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  1. I think there might be some truth to this being more of a PlayStation title but isn't this mostly down to the fact there are just far more PlayStations out there than Xbox's. We'll never know exactly what the split is as Microsoft won't say but a 3:1 split last gen seems to be about the measure of it. On that basis those numbers don't seem that surprising.
  2. No, it won't. Unless things have changed recently this is a bit of a mess. If your DAC has USB in you can try connect it directly to your PS5. This will, in theory, support 3D sound but the chances are it either won't work because it's UAC2, like mine, which PS5 inexplicably doesn't support despite it being a decade old and pretty much ubiquitous. Even if it does work the chances are the sound will be almost inaudibly quiet, bizarrely. Your choices are Sony's Pulse headset, I've not tried it but if it's anything like Sonys other gaming headsets it'll sound mediocre at best. Alternatively, the
  3. Such as? Contrariwise I've known the most of casual of gamers with limited skills get into and complete various Souls games as many on this forum have attested. You've asserted there's a selection bias with no meaningful evidence. The Souls games sell in massive numbers, cumulatively over 27 million, and are completed by nearly half. That's huge numbers by any measure and strongly suggests there's no meaningful selection bias.
  4. Not a whole lot of nuance to this discussion and there's something of a false dichotomy at the heart of it - that games either have conventional difficulty modes to cater for different skills or they have no means to vary the difficulty and assume everyone is of the same level of skill. This just isn't the case, to use the most widely cited example, the Soulsborne series, there are several ways the player can manipulate the difficulty to cater for their skillset - using consumables, leveling up and co-oping being the most obvious. This allows the player to vary the difficulty at specific point
  5. Your sense of empowerment on Sekiro comes from timing counters and parries. The Mikiri Counter has to be the single most satisfying move to pull off in any videogame ever.
  6. You should chuck that, @Jonny5 - pink streaks likely a sign of serratia marcescens, not a bacteria you want to eat under any circumstance. Have a couple of starter jars, transfer from one to the other when you feed and use a dishwater or boiling water to sterilise each time. I'd recommend your feed is a mix of 80-90% white, 10-20% rye.
  7. AFAIK Samsungs all do motion interpolation out of the box which introduces a crazy amount of latency. As others have mentioned turn all that shit off and make sure game mode is enabled.
  8. Out of interest what TV do you have and what mode are you playing in? I've watched some of your Bloodborne vids over the years and you've clearly got the ability but I'd say Sekiro is very timing dependant and if you're playing with much lag it must be very frustrating.
  9. I've got Wreckfest on Game Pass but it inexplicably crashes on the start menu every time regardless of uninstall/reinstalls or updates. I've got it on PC too where it at least lets me race and then crashes regularly. If the PS5 version does the same for me I'm just going to assume me and Wreckfest were never meant to be.
  10. No. Hard to tell what your point is regardless.
  11. A wee reminder: Dudley, in response to Lorfarius - who'd made it fairly clear he knows very little about Gamepass - stated "It's every important game for the system on day 1." This seemed like a confusing thing to say to me, for reasons that should be really obvious. Trying to frame me pointing that out as 'lawyering' the thread is characteristically absurd. The degree of hypersensitivity to any perceived criticism of Microsoft in this thread is tiresome in the extreme, stating obvious facts in as bland and uncontroversial a manner as possible gets you labelled a 'fanboy' who's 'ni
  12. What was exaggerated again? People who don't know much about Gamepass are asking for buying advice in this thread. The distinction between every game and every Microsoft Studios game strikes me as a reasonably important one to make.
  13. Always funny to be labelled a fanboy by you, Jon. Which bit do your imagine to be nonsense? That most third party games don't come to Game Pass day one, or that Microsoft, currently, have an issue with exclusives? The first is an unassailable fact, as for the second - even posters like Boozy, not known for his moderate views on Xbox, (although curiously a lone voice of reason in this thread of late) has pointed out in much stronger terms than I that Microsoft has fallen way short of the mark in recent years.
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