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  1. More frames certainly increase cost but it's not quite a linear relationship. Some of the costs associated with a shot are independent of the number of frames - look development, matte paintings, CG texturing etc have a per shot or per setup cost whereas stuff like rendering, rotoscoping and compositing are more a per frame cost. Higher frame rates can, in some cases, make your life easier - camera tracking for instance.
  2. It's not open world thank fuck and it looks like it handles and plays like Burnout/NFSHP. It's been far too long, can't wait.
  3. petrolgirls

    Be a thread starter!

    This is nonsense.
  4. petrolgirls


    I enjoy a good stat as much as the next man but cant help but feel that sentiments like those expressed above are a clear case of the tail wagging the dog. If Arsenal were alone in varying from their xG then they may have a point but they aren't. This is the Guardians summary of goals vs xG from this season so far (bar last weekend). You can see most teams vary pretty widely of their xG which suggests xG itself is significantly flawed rather than Arsenal simply being an aberration. Even teams where xG is spot on, Bournemouth for instance, if you dig into their stats and look game by game you see that their xG isn't that accurate but over the season so far their xG errors have cancelled each other out. https://understat.com/team/Bournemouth/2018 To be clear, I'm not against stats like xG offering some insight into the game but where there's a deviation from reality it seems largely nonsensical to claim a team are overachieving or just lucky and are bound to regress to what the statistics predict. It seems to me much more likely that it's the statistical model that is inherently imperfect.
  5. petrolgirls

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    I had exactly that but I leaned forward to take a good look at him only for him to splat on the 'glass' of my visor. He peeled himself off and then waved at me which had me squeeling with delight.
  6. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    Very much game dependant: Batman, Superhot, Farpoint, Beat Sabre, standing up. Astrobot, Rez, Until Dawn, stool/swivel chair. Wipeout, GTS, Tetris, Thumper, on the sofa.
  7. petrolgirls

    The Visual Effects Thread

    You can just use two keyframes here and let your bezier tangents to do the work, this is Flame not AE but the principle is the same: (excuse the photo, it's tricky getting screenshots off this Flame for reasons that are too dull to relate) You can see a tangent at 90 degrees extended to the same y value as your other keyframe will get you pretty much what you want, you can reduce the tangents length to increase the movement in its 'slow section'. Whilst I'm a fan of using minimal keyframes this may be a little too austere for you. As a rule the less keyframes you use the easier it is to manipulate and the less anomalies you get in your animation - but within reason. It may make sense to use this as a starting point then add two more points either side of the slow phase: This allows you to have more control but you need to zoom in and ensure the new tangents on your slow phase are carefully aligned to the curve otherwise you'll get some odd movement. FWIW I'm not a fan of canned animation that AE offers, you'll have much more control and a better understanding of animation if you just tuck into curves.
  8. petrolgirls

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Can't help but feel this article is more pointed that you'd otherwise imagine: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2018/nov/21/how-are-premier-league-players-on-loan-faring-part-one-arsenal-to-huddersfield
  9. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    Even then you can 'buy' them without downloading them.
  10. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    There's definitely a belief that tolerance to motion sickness improves over time - nautical types refer to 'getting your sea legs' which describes pretty much exactly that. There's even something called 'landsickness', something I've experienced, in which after you've been on a boat for some time and your inner ear has adjusted to all the motion, being back on land feels disorientating and slightly nauseating.
  11. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    The Playroom version of Astrobot got me as well, something to do with the way the camera lurches forward. I had no such issues with the full game, either because they changed the way the camera accelerates or because I've got more accustomed to VR.
  12. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    I don't think motion sickness is contingent on the type of motion, it's the disconnect between your vision believing you to be in motion but your inner ear registering no motion or vice versa. It's true the extent people suffer from it varies considerably but most acclimatise to it over time. Anecdotally, playing a load of Wipeout VR considerably helped the nausea I felt in walking games like Resi7 and Farpoint.
  13. petrolgirls

    The Sinner - Jessica Biel gets stabby

    No I think that's perfectly fair, she's really weak in both. Didn't like this at all - nonsensical plot, poorly directed and horribly edited. Even Pullman, who seemed to be channeling Robin Williams circa Good Will Hunting, couldn't save it.
  14. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    You're right generally - depends on the game though. Wipeout plays perfectly fine on a sofa. Superhot, though - has to be standing, surely.
  15. petrolgirls

    PlayStation VR

    Wipeout has comfort options that are worth playing with. Reducing your field of vision helps enormously.

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