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  1. Ironclad is amazing - there's so many viable strategies that slowly reveal themselves to you after tens if not hundreds of hours of play. My favourite class by far.
  2. I always thought that the Super Famicoms design was something to do with the US having more stringent rules on products emitting electromagnetic radiation or somesuch. A quick Google suggests that Nintendo America's product designer, Lance Barr, decided that Japan's SNES design wasn't up to par so decided to redo it purely for aesthetic reasons. What's more extraordinary, Lance only left the company a few months ago - seemingly of his own volition.
  3. No question, but then I doubt it was anything like 100 million in lost revenue. I dunno, that still seems like a fantastical figure to me, we can't be sure that's accurate.
  4. It was two years in and it was clear the Xbox One was selling poorly early on. It was certainly well understood that Microsoft had jettisoned most of their studios at this stage and desperately needed an exclusive to drive hardware sales. I'd be interested in how these deals get negotiated and structured but Squeenix must have know that a big title like Tomb Raider would have been very valuable to Xbox and that MS have very deep pockets. They would have had them over a barrel in terms of negotiation and I'd be surprised if many other timed exclusives cost anything like that, even for Microsoft.
  5. Install base, obviously. What you're paying for, in large part, is the publishers lost revenue from other consoles they could have launched on.
  6. Microsoft would need to pay significantly more for exclusivity than Sony though.
  7. I think it only auto-updates games that you've used within the last x number of days. It kinda makes sense, if you've got a load of games downloaded your console could use a significant amount of bandwidth just keeping everything up to date. Not so bad if you've got fibre but if your connection's slow or you live in the US where most connections are metered it would be less than ideal.
  8. In the case of the Chalice dungeons it was, for me, much more the identikit level design that grated rather than any lack of story.
  9. I haven't had Dead Branch with Ironclad in ages to the point where I assumed it had been made even rarer in a patch. Turns out it's because Nate has been keeping them all to himself. Greedy.
  10. That didn't seem unbelievable at all to me: Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Funny, smart, poignant and beautifully observed - didn't outstay its welcome either. My only complaint would be the casting of Steve Zahn who I find insufferable in almost every role he plays. Looking forward to where they go with the next season with, presumably, an almost entirely new cast.
  11. I don't really mind if it's a Bloodborne sequel or a spiritual successor or just a brand new game. From don't really put a foot wrong, particularly with their Sony collaborations. It's called Velvet Veil apparently which sounds like a spiritual successor to BB. With this and Elden Ring on the way all is well in my gaming world.
  12. I'm not so sure, it's beautifully observed and it's a damning indictment of how isolated and lacking in empathy the super rich are. From Shanes determination to try and ruin Armond to Tanya's indifference with Belinda, It isn't saying a huge amount beyond that but given the age we live in and how rarely inequality is properly examined in mainstream tv shows it feels profound enough to me. I agree, the soundtrack is superb. There's a sense of anxiety in there but I also feel it's mocking the guests - interesting the Cuica is used throughout, the 'cup of laughter' a Brazilian - not Hawaiian instrument.
  13. A new satire from Mike White, he of Enlightened fame. Set in a luxury hotel in Hawaii, It's an examination of white privilege and inequality. It gets off to a slow start but builds to something quite special. Season 1 finale airs tomorrow with season 2 already greenlit. It's not available in any UK streaming service just yet (I've got access to a mates US HBO account) but only a matter of time before it's picked up.
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