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  1. I've been having an absolute blast with Guilty Gear over the last week or so. Been back into the fighting games in a fairly big way, playing a lot of Granblue again, shaking the rust off my old Lancelot and racking up the games in the sparsely populated UK lobby, but in my heart of hearts I'd really been wanting to play GG, for that extra little spice of madness. The Xrd servers seemed totally dead at all times of day so I finally bit the bullet and started learning the older game last weekend, which also meant learning a new character since my Xrd main, Raven, hadn't been invented
  2. I don’t really think the level design sucks as much as the game is really hamstrung by the fact that it uses an isometric perspective, thereby making spatial interactions much harder to judge correctly. Err, maybe that does mean that the design sucks? IDK! Whatever, it’s fun to melt things even if the game is flawed.
  3. I definitely feel ready for SFVI! I haven't played the last two seasons of SFV, but I still think of it with some warmth. Definite mixed feelings, but I do like it at the end of the day, even if I don't really feel the need to go back to it for the foreseeable. Although I don't think it was as nice to play as SFIV due to the slightly muddy/slow feel of the game, I still really liked how it played. Even though the simplification of the game's systems made for much less interesting tournament play in general (I barely watch any SFV outside of Evo and Capcom Cup these days), it actual
  4. Alright, when are you fight fellows free to play some Guilty Gear? Xrd or +R, I'm not fussy. Or Granblue if anyone's playing that on PC? (I'm just getting back into that again, even though I just unsubbed from PSN as I hadn't played anything online since the Strive beta...) I'm just in the mood for some Arcsys!
  5. Ahaha, totally shut down Than in our last competition. The game even gave me a special accolade at the end!
  6. I watched this yesterday - it inspired me to give it a crack! Good fun, and the devs seem like a good bunch.
  7. My first run since achieving my long term goal was a speed attempt using Aspect of Eris. Rocket Bomb + Cluster Bomb = a five way bazooka of carnage! Next stop: sub-10!
  8. And that's all bounties taken care of with all weapons, from 0 heat to 20! 150 hours on the clock total... Probably going to mess around a bit doing some low heat runs trying to fill out the last few prophecies (involving Chaos, Hermes and buying things from the well of Charon), before going for the big 32 heat attempt. For anyone doing the same, or getting Titan Blood to max out the weapon aspects, I think I had maxed all weapons by heat 17 or 18 on all weapons, though by that point I had traded 10-15 ambrosia and bought 10 from the final shop on various runs I had too
  9. Well the thing with the Demeter fists is that when charged the special does 5 extra hits, so with a 20% crit chance on each from Artemis' boon, you can wind up doing silly, silly damage.
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