to get an object that would be easy any other way. Most of the runs, however, usually just end with me gunning people down as I realise a theory didn't work. Or my the favourite: the calm psycho, where you go at walking speed and see how many people you can knock out before getting shot. This game has everything! By the way, I've not got Hitman 3 ye
  9. There's definitely a few items you can exploit to make silent assassin far easier and get a record fast time. Me, when I'm going for SA or SASO, I like to self-impose some restrictions to make it a challenge: initial starting location only, default items (coin and fibre wire, although could go for none), avoid all cameras and no knock outs unless absolutely essential. And no saves. Possibility more trouble than it's worth, but it's great to pull it off. I've only done Paris and Sapienza so far. Sapienza, I couldn't work out to do without getting spotted by a camera, so
  10. Call of the Sea - a nice, pleasant ambulatory take on the Cthulhu mythos. It was't really doing anything that adventure games of this type were doing 15-20 years ago, however it at least looked pretty. I managed to solve all the puzzles myself, despite being pretty stumped for a while on some of them. I guess the pace was reasonable enough and it held together well. Some negative points for the achievements, though, as some were rather too obscure to find without looking at a guide. Never really liked that. But that doesn't really affect the game so just my bugbear.
  11. Yes, then the series is guaranteed to pay off after a few years.
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