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  1. Yeah, I spent a few nights building out the rail lines to the stadium, and Isengard, and I think the memorial island, but unfortunately there was very little time between the server being made more robust and boosters being 'fixed'
  2. Haven't installed it on this new machine (which I got 3 years ago) but it'd be nice to have a wander around! In a sling for the next few weeks so probably couldn't get bac kto my railway-building antics for the time being.
  3. The policy specifically states that refunding a game in order to re-buy it at a lower sale price is not considered abuse.
  4. Aaaand refund requested. Spent about 10 minutes in the tutorial trying to block 5 attacks in a row. It's not going to get any more fun.
  5. Just picked up Injustice for £3.74, worth a punt. Never really got into fighting games in my youth, but I've picked up Smash pretty hard in the last year or so so I thought I'd see whether the more static style works for me.
  6. If you have the dodge upgrade. Similarly, grappling looks helpful, once you have the upgrade. Maybe I goofed by going for dropkick before any of the seemingly essential upgrades. Kicking either doesn't interrupt their attacks, or they can counter them (because whenever I kicked them I was immediately getting nailed while they showed no sign of feeling it). Quite possibly. I was fetching Gazi's mum's chocolate or whatever and there were 6-10 zombies loitering outside the shutters I needed to get under (they were mainly shut so obviously I had no way of knowing how long it would take to open them or whether I'd shut them behind me). Didn't have any molotovs, because they compete with medpacks for resources and every death costs me 2-3 medpacks while I desperately try not to die. Didn't see any explosives around (can you really expect gas canisters on every corner), they all move far too slowly to use firecrackers to lure them away, so it was a case of dropping down and waiting for them to come at me. If I weren't using mods it would have taken me a huge amount of time to work my way through them. I am honestly trying to enjoy it, which is why I keep posting here- there's clearly something I'm just outright not understanding which is stopping me. For example, when I started playing Smash Bros I just got endlessly juggled because I didn't know that rolling and airdodging existed: now it makes up 90% of my gaming.
  7. That doesn't kill him. Not in Ultimates, anyway. He respires through his skin.
  8. Gave it another crack (having modded out the death penalty) and it took another 4-5 deaths to see that mission through. Can't be bothered. Does anyone find that experience fun? Was particularly irritated when I jumped down on one guy, knocking him over, whacked him in the skull 4 times and then had to stop for a breather while he got up and started wailing on me. Humans arbitrarily dodging or blocking most of your attacks when you can't do the same is pretty cheap too - feels like they have about the same amount of health as me, but *many* more defensive options. Plus every time I tried it, another weapon and a half and a couple of medkits got tossed, so even without the death penalty (which it turns out removed literally all of my survival points) it got harder and harder. I did use the propane in the end, thanks for that tip. But every combat takes a medkit or two and medkits compete with molotovs for components so I couldn't use any molotovs. Now modded it to make fatigue less crippling and get rid of weapon decay, and am experimenting with increasing the percentage of hits which break limbs. It's a lot more fun, but I'll miss out on multiplayer. L4D did melee fatigue well: it was there to stop you making an invincible wall of kickspam in a shooting-based game. And I can get behind weapon decay if it's there to make sure you're refreshing your inventory every couple of missions, using what's available and so on: not if you have to wander round with a dozen lead pipes in your backpack because the average zombie skull is harder than the pipe.
  9. And Russian, and sort of Norse, and... er... Vision. And a dude wearing the Puerto Rican flag. But yeah, fair to call it an American team. Tying it to AoU would be easier than
  10. She's pretty much the last word in fucking colossal actresses at the moment.
  11. Tunisia


    Just what the FUCK was that episode?
  12. IIRC at least a portion of the fighting pit slaves were against Dany (because she banned their only livelihood) and so may be on the side of the Sons of the Harpy. And in Westeros, the nobles were the people best equipped and trained at arms. Admittedly the Ghiscari don't seem the sort for that (as armies are raised through slaves or sellswords rather than levies) but there may be some sort of martial tradition. "So do I..." - last words of JohnnyNolan
  13. The Unsullied are at least partially nerfed by Dany - half of them weren't even fully trained when she bought them (I think some of them weren't even cut yet). Presumably she put an end to a number of the more slave-y aspects of their training/ lives (it's possible they don't even take the Wine of Courage any more). According to the wiki, which references ASoS, Unsullied used as household guards, who thus have to mingle with normal people, forget their nature and get much weaker: using them as a police force living in a city would do the same. Hence the one visiting the brothel to get someone to act as his mother. Furthermore, they're all carrying 8ft long spears in a cramped, elbow-to-elbow passageway: less than ideal. Basically, the Unsullied wandering around Meereen are not nearly the Unsullied Dany bought due to her attempts to humanise them.
  14. Some comic-y spoilers, some AoU spoilers I guess...
  15. Ha, looking at it I don't think I even have the airdrops thing yet- got to do a story quest first.
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