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  1. I did that all on my own. Was surprised to hear people say that was the hardest challenge in the game. Had to look up a guide for that ship puzzle, though.
  2. I know I haven't really watched any Kevin Smith stuff since the 2000s, but blimey, what happened to both their voices? Mewes I can guess, but what's up with Smith?
  3. James Lyon


    These expansions always come around way too quickly. I loved the idea of the Dalaran Heist single player mode as a way to spend gold on something that wasn't card packs. On the other hand, I didn't do much playing of them in the end as I'd keep losing and it took too long to start again. I may try to push through again before Uldum.
  4. I first learnt about The Rubberbandits after watching Trainspotting 2. I think this is my current favourite of theirs: And a couple from George Dawes:
  5. Not the greatest bundle in terms of big things this month.
  6. This is an amazing video. A fanmade video for a cover of a song that lines up so well. I want to be as happy as that guy!
  7. I'd consider again. Twee's definitely not the word I'd used to describe Brick. More high school noir. I've never seen Brothers Bloom, mind.
  8. Sounds like a free to play mobile game just waiting to happen.
  9. Had some stuff to update here: Dead State (PC): It's a zombie apocalypse turn-based tactics RPG. I don't normally gravitate towards this type of strategy action game but my wife wanted to watch me play something in the horror genre. She soon got bored after realising what it actually was, but I found it decent enough to carry on until the end without her. You need to build and upgrade your shelter by going out to scavenge food and resources to survive. Trouble is, if you're diligent enough to collect everything from every map this soon becomes trivially easy to manage. Inventory management was a bit bad as well. There was no way to sort by weapons or armour so it got hard to find and compare stuff when your store was full. Better is the combat challenge that comes from fighting zombies and human. Unfortunately, neither of which change that much from the start and it soon becomes repetitive. There may be more zombies in later maps but they're easy to pick off one by one. Humans with better armour and weapons are a bit more difficult but should be about on level with your own upgrades. Noise attracts zombies to gunfights, though, and some of the best fights were the ones where you took on both at once while herding the undead into the path of the living enemies. The other good part is the writing. It's written by Brian Mitsoda who worked on Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines so you know it's pretty great. Some well-written characters and decisions to be made throughout. Unfortunately, it's low budget fails it a bit in which there's not much for characters to actually do beyond some scripted events and most of the conversations take place in the same location. Overall, though, the dialogue and moral choices were definitely what pulled me through when the rest of the game become repetitive. I spent way too long getting the achievement to rescue everybody, even with using a guide, to say it was great, however it's recommended as one to take a dip into if you're looking forward to Bloodlines 2. Lyne (PC) - Gifted to me as part of Steam Secret Santa. You have to trace lines through different nodes correctly to complete puzzle leves. It was alright, but I found the puzzles themselves quite arbitrary and there wasn't evidence there of a finely-crafted puzzle to crack. Most of it was, for me at least, finding the obvious pattern then brute forcing the final solution. It's definitely one more suited to touch-screen, too. Curiously, I found the daily random challenges more enjoyable as you could blast through several puzzles at once to get a sense of accomplishment without wondering if there was any method to the puzzles that featured in the campaign. One that was enjoyable enough to work through but lacked that spark of a great puzzle game.
  10. Sounds like they put the turd into Yesterday.
  11. James Lyon


    Dance Dad looks to be the star of the show. Edit: Although, I see he was also at the last AGDQ.
  12. What a way to make a Riven.
  13. James Lyon


    Just caught Remnants of Naezith. I don't know how these guys do it.
  14. Looks like taking away the end song isn't the only controversy to hit Netflix's Evangelion release: https://www.vox.com/culture/2019/6/24/18701179/netflix-neon-genesis-evangelion-kaworu-gay-backlash
  15. Never come across Comedy Bang Bang before and I only just heard this but I thought this was hilariously puerile. It's in the way he angrily goes through the chorus.
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