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  1. Yeah, you need to stagger with a charged attack first. Smart move on From's part, you dash so fast in BB you could abuse the standard DS backstab.
  2. Sure, although by the time you're set up properly with sundial you're basically infinite and block is irrelevant (time eater and the heart notwithstanding).
  3. Getting the right relics helps too. Sundial is hopelessly OP as you shrink your deck provided you have some draw.
  4. On paper Gamepass looks great, particularly with the one pound deal but in reality I don't use it anywhere near as much as I thought I would. For me I can break GP games into the following categories. MS first party. A couple of great titles here, for me Ori and Flight Sim. The remainder are either average to outright terrible or just endless rehashes of the same game. Third party big budget. These generally only hit the service several years after release, by this stage I'll have played anything that remotely interests me, either at launch or on a sale. I find Game P
  5. Enjoying this muchly. Reminds me most of Don't Starve Together but more streamlined and maybe more fun, even. Super polished for early access too - not had a crash or any significant weirdness. I'm playing mostly with a controller (apart from menus) and it works pretty well.
  6. I could get behind that, Skyward Sword is great - just a bit flabby in the last half of the game. Assume the motion controls are still in, just optional? I don't think I'd get it off they weren't - never understood the hate for motion controls, particularly not in this instance.
  7. Your sample of one, the PS4-5 marginally underperformed vs Moore's law. The Xbox One to Series X was exactly on target. Not really evidence of Moore's law "slowing to a glacial pace" as you claimed initially. I'm not disputing the fact that computer die are starting to butt up against quantum limits but I think it's premature to charectorize computing as having flatlined to the extent that mid gen upgrades are off the cards this time round. Guess time will tell.
  8. There's still shortcuts, just not as many or as clever as Dark Souls or Bloodborne - going back to it it bothered me less than I thought it would. You never need to kill a giant fire slug I don't think.
  9. Might be a daft question but is your PS5 on mute? This seems to happen by default when the Dualsense powers down. It's in the single press menu under sound I think. Confused me the first time it happened.
  10. I missed the new page and saw that. Don't know how you've got them by only dying once in human form - you should be able to leg it past them anyway. Should only take a minute or two to get back to her.
  11. Apologies, hope that's not too much of a spoiler.
  12. Sure but he mentioned he'd done the dragon bridge and that's after the 1-1 boss.
  13. 1. Did you speak to the Monumental in the Nexus? 2. You need pure white world tendency to get there. Forget it for now.
  14. You don't need to restart, just buy leather armour from the merchant in 4-1.
  15. For clarity that was a general point about keeping up with Moores law, I wasn't suggesting they switch the PS5 or Series X over to a completely different architecture as part of a mid-gen refresh. I take your point about an increase in cost but think you'll be able to put out an approx 20TF machine in 3-4 years for about the launch price at the start of this gen. Even if the silicon costs a bit more stuff like the SSD will likely cost much less.
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