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  1. Had I made that comparison with most other third person games (like the previous God of War games) then you might have a point. In this instance, however, the God of War remake copied Souls combat closely. There's exactly the same block/parry implementation, exactly the same dodge roll, the same light/heavy/charge attack all mapped to exactly the same unorthodox control scheme. There's a similar difficuly that punishes thoughtless button pressing, although not quite as brutal as Souls. The animation has the same heft and wants you to preempt your enemies attacks whilst punishing you for using a slow windup against a mobile enemy, there's even the same tricky first boss to make sure you're playing as intended and not just mashing. Perhaps it's tempting to imagine that third person combat games have always somehow played like this, forgetting how different the Souls games were - a testiment to how influencial they've become in recent years. I didn't even think this was particularly contentious - Balrog was quite open about wanting to capture the gameplay loop of Souls games in GoW prior to its release.
  2. I agree its focus on telling a conventional story isn't much like From's stuff but the combat couldn't be any more inspired by Souls, it's close to a carbon copy. Given you spend most of your time fighting it seems slightly absurd to claim the game has taken nothing from Souls. My point, I guess, is that they would have done well to ape some of the other features of Souls as closely, I can't speak to Ragnarok but in the original you just charge around following your minimap without taking in the enviroments and fight the same handful of enemies over and over. There's no real tension in exploring the environment as you just respawn seconds away with no loss and having the same fights over and over get tiresome after a while. Ragnarok may have improved some of these issues but I'm not falling over myself to pay seventy quid to find out after the original left me so underwhelmed.
  3. Maybe a little binary. I found the first game disappointing. It felt like a western studios take on Souls with them nailing the combat but with not quite taking onboard some of the deeper lessons from those games about exploration, tension and variety.
  4. No, £169 - a tenner cheaper than the 2TB is now. No duty, they pay it.
  5. Over the weekend I bought exactly this directly from them as per the link but it was 2TB and a tenner cheaper. They're shipping from the States so it takes a few days, ordered Saturday night, arrived this morning. There are slightly cheaper options but from what I read this memory is highly rated and comes with it's own heatsink. This guy is cheaper but requires a heatsink.
  6. I lived just round the corner from Craven Cottage up until recently. There’s no hotels near and the closest are a soulless Novatel and a sad Holiday Inn in Hammersmith. Brook Green Hotel is probably the nicest place to stay in the vicinity. That or get an AirBnB in Putney, a short walk over the bridge, along the Thames past Fulham Palace (worth a visit) then through Bishops Park to Craven cottage, as Naysonymous mentioned. Don’t be tempted to get a bus or taxi to the ground, the Fulham Palace road is a relentless clusterfuck.
  7. Wipeout is nothing short of spectacular in VR, really hoping we get an update for PSVR2. Still think Superhot is about the best game in VR, can't think of another game where the medium fits the game better.
  8. Some of it was quite seedy and I guess, just in case, I shouldn't repeat it. Sorry, not trying to be a tease.
  9. I spent much of lockdown working with him on his latest art project, it was just the two of us in a suite for a year as he couldn’t handle working remotely - so I got to know him quite well. He hated the Hollywood system and got out shortly after Demolition Man. He feels, not unreasonably, that studios have way too much control and are too commercially focused. The piece we worked on is called Heaven’s Gate which is in itself significant as it’s the film that is blamed for catalysing the shift of power in Hollywood from creatives to execs. He’s got some pretty crazy stories about Stallone too, just don’t ask him about the three seashells. Anyway, the piece we did debuts in the UK in January I think, at the Outernet building in Tottenham Court Road. The Guardian recently did a write up, they completely hated Outernet but quite liked Heaven’s Gate. Edit: here's a better picture - weirdly from the same part of the piece: Marco in the middle, me right and the MD of Glassworks left who very kindly let us use their equipment for next to nothing.
  10. petrolgirls


    Mikel saying four other players had symptoms similar to Xhaka but played on.
  11. petrolgirls


    Don’t disagree but that was a lovely dinked cross for the goal.
  12. Right, but if I understand the situation this is Wales changing their official name, not necessarily the name they're known as in English.
  13. Not sure how true that is, certainly when discussed in English speaking media they revert to English names but I'm pretty sure the German national team is officially Deutschland, Switzerland are Suisse, Spain are Espana, Ivory Coast are Cote d'Ivoire etc - a cursory google doesn't seem to reveal much though. Incidentally the Netherlands are officially Nederlandse (hence the abbreviated NED) - Holland isn't the Dutch word for the Netherlands, it's just a province in the Netherlands - we make the same mistake referring to the Netherlands as Holland as Americans do referring to Britain/UK as England.
  14. See Wales are looking to change their football team's name to Cymru - good for them. The term Wales is Anglo-Saxon and means foreigner, pretty galling given it was the English who were the invaders. It was deployed more as a pejorative too, essentially meaning slave. Not really surprising they'd like it changed.
  15. petrolgirls


    Balls. Saka off injured.
  16. petrolgirls


    Now all off the pitch. Strange one, this
  17. Bit of a one-sided tussle that. It’s a foul anywhere else on the pitch. There was no attempt to play the ball whilst denying a clear opportunity on goal.
  18. Agreed. It was a red though.
  19. Don’t get the consternation over the red. It’s a clear foul. It prevents a goal scoring opportunity. Only one outcome, surely.
  20. You've been watching different media to me. Consensus seems to be that it'll be closer than in previous seasons. Not sure anyone, least of all sane Arsenal fans, are imagining this'll be some walk in the park for us - or anything like it.
  21. petrolgirls


    Dangerous challenge with Martinelli going towards his own goal. Kind of stupid challenge you’d have expected from Xhaka prior to this season (you hope).
  22. Underrated album. That track pops into my head whenever I drive past Pease Pottage on the way to Brighton. Find myself involuntary singing ‘nine days old’.
  23. Great fun this. Been playing with a Wacom tablet, makes it a bit easier to track but rhythm is just as tricky. My mother-in-law loves it!
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