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  1. Ooh, my preliminary Evo bracket is live now too... https://smash.gg/tournament/evo-2021-online-europe-1/event/guilty-gear-strive-europe/brackets/946893/1538076 Pool C400 if the link doesn't work. I recognise Retro Mixup - strong Sol and Chipp player who does well in ICFC every week. Probably don't need to worry about facing him as I'd need to win 4 matches first, lol. I could also potentially face off against Xed again after 4 wins, but I think my money is on Retro (no offence to him). I think it's more likely I meet Xed in losers! I also recognise Mascapipas - I think he's a Spanish Anji player I see in celestial quite often. I would face him after 3 wins. My first opponent is a guy called Mithrak. Don't think I've seen him around though!
  2. Watching the NA Big Levo from last night and the commentators are talking about the phenomenon of Sol tilt - when the player gets tilted by Sol doing Sol things. This is definitely a thing I've noticed and been able to use to my advantage. The commentators also went on to talk about May tilt. This is definitely a thing I've experienced - she just wears you down so quickly with the barrage of Dolphins, fast run speed and threatening jH that you're always stressed out about her approach even at full screen. But I don't think it stops there! Chipp tilt is real as you feel like you just can't breathe as he smothers you from all angles. Or more specifically when you get locked down by j2K into 2K 2D. Or when you just get meaty command grabbed on wakeup over and over. Leo tilt is similar once he knocks you down in backturn stance and then basically twerks on you by mixing up overheads, lows, counters and command grabs until he gets greedy enough to let you uppercut your way out. Or when he does 2D on wakeup and then uppercuts you when you try to punish it. Axl tilt is when you just can't get in and then you get command grabbed 5 times in a row when you finally sit still. Ram has two tilt-inducing behaviours; one when you guess wrong and get flung to the corner from seemingly anywhere, and one when you can't escape the corner, guess wrong, get splatted, losing 50% health, only to guess wrong in the next interaction and get splatted again immdiately. Pot tilt occurs whenever he knocks you down as he is just that scary. Millia tilt is also this. Nago tilt is when he has 2 bars of blood guage and you cannot approach without losing 2/3rds of a life bar. And then somehow he throws your throw bait with his ludicrous range. Ky tilt is when he keeps on doing stun dipper in neutral and somehow it's impossible to block, so you start downbacking and he does endless flip kick into 2K 2D and somehow that's always safe and you're now in the corner and oh god since when did Ky do so much damage. Gio tilt is when she keeps doing cS 2S 5H on your wakeup and you CANNOT GET OUT. I-no tilt is when you keep accidentally doing standing block against stroke, so you try to commit to blocking low, certain she will do empty jump low to follow, only to get hit by continual hop overheads until you eventually DP out. Then, when you try and take your turn to pressure her wakeup you get counter supered. Zato tilt often happens when you can't get out of oppose/command grab loops in the corner. Faust tilt is rare, I think, but happens when you keep getting hit by his flappy lights when he's running away and you just can't make him sit still and eat a strike/throw mixup! Anji tilt is also rare, but happens when he gets the overhead mix up on you during a combo (always block standing while he combos you!) or keep mistiming your pokes and they all get eaten by one of his guardpoint spins. TLDR the entire cast is annoying as shit and I love it. Who's excited to find out what Goldlewis tilt is like in a couple of days?
  3. And I'm out! 3-1 against a Ky player called Xed. I won the second game, but dropped the winning combo (literally the killing hit) in game 3 - then I completely lost focus as I was confused that it wasn't FT2 and there was still a game to play but I'd mentally checked out already. He seemed very solid, especially with his anti-airs. Hope he goes far! 3-1 against a Chipp. I won the first game, but then completely fell apart in the remaining matches. He just stole pressure back by doing j2K any time I got the knockdown and then out buttoning me close up, and I didn't know what to do! Nerves also meant that I dropped a lot of my chances. Oh well. Guess I should enter more stuff, try to get used to it! Still, I did actually win a round in every match, and every game came down to the wire, so it could've been worse.
  4. Holy crap, Big Levo 2 pools start in an hour, and I've just got my bracket (A14) - I don't think I recognise any names... Anyone got any hot info? https://smash.gg/tournament/the-big-levo-2
  5. Yeah, eight half circle variations for that move is wild, including vertical and inverted half circles. He looks more complex than I imagined! Still keen to give him a shot, the little drone move reminds me even more of Birdie as it's like his rolling can!
  6. Character guide for Goldlewis Dickinson.
  7. They didn't even fight me! Just sent the message and slunk off somewhere!
  8. Yeah, I really enjoy the early days of a fighting game too, before every situation gets figured out and play becomes overly optimised. That's also why I think I've gravitated towards enjoying Guilty Gear more in recent years too, its systems have such depth and can all interact in such wacky ways that a degree of improvisational skill is necessary which always makes watching high level play exciting to watch. It also feels like mastery of the game is an impossible feat! But yeah, I think Sol is super good at the moment, but there have been more broken characters on launch. I think he's like Sagat in vanilla SFIV - overtuned damage-wise but hardly impossible to beat. As Joffo says, tournament results have been pretty varied so far. Sol definitely has some nasty matchups in Axl, Potemkin and Nago and we're already seeing really strong Sol players counter-pick against them.
  9. Yo, just had the first piece of rage mail BEFORE even fighting! "CARRIED by Sol" says the Leo player trying to get into heaven!
  10. He's reminding me a lot of Birdie - from the triple headbutt throw, big mid-range buttons and jumping horizontal splash. Not to mention his run animation is stellar - I guess I'll have to try him out!
  11. Also, I played many, many sets with VRyu-sensei, who y'all might remember from SFIV. I got battered something like 13/15 games by his I-No, but I did take my fair share of rounds, and got two wins on the board, anyway!
  12. Just been told that "Sol is 4 twats". TBF he has a point.
  13. First character in the season pass is usually pretty OP going by Granblue, so you'd be wise to pick them up!
  14. Yeah you're only a real GG player when you think every character other than yours is bullshit and a bad matchup. I also hate mirror matches though. Like, seriously, how dare people press the same buttons as me, but better?!
  15. Since mentioning to @joffocakes I hadn't had much in the way of rage mail last week, I've suffered an absolute deluge of it over the weekend. My two favourites were a Zato player who chided me by saying "Sol Top 1. Patetic [sic]." And "GGs Sol vortex monkey boy" from a RAMLETHAL PLAYER. Well, at least it makes sense in this game where Sol is a genuinely good character. Before, when I was playing XX getting games on Sajam's discord, people were generally quite friendly, but one time I had a guy stop during a set after only a few games, saying "I can't play against Sol any more, I'm too salty". He started complaining in the discord, and I was just being polite, expecting people to say "dude, chill, Sol is mid-low tier in this game", but no, the discord erupted in a sea of dislike for the character, people complaining about how good his options were and how any time you get hit by Sol you feel dumb. I was gobsmacked. This was talk coming from a guy who played Order Sol, an even more aggro version of the character with trickier mix ups and an unreactable short/low jump combined with a jH that has such a good hitbox & hurtbox that it's virtually impossible to anti-air! I mean, I do get it - I know how bad it feels to get Kenned in SF, where you feel like they're just doing shit and getting rewarded while you're "trying to play the game" with your "honest" character, but damn, Sol makes people mad, huh!
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