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  1. There's almost no difference in the cost of an original PS4 and Xbox One minus Kinect. MS had to reduce the GPU to accommodate eSRAM on the die - rather than use much faster GDDR5 with no RAM cache as the PS4 did. It was simply a bad decision on their part, it saved virtually nothing in terms of hardware cost to them.
  2. I had this a few weeks ago. Try restoring licenses first, failing that deactivate then reactivate your PS4 as primary.
  3. Flight Sim, Ori2 and 12 Minutes. Fight Simulator looks amazing and I lost weeks of my life to it way back when. Interested to see how big boss dynamic works out for Ori - if the trailer was anything to go by there'll be a lot of that. 12 Minutes is the most intriguing trailer I've seen in years.
  4. By all means, speculate positively. We should, however, be able to discuss a broad range of opinions like adults - same as we do for other game related events. Xbox stuff shouldn't have to all be spun in contrived sugar-coated nonsense in order for us to enjoy what they have to say this evening.
  5. It's not explicitly negative, it's perfectly normal to discuss the state of play prior to an event. I made the point that I'm looking forward to seeing Halo and Bleeding Edge but pointed out Xbox still isn't doing great this gen and has a lot to turn round - hardly a contentious opinion. If you want to see relentless negativity go have a look at the Switch thread prior to release, there somehow wasn't a load of Nintendophiles trying to police the tone of the discussion there - as there often is in any thread related to the Xbox.
  6. There are a number of western devs skipping Xbox development of late along with larger western-friendly Japanese titles not making it over either. This is a new phenomena, it very rarely happened last gen and at the start of this gen. It has to be of concern to Microsoft. You can dismiss my perspective as miserabilism but it strikes me as significantly more tethered to reality than Stanleys post I initially responded to, in which Microsoft are in a 'much stronger position' than Sony.
  7. I mentioned, once, that developers are starting to release games on PS4, Switch and PC only. How that's 'repeatedly bringing up the Switch' I don't know. Revival pointed out that Xbox has many more games released than Switch. I responded that was both incorrect and unrelated to the point I was making.
  8. That there is a recent trend for skipping the Xbox in favour of Switch is what's troubling. That was my point, not that there were more total games being released on Switch than Xbox, a crude measure of anything in the first place. That you're having to compare Xbox support to a two year old Nintendo console everyone thought was dead in the water, one that uses an underpowered and quite different architecture to orthodox Xbox/ PS4 hardware, is indicative of where Microsoft are currently - certainly not in a position of strength. Put it this way, what games only got released on PS3 and Wii/WiiU only last gen, I'm struggling to think of one. A quick scrape of Gamespots releases of this year suggests Xbox and Switch have both had 39 titles so far, so your notion that Xbox has far greater support than Switch has no merit in the first place. You misunderstood my point about the two Xbox releases, the issue is one for developers who have to support two different consoles with what will have relatively tiny initial install bases. Obviously Microsoft will try minimize the work required to support both but it will still require time and resources. Given Microsoft is almost certainly going to end this generation with the smallest install base of the three and with little momentum on its side you can see the trend for third-parties skipping Xbox releases increasing. The latency inherent to streaming and the requirement for constant data doesn't replace a proper portable device like a Switch, at least not yet. Sony ended the last generation strongly, they turned around the really poor start the PS3 had - that was where much of their momentum came from this generation. Microsoft don't have that this time around and I can't see the game that's going to change anyone's mind before the start of the next generation. Maybe tomorrow will surprise us.
  9. I'm hoping MS have a great show tomorrow and that the next gen isn't anywhere as one sided as this gen has been but your sentiments seem optimistic in the extreme. MS are patently not in a much stronger position right now, nor do they have all bases covered, or anything like it. Just to play devil's advocate for a moment: their software support has fallen off a cliff and whilst they've bought a bunch of studios recently most of them don't exactly have a track record of producing the kind of games that sell consoles in large numbers, nor do MS themselves have a great recent record of getting the most out of their studios. They have no portable or VR presence for Xbox and their current user interface is still slow, clumsy and incoherent. Worse still, the number of multiplatform games released in the last few years released only on PS4, Switch and PC suggests that demand for Xbox games has dropped off sharply and makes their plan to split their user base next gen with two different machines from the start seem questionable at best. Given how poorly Xbox has done this gen you have to imagine a decent proportion of their diminishing customer base have to be looking at alternatives next time round, whether that's Switch2 with it's portability or PS5 with VR, both of which will have backwards compatibility to this generations standout exclusives from the get go and with first party developers that will very likely continue to deliver into the next generation. I genuinely hope I'm being way too negative here, I've really high hopes for the next Halo, Ninja Theories game looks promising and I'm sure they'll be some great surprises tomorrow but Microsoft have got a massive hill to climb if they're going to make up for the shambles that was this generation.
  10. On the basis that From have capacity to only produce two games in parallel and with Sekiro having just released I'd wager (or at least very much hope) their next game will be Bloodborne 2 - most likely be a PS5 launch title. Don't see that being announced without Sony present. Supposition on top of conjecture, of course, but then such is the nature of these threads.
  11. The button press is a bit better on the recent controller but the position of the bumper relative to the resting position of your forefinger is just as awkward. I had to switch from a new Xbox pad to a DS4 to play Dark Souls 3 on PC, Sekiro is even more bumper critical.
  12. Dunno man, for me the bumpers are the single biggest issue out of this generation of controllers. It makes any game that needs precise bumper timing quite awkward and uncomfortable, Sekiro being the latest example of a game you'd want to avoid playing with an Xbox controller.
  13. This is an issue with every game where you have to ADS with the Moves - Superhot in particular suffers from this. The trick I find is to mount the camera as high as is sensible so it doesn't cross the Moves when you aim.
  14. Bumpers that aren't difficult to reach and a much better d-pad? Otherwise the Xbox pad is pretty spot on.
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