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  1. I hope so. Although I get the feeling you'd have a great time until you left and realised you'd never be Tom Cruise, for better or worse.
  2. Floor Is Lava is some silly fun if you like Wipeout or Finders Keepers or physical shows like that. Keeps it mostly tight on the obstacle coursing itself rather than other fluff. Needs more Pat Sharp and screaming audience of kids, though.
  3. Do you think Tom Cruise would be good to go for a drink with? As long as he didn't bring up Xenu. I mean, Simon Pegg seems to vouch for him.
  4. I was surprised to see Tom Cruise giving his opinion on it:
  5. I hope you're not planning to buy the Mafia remake. Who knows where you'll end up.
  6. I'm sure someone's said this before and done the maths better, but was just thinking about the fact that the time between Ryan Davis' death and now is longer than the launch of the site to his death.
  7. That age old question of why does all anime look the same reflected back at us.
  8. Interesting. Never thought of the gallery scene like that. I do love the movie, too. It's not just a wacky high school caper.
  9. Looks like Ctrl+Alt+Del: A Star Trek special.
  10. The only this is going to be a success is if they make it a R-rated movie. You know, aaarrrrhh! Like a pirate.
  11. I know. I seem to be in a dream where he is.
  12. I'm not saying he's bad. I just don't think he belongs in a Bill and Ted movie.
  13. Phew! Thought he was in the movie for a second.
  14. Is Pidgey a strong mid or more of a side-laner? Do you think Koffing will have a good jungling presence?
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