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  1. Finale and entire season thoughts:
  2. Been trying to figure out what you must have guessed... How close am I?
  3. How on earth did you manage to spoil it half an hour before the new one is even out?
  4. I live in perpetual fear of accidentally clicking on this thread after midnight.
  5. Cheers! My main gripes with the controls is that I dislike being forced into using the analogue stick for 2D movement, found aiming and movement on the same stick a little awkward (why they just ignored the right stick I'll never know), and found there were too many button combinations for Samus' various abilities. I would take GBA Samus over that any day!
  6. I speak Japanese and played through Tokimeki Memorial last year off the back of Tim Rogers' review and had a great time.
  7. Game of the Year A1. Guilty Gear Strive Everything I had hoped – not only the best looking game in the genre, but actually does an incredible job of keeping the series’ charms in-tact while massively lowering the bar to entry. The rollback netcode is utterly magical and has properly legitimised online competition, enabling the fighting game scene to stay competitive through the pandemic when in-person gatherings were impossible. A2. Bowser’s Fury I don’t want to go back to traditionally designed Mario levels after this utterly captivating slice of what-could-be! I think I would have enjoyed the game even more if Bowser’s interference was made less frequent, so I could luxuriate in the various challenges at my own pace, but the mixture of exploration and authored platform challenges makes this game a joy from start to finish regardless. A3. Deathloop All the fun of Dishonored’s powers and clockwork level design put in a wrapper that allows you to enjoy it without the stress of feeling pressured to play non-lethally/non-perfectly. (Aside: I always go into those kind of games telling myself I will play non-lethally, but if it all goes to shit I’ll live with my decisions, but invariably I just end up ruining the experience for myself with incessant reloading). Anyway, I love how rewarding it is to repeat levels, eventually mastering them in such a way that you can play as loudly or quietly as you like. And for most of the game the threat of Juliette invasion is a lovely element of tension that occasionally forces you out of your comfort zone. Some good funny dialogue and a very moreish gameplay loop make for a captivating experience up to about 2/3 of the way through the game, at which point the walls seem to close in on you. Sadly, what once felt like a massive, unknowable playground begins to feel extremely limited and the game just vomits high level equipment at you, completely removing the need for any decision-making for the rest of its duration. A wonderful game that could have been an all-timer if given more time in the oven, I reckon. A4. Returnal An extremely satisfying combat system which unfortunately doesn’t hold up to the promise of its rogue-lite structure because of the extraordinarily wonky difficulty curve, which just drops off a cliff once you make it far enough. Don’t get me wrong, it feels incredible making progress through the game the first time, but I was hoping for more replayability considering the genre, and even the sublime-feeling combat fails to keep you engaged once victory begins to feel more like an expectation than a hope. A5. Guardians of the Galaxy It’s murky looking and the combat is messy, but it's surprisingly compelling. EDIT: Now that I've finished this, damn, this basically was Empty Calories: The Video Game. Enough quips and banter to get you through the simple traversal and repetitive combat sprinkled with the occasional chat with a crew mate about how trauma exists and is bad. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Disco Elysium This is fully an apology vote since I didn’t play this the year of release. A truly magical experience. B2. Control I love this genre of fiction. I love the aesthetic. The story is ultimately a little thin, but I had a whale of a time playing. I only hope that for the sequel they stop trying to explain the weirdness so much. Just let shit be weird, Remedy! B3. Blazblue CentralFiction - Rollback update ROLLBACK NETCODE FOR EVERYTHING! Biggest Disappointment of the Year Voting in this category is a bit weird, tbh, it seems a bit odd to be talking about how certain games didn’t meet expectations alongside the human suffering and greedy corporate practice that goes on within the industry. Feely doubly weird to be ranking that stuff, tbh, and since don’t have much to say on those matters beyond condemnation, I’m just going to focus on games themselves. Z1. Metroid Dread A decent Metroidvania lessened by finicky controls, tedious trial and error EMMI sequences and overly long boss fights. What is it with 2.5D metroidvanias falling foul of this? Granted it’s not as bad as Bloodstained, but they still feel like they test the player past the point of tense uncertainty, becoming sheer endurance tedium. Also, the game is so linear you never really feel you get to know the play space as well as any other entry in the series, a clear failing highlighted by the lengths the game goes to to pinpoint collectables on your behalf. Z2. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut I was really looking forward to replaying this extraordinarily beautiful game but couldn’t get beyond the first hour thanks to the utterly grating narration VO. Z3. Deathloop This game has one of the most intoxicating beginnings. A brilliant premise, a promisingly huge and detailed world which rewards both repetition and experimentation, and some interesting decision making expected of the player right from the outset. It’s a real shame that by the time the game narrows down to its final stretch it trivialises its own challenges, undermines any difficult strategic decisions made, and removes any sense of player agency. It was probably impossible to design a more satisfying final third, let alone implement one, but it left me with the distinct sense the game was unfinished. Sound Design of the Year S1. Returnal S2. Guilty Gear Strive S3. Deathloop Visual Design of the Year V1. Guilty Gear Strive V2. Deathloop V3. Returnal Writing of the Year W1. Deathloop Charming world and characters. W2. Guardians of the Galaxy Some good laughs in this. W3. Format of the Year F1. PS5 Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Sony
  8. I'm not a subscriber, but I preordered a copy which is yet to arrive.
  9. Fave films 2021: Power of the Dog The Green Knight Malignant The Lost Daughter Another Round Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Dune Palm Springs Titane Boiling Point Hon mentions: Spiderman No Way Home Venom: Let There Be Carnage The Last Duel Tick, Tick... Boom! Censor The French Dispatch Memoria Didn't get around to, but excited to see: Spencer Pig The Sound of Metal Red Rocket The Harder They Fall Bad Luck Banging Fuck off, Disney: The Eternals Free Guy Black Widow Fave films I saw not released in 2021: Jennifer's Body Raw Don't Look Now The Empty Man The Invisible Man His House Saint Maud Booksmart Logan Lucky
  10. 2022 off to a strong start.
  11. I think it’s an understandable but very annoying decision to not have a training mode. Sure you want people to play online so you can test the netcode, but I think some people will play less overall as they find it frustrating to be launched into combat without finding their feet first and just give up. I’m sure they’ve got the numbers to have mathed it out from the GGST betas (the first couple didn’t have a training mode, but the last one did), so I’m sure it’s a toss up between player satisfaction, the purpose of the beta and the amount of effort involved to get a training mode up and running that is a decent experience for the players.
  12. OK, after another hour I've tried out every character except gunslinger and grappler and really like loads of them! Dragon Knight has edged to the top of the list for potential main chicken. Really nice balance of fast normals, set-play and some weird movement nonsense with her flight mode. Kunoichi also seems brilliant. Although her teleport stuff seems very gimmicky and fairly easy to block, I really like her mobility and pressure. Also Berserker is ridiculous right now - very much seems like easy mode considering the speed of his huge buttons. I still think I might end up maining Inquisitor, but she's a bit tricky to learn the game with, I think - will probably go back to her once I'm more familiar with the systems.
  13. Yeah, spent a bit more time with it - netcode felt very solid. Also, Inquisitor is probably my favourite now, as I originally expected! Still need to try out Kunoichi and Vanguard, but I went for my booster jab this morning and now I am fully spaced out.
  14. The beta is back online, played a good few matches. Faves so far are Hitman and Striker, but I'm yet to try Vanguard or Kunoichi who both seem cool as well. Still figuring out consistent combo routes with Hitman, who I've spent the most time with.
  15. I tried to have a go this morning. First (first world) problem was that my PS4 razer panthera isn’t supported in the PS5 version of the beta, so had to redownload the PS4 version. Managed to get one game with someone from Asia before the server went down, will try again later! The game looks lovely in motion - the backgrounds could definitely have been ripped straight from granblue!
  16. Between the ages of 13 to 16, two friends and I would dedicate a solid two or three weeks every summer break to unlocking the Tofu minigame in Resi 2. We would pass the controller between us while one read out instructions from a guidebook. To unlock Tofu, you had to finish both A and B scenarios with an A ranking. This generally meant finishing each scenario in under 2.5 hours, using 0 first aid sprays and saving no more than 6 times. (Saving less gives you some leeway with the other requirements, but we didn't know that.) By our second summer we had the A scenario down to a fine art with both characters, consistently getting A scores every time, but we never managed to quite get there with the B scenario, even in year 3. We must have done dozens of attempts, and basically all knew what we considered the optimal sequence off by heart. We would gather in one of our houses in the morning, play through the A scenario in the morning, break for lunch, and then attempt scenario B in the afternoon. I don't think we ever just tried hammering the B scenario until it was done. For some reason we thought that wouldn't work, or wasn't in the spirit of the challenge. Sadly, we never saw success, but did come tantalisingly close a few times. I remember the time factor was the most difficult, our fastest attempt being no more than 2 hours, 35 minutes IIRC. If only we'd known speed running strats, maybe we would have stood a better chance, but we were obsessed with basically trying to play the game "perfectly" - taking no hits and conserving ammo as much as possible. As heartbreaking as it was seeing the B come up every time, it didn't matter. Summers were endless back then, there was always tomorrow, or next year.
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