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  1. So, I've played a few matches in Heaven, getting Sol from level 112 to 325. I have no idea how well I'm doing overall, but I doubt my win % is much over 50. Heaven is kinda wild. The range of skill level in there is actually pretty big, but I guess that's to be expected. Everyone's doing pretty big damage combos in there though, so you learn to tighten up your play pretty quick! I feel a million times more comfortable against I-no, May, Millia, Nago, Leo and Anji thanks to my time up there though - the room always feels full of them. Conversely, I am much more scared of Ram and Axl than I used to be! Pretty sure Sol is the most common character up there though, and I'm so, so, so bad at mirror matches. My only strategy is to press the same buttons as my opponent, but half a second too late. It's not great, tbh. I have no idea how I lose the round start 4 times out of 5 either, when we both press fS! The funny thing is how different it feels to fight up there when you've earned VIP status - it took me 3 attempts to get in there and every time I was chest-poundingly nervous. I was dropping combos and generally playing over-conservatively, two things which feed each other, creating a vicious cycle of nerves and failure. Since getting the VIP pass though, I've played a few challengers who try their luck against me, and haven't lost a single set. It's kind of amazing how much better I play when I don't feel like there are any stakes! I guess the moral of the story is...I shouldn't enter any tournaments? Err, anyway, I guess I hope I'm not as nervy once VIP status resets and I need to re-earn it!
  2. imp


    Really! I thought it was really refreshing, consistently the best thing in SJ, and has become one of my all-time fave shonens. I think I'm in the minority by the look of things though!
  3. Whee! I beat a level 1000 Sol in heaven! 1 game out of 6!
  4. Please keep in mind as you watch the exhibition that I once won a round off Deb in ACR out of 20 or so games.
  5. There was a Japan vs North American 10 v 10 exhibition played in the wee hours last night. Here's the playlist:
  6. Nice job on the May matchup! I find stuffing her dolphin to be the best possible thing as it completely lets you avoid the post-dolphin RPS that usually occurs after you block it. Easier said than done, of course. Perhaps the scariest thing about her is her jH though, that move is like a flipping wall she puts up... Very much looking forward to playing you again next time Joffo, I can tell that Axl is going to be very, very pesky soon enough! Meanwhile, I managed to get into the VIP! Taunted by Choo telling me he’d earned VIP earlier this evening thanks to the practice against Sol, I decided to get cracking myself. I headed up and tried not to be fussy about who I fought. First up was a level 500 Gio. I got almost double perfected. With the wind taken out of my sails, my mentality was just “let’s get this over with” and so I fought the first person who came up to me, instead of planning any particular strategy. It was a Leo, Choo’s character. A character who, despite my recent practice fighting, I still find terrifying. He can out-button Sol in the mid range, has very scary oki because it's impossible to calculate all his options at any given moment, has very high damage and even a meterless combo into super. I got astoundingly mauled in the first round, and dropped every combo I started. Just as I was mentally composing a text to Choo to say how the practice hadn’t done me any good whatsoever, I squeaked the second round. And then the third, again by the skin of my teeth. This trend continued, and somehow, despite them all being tight games, I won all three in the set. I was two games away from VIP status! Again, I played the first player I saw, a Pot who I surmised from the loading screen had only just made it to heaven. I haven’t played a level 10 pot since maybe day 3 of the game, so was pretty scared going in, but as soon as the game started I could tell he was nervous. I still lost the first round, because of stupid Pot damage, but found my footing in the second and third bouts, winning both quite comfortably. I was actually surprised he rematched - most of the opponents I'd beaten in my few previous attempts had all bounced after losing only once. I was totally in my groove the second game though, winning the first round with ease. I could tell he was really nervous about being booted from heaven at this point. The second round begun and I got the immediate fS combo and pushed him right to the corner. From there, every read I made was correct. I kept him locked in that corner tight, even air throwing his back megafist to hail mary out of the pressure. It didn’t take long before the damage had built up and the stress was mounting. I did a scrubby little trick of RRC'ing bandit bringer into 2K to test him high then low, and then cancelled the 2K into dust, going high again. He got mixed. I got the perfect, and the VIP status. Edit: The round in question:
  7. You lucky, lucky people, I put some new holiday slides into a nice, condensed package for you to enjoy!
  8. I managed to air throw Axl when he tried to escape the corner once and it was possibly the best thing I've ever done in my life.
  9. Yeah, I-no takes a bit of labbing. You can mash jab out of a lot of her air pressure, but I'm not sure about Axl doing this specifically. I'd say her low approaches are more dangerous in this game anyway, so try and find something that will interrupt H Stroke the Big Tree when she does it from a distance. You can also throw it, but that takes some insane reactions or a hard read. I'd noticed people being a bit picky about playing me in the parks as well, until I removed my badge that said I was on floor 10.
  10. Decided to play some ranked on PC this morning, so I wouldn't feel the pressure too much if I got a celestial challenge. Did fairly well on floor 10 after a rocky start, but eventually got 7 wins in a row and thought it weird I hadn't been beamed up to heaven yet. I quit just before lunch and noticed the celestial floor is accessible to me, even though I never got the cutscene that sends you up there! Weird bug I guess.
  11. So I've done the thing where attempting to get better at the game opens you up to a world of self-doubt and frustration. I've been trying to implement a couple of clean hit combos - one for midscreen and a couple of corner combos which allow a wall-splat without having to spend meter for RC. Other than dealing more damage, getting the clean hit also earns you a hard knockdown - perfect for Sol to continue pressure. The problem with these combos is that they are pretty droppable because the timing is character weight dependant, and even worse, if you miss the VV at the end you open yourself up for massive counter hit combos. So yeah, it's just that classic stage for me where you're going to be losing a bunch because execution is hard and you're also expending too many mental resources to try and hit these stupid combos instead of actually trying to fight your opponent! When you do hit those combos on the other hand...it feels amazing! So, two weeks into playing the game now and I feel like my most feared opponents are now Chipp, Nago, Leo and Millia. Just because they have the hardest to block stuff in the game at the moment. Millia I'm just about getting the hang of now, and is probably the least scary of these as her damage output is much lower. I think because Jonster has fought me so much, I actually quite enjoy fighting Ram - escaping corner lockdown is very, very satisfying. Either that or there are just many fraudulent Rams at the top of the tower as no-one knew how to escape the corner during the first week... I think the characters I've fought least now are I-no and Anji. People don't seem to think Anji is that great but honestly I'm still not really sure what's going on - or at least I don't know what's real and what's nonsense with the character! I-no seems substantially less scary than in previous games, but with a complex character like her it's still early days I think. Also, completely unrelated, Axl's walk animation is amazing.
  12. I won't have access to the PC version this weekend as I'll be away from home for another week. I just found out about combotier.com, which is an amazing resource for anyone learning the game. It basically has a list of combos for each character which are laid out in easy to read in-game style notation, alongside a short video showcasing the combo alongside.
  13. Ooh, just fought a FT5 (because I stopped when I won 5) against a celestial Ky player 5-2. This is promising! Even hit a clean hit VV combo I'd been practising all day.
  14. Well. I double dipped since the deluxe edition was £30 from cdkeys and I wanted to play Choo. I'm playing it on my flatmate's entertainment centre PC in the living room, so it only runs at 720p, but at least it's stable and not dropping frames. Did a little run through the tower to acclimatise - straight up to floor 10 with minimal fuss - although I have to say floor 8 was a bit dicey - lots of players who know good combos but are kinda reckless / won't respect plus frames. If you see a little man in a trench coat running around with the moniker "Better Col Sol", give him a little punch and I'll fight you.
  15. Oh holy fucking fuck I was on a pretty good run - 5 wins in a row on floor 10 sent me straight up to heaven, and four wins and one loss later I was one measly round away from VIP status when I fucking dropped the winning combo and then blocked fucking low against a zero IQ chip player who went for the unsafe overhead at the end of every pressure string. AAAAAARGH.
  16. I was pretty tired yesterday, and couldn't quite face going into the tower for ranked, so decided to have a crack at the superboss of arcade mode. To get to him, you need to do the following: And then... you have to endure some absolute nonsense. Full on classic input reading AI, an insane amount of health, and the boss can just end the round at almost any point when the mood takes him, because he's capable of dealing 70% damage from random hits. There's a couple of interesting wrinkles though: I gotta say, this was tedious to the extreme, but strangely satisfying to pull off. I'd fought him over a hundred times over the course of a couple of hours in a previous attempt, and this time it still took me 40ish fights before I succeeded, including about 10 games which I almost almost almost pulled it off. Anyway, since the entire fight was mad long I couldn't post it all to twitter (or even capture it all - I didn't realise the fight took over 5 minutes!) but anyone interested can watch the final, agonising round here:
  17. I think Leo will suit you pretty well - IIRC you liked Gouken with his counters, right? Leo's also got the big, satisfying buttons. I've been enjoying playing on PS5 this evening, especially for the improved clipping and sharing functionality. Please watch my holiday slides:
  18. Ooh, it's actually quite nice to know that the (probably) final version of SFV is a good game now. I haven't touched it since season 2 because I used to live in a house with fisher price internet, but maybe I'll pick up the missing seasons once they're on sale and play it for maybe 40 minutes. Zato sounds like a rad plan! I agree, he's the least intimidating puppet character I've seen because of how streamlined Strive is as a whole, so wishing you good luck on that! Also, Zato is shaping up to be pretty beastly it looks like, I've seen PepperySplash (IIRC? It was an ACR venom player, I think) do some filthy, filthy baits by unsummoning Eddie and then punishing the other player's attempt to hit Eddie... May and Sol definitely both make people really mad. It does not feel to get hit by either of them in any version of GG that I've played! And May definitely makes you feel dumb in that way that a lot of charge characters do - the approach to the matchup takes a fair bit of learning so you tend to make a lot of mistakes against her, and every time you get hit you hate yourself a little more. I would be happy if you kept her as a pocket character though - it's good to stay sharp against that character, and the quality of Mays online is so varied. BTW, back when I was playing a lot of ACR on Sajam's discord, most people were generally really nice, but a couple of guys got really salty about losing to Sol - one was even a Holy Order Sol player (the mental gymnastics are fun to imagine there). I've joined that discord and will definitely be up for those Tournaments. I'm splitting my time between my flat in London and my mum's house down south this summer as my dad recently passed away. I'll be there this weekend so won't be doing a tournament on her wifi, but definitely sign up the next time I'm in London for a weekend.
  19. That is definitely what I get for not knowing about the euro scene at all. JLM, it’s been a minute! How are you getting on with the game?
  20. Omg, he’s actually the player with the most wins on the celestial floor as well. 1335 wins! Speaking of overall wins though…
  21. So, last night I was playing some ranked and got my first invite up to the celestial floor. To earn VIP status (which means you no longer get booted up and down floors) you need to win 5/6 games - i.e. you can lose once but not twice. First I played another challenger using May and won the first game. Second game was close but I lost by a hair. Guy quits. Annoying, but whatever. I go challenge the only person not in a match, a Ram player named BlackAce567. There’s not a lot of choice, as only 11 people are up there, but I see that he’s VIP status. I figure I’d give it a shot - I'm unlikely to get VIP status this time since I already lost a match, but it would be good to get used to the level of player up there. As I load in I notice his level is 1350 or so. Yikes. I got smashed. Well, whatever, I try to figure something out during the rest of the set but don’t learn a single thing. Next up I fight a Nagoriyuki player. I should have taken the first game but dropped the winning combo. Then I get beaten so hard the game not only kicks me out of heaven but I get demoted to 9th floor too! I gave up for the night but upon browsing the rankings today, I check out the leaderboard for highest level player and who do I see sitting on number fucking one spot, but BlackAce567! …I am NOT fighting him again next time!
  22. Leo, Sol, Ky, Gio, May and Anji are all straight forward strike or throw characters. Leo is slightly more complex than the others as he has two stances. Ram is also very easy to play, but also marginally more complex than the others mentioned above as her moves change depending on whether she’s thrown her swords or not.
  23. There was already a patch last weekend that sorted out the server problems AFAIK.
  24. Cut tragically short at 104. What could have been.
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