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  1. You also need to have the shovel in hand IIRC.
  2. Yeah, being player 2 definitely has some serious downsides, I'm with you on that. Good news though, you can absolutely do terraforming as p2!
  3. Congratunathans and best of luck, Nate!
  4. Yeah, it's been on my wishlist since it came out, but I've been waiting for a price drop because I never truly clicked with either of the previous full fat gunvolt games, despite counting the Megaman Zero games on GBA as some of my absolute favourites games of all time. I put that down to being an adult though, and not having enough time or willpower to play the stages over and over until they're dialled in for maximum combo efficiency.
  5. There are a few recipes to craft with them. A couple are super nice, too!
  6. Plant them diagonally adjacent with spaces in between (like a checkerboard pattern) and there's a chance they'll crossbreed overnight.
  7. White + White. Has worked with windflowers and pansies for me so far.
  8. Not functionally, just the look of the thing.
  9. Here are some of my custom designs! Inspired by a cycling cap I own. And two album covers inspired by these Light in the Attic city pop collections:
  10. Ooh, might have to pop round for those sunglasses later!
  11. I’ve had gold nuggets from Nook Islands. Just from regular mining, not the supposed higher chance method where you destroy them by eating a fruit before hitting the rock. The majority of my nuggets came from the home island though.
  12. Just look in your critterpedia. Helpfully there's an owl icon when you cursor over the entry if you've already donated it. I actually sold two sturgeon on the first or second day, not realising it was rare, valuable, or even possible to donate since I'm the secondary player in my game and I wasn't even aware of what the museum is or does. Getting one was even a nook miles mission, ffs!
  13. Probably not what you want to hear, but my total was 246 bait spent to catch one. I think I'm happy to wait six months to fill out any missing critters from this point on!
  14. 136 bait, no stringfish. I did let one big fish get away though...
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