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  1. Me too - but I find the Pro controller gyro controls don't always register which is super annoying.
  2. I think you're right that Sony will push this initially - they've got nothing to lose doing so - but I can see big 3rd party developers of openworld titles like Ubi and Rockstar utilising much faster i/o fairly early on too. The potential is much more than just faster loading levels, it could fundamentally change how you approach game design, at least in some respects, and it won't easily scale back to 5200rpm HDD's either - I just don't see how it can.
  3. I was wondering about this too - if developers use the full i/o bandwidth available to them on PS5 and Scorpio, those games may not readily port to PC, or would at least have a fast SSD requirement in the spec list.
  4. It's perfectly weighted. I can type nearly as fast as on a phone screen with it. Infinitely more effective than rubbing a tiny trackpad. At least in this universe.
  5. It's worth it for firing Astrobot through the rings at the end of a level alone. One of the most satisfying things to do in a game ever
  6. Maintaining compatibility with the DS4 perhaps? Not Sony's usual MO obviously.
  7. Contrariwise I mostly play TDM and find it to be where CoD is at its best. Halo and Battlefield play a better objective based game for my money. TDM is no more a 'soulless, pointless empty grind' than any other mode in my experience - certainly full of tension too. It is a different skill set though.
  8. Played a few hours of this with my daughter over the weekend and we both absolutely love it. The first game was charming and inventive but quite bare bones and limited, the second was fully fleshed out but lost a little of the charm and invention among the way. This has it all. It looks amazing too, the quality of visuals Nintendo gets out the Switch is just phenomenal.
  9. Wonder if they mean frequency channels (ie 1-11 at 2.4GHz) which you should be able to modify, rather than frequency bands (ie 2.4GHz vs 5GHz).
  10. I completely agree that the PGR series represents the high water mark for arcade racers. I don't think Horizon gets anywhere near it though, at least not in terms of handling and track design. It does look amazing though.
  11. The Destiny series. Love Bungie. Love shooters. Here though they somehow contrived to make the main combat loop incredibly dull and the levelling up a joyless chore. The Forza Horizon series. Love arcade racers but, despite appearances, this isn't one really. The open world doesn't help endear it to me either. Still own every game in both series and most of the Destiny expansions, stupidly enough.
  12. petrolgirls

    NIOH 2

    Quite enjoying the beta, the spear doesn't seem as OP as the original. Looks a bit better too. I find combat in Nioh to be the Tekken to From's Soulcalibur. Nioh has an emphasis on combo strings and less use of 3D space than From's games.
  13. Retrofuturism is a bit of a mishmash of styles from around that period, I can see the odd flourish that feels a bit Art Nouveau but I'd really struggle to describe the the game as belonging to that style in its entirety - Art Nouveau is much more elaborate and ornate. There's elements of Futurism, some Nouveau with strong influences from advertising and film posters from the early 20th Century, themselves a pastiche of prevailing art styles of the time.
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