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  1. Is this down for everyone else on PS4?
  2. For me that stage is pure Takeshi's Castle.
  3. Not sure there's much of a difference beyond not having to render the Hitman, likely massively offset by the wider FOV. In all likelihood they're going to have to turn off all shinies, drop the resolution and use all the temporal reproject tricks they can muster to get it running in VR.
  4. PSVR's FOV is around 100deg, Hitman on console will be around 60-70 at most. If anything you'll see more of your environment in VR see despite shifting to a first person view.
  5. You inherently have a wider FOV in VR, that and being able to freely move your head along with working depth perception means this isn't an issue IMO.
  6. I'm guessing the square is meant to represent a more limited field of vision? Not sure that follows, there's a number of issues with VR but I wouldn't have said a loss of spatial awareness was one of them, quite the opposite.
  7. I reckon, given we're discussing anti-consumer practices, Microsoft giving up customers details worldwide to the US government just a few years ago is somewhat germane. It is possible for Gamepass to be great value and for Microsoft to have questionable privacy policies - the two aren't mutually exclusive.
  8. It was only seven years ago we discovered that Microsoft had been aiding the US government by granting them full access to customers emails, Skype calls etc all over the world. Other tech companies had too but none as early or as enthusiastically as Microsoft. This was never that big a story in the UK where we just assume this sort of thing happens all the time but I know from friends in Europe there was much more outrage - plenty of it directed at Microsoft. I know the narrative here is Xbox struggled early on due to TV, TV, TV but I reckon worldwide PRISM hurt them much more, particularly given the next Xbox launched a few months after those revelations with a mandatory camera.
  9. Yeah, you have to assume there's been a 180 somewhere at Sony HQ.
  10. I hope Nintendo's paying attention to this. Their mechanics and attention to detail in this format would be something - if they could get the online bit right.
  11. Great fun despite the servers falling over every few games. You sense there's going to be quite a lot of this sort of stuff next gen - bring it on I say, ideally at 120fps.
  12. Quite different games, no? Horizon's combat is fantastic but there's hardly any sense of exploration - it's barely openworld - whereas exploring Zelda's world is an absolutely incredible experience, it's completely unrivalled in that regard. I loved Horizon but for me Zelda is by far the better game - I can see why some would thing otherwise though.
  13. I powered through the main quest till halfway through Act 2 and then decided to clear out the southern Island. Initially exploration under my own steam was great but the side quests are very similar and leveling up quickly makes the combat pretty trivial, even on hard. The Nioh style stance changes seem great on first impression but their implimentation is pretty mundane. The combat skill tree reminds me of God of War in as much as it's not very interesting and mostly serves to make things too easy. It still does a lot of stuff right, I love the wind directing you, the look of the game and the core combat mechanics are great even if they don't evolve into anything more interesting. Going to get back to the main quest now and ignore the side stuff but for all the potential in the first ten or so hours it's starting to feel a bit disappointing. As others have mentioned the exact opposite is true of Days Gone.
  14. Far as I can figure out, everything that can stack does.
  15. It's always randomised throughout unless you pick up the Frozen Eye relic.
  16. Imagine so. Wonder what will happen to the Xbox One games you've already received given they're meant to disappear when you stop paying for Gold?
  17. Dirt 5 on PS5 will apparently. Agree that there probably won't be too many games that support it.
  18. I'm not sure about that specific bit but I've found a few similar areas where there's a distinctive feature and I've had a good look around and not managed to figure out what to do next only for a mission to take me there later.
  19. I wouldn't disagree with that.
  20. I'm not arguing that Microsoft games don't have variety, strange that you think I was - I'm arguing that most of them aren't much good. I don't really care what genre Microsoft tackle as long as the games blow my socks off and, other than driving games, there's been a real paucity of Xbox games that do that this gen.
  21. Let's apply that to some of the biggest selling games this generation. Assassin's Creed + horses = Red Dead Redemption 2. Assassin's Creed + guns and balloons = MGSV. Assassin's Creed + batarang = Arkham Knight. Assassin's Creed + three awful protagonists = GTAV. Assassin's Creed + an extensive wardrobe = BotW. I know you acknowledge this to be reductive but I'd argue it's to the point of being almost meaningless beyond recognising that Sony have responded to what sort of games the market is interested in this gen - this strikes me as a sensible strategy and seems to have worked out ok for them. Forgive the list and the reiteration of some games you've mentioned but amongst games Sony have either built or backed - The Last of Us 2, Astrobot, The Last Guardian, Streetfighter V, Bloodborne, Driveclub, Uncharted 4, Dreams, WipeoutVR, Gravity Rush, Death Stranding, Blood and Truth, GT and Resogun - about as wide and as varied as a collection of games could be and some of my favourite games this gen. They don't begin to conform to any tenuous generic template.
  22. This seems an eccentric argument. The majority of Sony first and 'second' party output this gen have been entirely new IP. They seem happy to let their big studios come up with new ideas and, given how well those games have been received, it seems to be working for them. This generation, much like the previous generation, Microsoft have had the bulk of their big studios churn out incremental updates to Halo, Gears and Forza. Halo is almost twenty years old now and, if the recently shown demo is anything to go by, the game plays almost identically to CE. To put that into perspective: in 2001 Naughty Dog released the first Jak and Daxter, Ueda had just put out Ico and and Sucker Punch would release Sly Cooper a year later - it's hard to look at what those studios would go on to make and conclude it's actually Microsoft that have afforded their studios much more creative freedom. Anecdotally, I've worked with a couple of folk who've recently been involved with some big MS first-party games. They say the same thing: the studios themselves are lovely but Microsoft are difficult to work with. Projects, apparently, have to chase frequent arbitrary milestones and are micromanaged remotely to such an extent that ultimately much of the creative decision making comes from Redmond by teams of people who seem to have a limited understanding of what makes a good game. I'm sure this isn't true across the board but it's difficult not to look at how Microsofts output this generation has been received critically and conclude there isn't something wrong with their process at times. In terms of big second party collaborations Microsoft worked with Remedy, Insomniac and Platinum this gen - all capable studios. Both Microsoft funded games from Remedy and Insomniac didn't review or sell well, certainly compared to what they would go on to make independently and with Sony respectively and of course the Platinum game got cancelled. I don't understand how you can look at this generation and conclude that Microsoft are some haven for creative game makers, convoluted arguments that involve incredibly specific genres notwithstanding. Here's hoping Microsoft get it together next gen and their new studios create some great new games. I've still got two and a bit years left on Gamepass and someone needs to keep Sony's PS3 era hubris from returning but on current form it's not easy to argue that Microsoft will fulfill that role.
  23. Well I fundamentally disagree with it having great art direction so I'm not sure we have much of basis to discuss this further but yes, I think technically and aesthetically it looks a mess, from the weird Minecraft environment to the strange lack of contact shadows. I don't think much of 343's work generally, you only have to look at the horror show that was much of their retexturing of the Halo CE remaster, taking a beautifully made and iconic world, throwing most of it away and replacing it with a generic Unreal engine tutorial took some dedicated ineptitude. I mean, from an art direction perspective I'm not sure what you're meant to make of this fucking horrible dead-eyed shrink-wrapped nonsense of a character. This would have been embarrassing in an indie title from the 360 era, how this ends up being the design for the principal antagonist in a huge first party title two generations later is baffling to me. No amount of HDR, ray tracing or particle effects is going to make him not look shit. And that's before we get to generic beardy mans...
  24. Gotcha. Yes, it's possible, although AFAIK every Halo game since 3 has rendered internally in float and then clipped the whites for an SDR image so this shouldn't have taken them by surprise. The game looking a bit milky is the least of its problems visually, you could easily grade more contrast into that footage but it wouldn't help much.
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