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  1. Oh yeah, in some ways this is a much trickier run than the next pantheon, except for the final boss of that. Hope that helps, let me know if you need more clarification on anything!
  2. It's similar in that the battle system is similar, but modernised to be a lot tauter and crunchier, but you won't be getting a grand sweeping tale told through high-concept fantasy set pieces. There's some fantastical stuff, but never on the scale of an FF game. The game's probably around 30-40 hours through each characters' stories, but there's a whole chunk of extra stuff that may or may not be worthwhile depending on how much you enjoy the combat. As I said earlier, there's plenty to enjoy, but it's hard to recommend without reservation.
  3. Yeah, they're certainly a step up when you encounter them, and the fight is much longer than as you don't get as many chances to counter attack as a regular boss, but having fought them roughly a bazillion times in Godhome, I'd say they're actually very fair.
  4. Even that particular dungeon is really weird (and hard to recommend) tbh.
  5. That's odd! Also congrats!
  6. Don't worry, it's a fast paced fight, so it feels impossible at first, but once you learn the timings, it's gonna go down smooth as butter.
  7. Thank flip for some of those! Massively approve of all those Godmaster balance changes. Also glad they fixed the memory leak!
  8. Haven't updated myself yet, but found a list of changes:
  9. I would love to be able to use Steady Body as some of the boss speedruns I've seen utilise that and quick slash to amazing effect, but like you, I think it would require too much fighting against learned habits! Plus, probably losing those lovely, comforting, nail extending charms!
  10. It's honestly hard to recommend because the game is pretty lacking in a lot of areas, but if you like hard/puzzley bosses, the endgame stuff that VN1X mentioned is super satisfying. (Btw, Starseer isn't the best of those bosses to fight first. Try starting at the shrine of the Archmagus, and they can all be done at around level 50.) Also, the stuff that those bosses unlock is some of the most fun stuff in the game, if you like getting into the nitty gritty of JRPG battle systems ...and why wouldn't you, it's basically the best thing about Octopath!
  11. I actually had a couple of crashes on switch after Godmaster came out. I was absolutely terrified during my last few PoH runs! Noticeable chugging during bosses with multiple projectiles on screen too, after playing it without closing down the app over a number of sessions. Hoping it'll be fixed in the next patch!
  12. Yeah, the game allowing you the freedom to get lost is one of its greatest strengths, IMO.

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