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  1. I think it will, at least to some extent. As texture sizes have massively increased but storage bandwidth stagnated we've seen more and more constraints placed on game design to the point where an inordinate amount of time and energy has to be expended attempting to mitigate these issues - many of these constraints have effected 3D games for so long that we don’t really question them. Huge changes of scale, speed of movement and real-time changes in level geometry are, oddly, features you saw more of at the dawn of 3D gaming where texture sizes were still tiny or procedural, Mario 64 and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver spring to mind. I don’t imagine we’ll necessarily see whole new genres emerge next gen but it’s almost inconceivable that the next round of consoles won’t have a significant impact on game design.
  2. I couldn't, just says out of stock sadly
  3. "Clock frequency is tied directly to how the rays bounce around the objects" Dunno, not sure about any of this tier of youtube stuff - mostly seems like pet theories dressed up with 'sources'.
  4. I'm not sure how true that'll be. PS3 to PS4 had similar compute speeds and identical storage bandwidth but a much faster GPU. GPU stuff scales easily so yes, current gen games could mostly be done on last gen hardware, kinda. The leaps this time around are massive and relate to compute and storage bandwidth - that stuff doesn’t scale well at all. The changes in hardware suggest to me there’ll be less cross-gen games this time round.
  5. I use it to play Spotify via Xbox One for when I want music without turning on my TV. I use regular HDMI otherwise.
  6. I use optical out of my Xbox no problem. Might sound obvious but check there's a red light coming out of the other end of the optical cable - they can be quite flakey.
  7. The Switch's UI is closely modelled on the PS4's in the first place.
  8. Switch update is live. Finally some portable Watcher action.
  9. Cerny got into this a bit yesterday. You can use your RAM allocation more efficiently if you can stream data to it at much higher speeds. The ability to use higher resolution textures maps with less pop in and LOD transitions whilst freeing up RAM to do other work are amongst the advantages of faster storage. It’ll be interesting to see what that translates to next gen, Microsoft’s solution is also pretty quick so we’ll have to see how that speed difference effects real world performance.
  10. That seems an odd take given Sony's approach to SSD storage is explicitly non-proprietary. I don't see how having a custom audio chip locks anyone into anything either.
  11. Some of the comments here seem a little confused about what was said. The speed at which RAM can access data is much more significant than just improved load times and the idea that a boost mode was added as some last minute panicked alteration seems to fundamentally misunderstand what Cerny's design philosophy has been this time round. It'll be interesting to see how multiplatform games run on both next gen machines. I don't think Cerny's presentation was a great bit of communication to the masses - but chatting to a couple of mates last night who program GPU's for a living, they reckon you'll get near identical performance from both sets of hardware.
  12. Absolutely. RT with good clean AA at 1080p infinitely preferable.
  13. Oh I agree, my point is if there’s to be any appreciable difference in visuals next gen it won’t be from having marginally higher resolutions.
  14. If there's to be any noticeable difference in visuals next gen it will be due to how ray tracing is implemented.
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