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  1. Me too! He says he got a turn 3 kill on the transient and a turn 2 final boss! And upon asking a follow up question, HE DOESN'T LIKE TAKING RUNIC PYRAMID. Edit: I guess if you always take multiple acrobatics, all your cards are just going to fill your hand with the pyramid. Hm!
  2. So a friend of mine sent me this absolutely wild (IMO) Silent deck this morning. I was absolutely convinced grand finale was an absolute nonsense card, but he swears by it, paring his deck to size so that his acrobatics will always allow him to fire it off. I can’t believe it’s such an amazingly balanced game that this decklist that looks so janky actually works for him!
  3. I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm 2W2D with Ironclad, 3W0D with Silent and 2W0D with Defect on switch. Meanwhile, playing on PC, I feel like I've gotten over the A15 hump, so I'm going to try and play to A20 there before going back to the switch with all the knowledge I've accrued from the PC version. Are the stats in the game known to be bugged though? I literally won back to back A12 and A13 games with the Silent yesterday and it still says I've only had a winstreak of 1 with the character.
  4. Oh my god, I had an absolutely blessed run this morning with the Silent. I took the gamble had Neow transform two strikes right out of the gate, in exchange for some max HP, and to my surprise it was actually decent - backstab and bouncing flask. Neither of which I'm usually in a rush to take, but I liked the idea that backstab would still afford me early damage in act 1, while disappearing so I could cycle through to my good cards quicker, and a powerful poison card like bouncing flask would be ideal for letting me focus on block cards while doing damage passively. However, soon my deck looked like this by the midpoint of Act I: Which is basically all my favourite Silent cards. Uh, and endless agony, because I thought I could do with some burst damage for the Act I elites. Anyway, after the Act I boss, I got thousand cuts! I was pretty sure I was close to good enough to beat Act III by this point, so I took the broken crown and played pretty conservatively, taking few chances and lo and behold, I beat the ascended one without even taking damage. Here's the final deck: I would have liked some better block and draw cards, as I don't think I could have taken on anything harder, but it was such a refreshing change to be able to play such a nice deck right from the outset.
  5. The Silent has blur which allows you to keep your block until the next turn. Like barricade, but much more limited in scope. Edit: too slow!
  6. Ahaha. Just squeaked out a win against Time Eater using a shiv spam deck. Maybe taking dead branch made the fight much longer than it possibly should have been, but it was pretty fun. Even if I got two bullet times and never used either. Wish I'd thought to screenshot just a moment earlier, as the (basically) killing card I played was a grand finale dead branch "gifted" me.
  7. It's really heartening to see this thread come alive with the switch release. A few of my friends have picked this up, and it seems to be getting its hooks firmly into them all too. It's really interesting to have observed which characters come naturally to which people too. Apparently a lot of my friends really struggle with Ironclad, which seems so strange to me, as he's the most straight forward from my own perspective. One friend in particular seems to be struggling in an almost mirrored way to how I initially approached the Silent, where I couldn't stop myself from trying to build decks that do ALL THE THINGS. Shivs? Yes! Poison? Yes! Dex? YES. Anyway, her current vice is body slam. She'll take it every single run even though she's never even seen a barricade, let alone picked it when offered. It's that or limit break plus flex. Basically combos that require you to draw into multiple cards on the same turn, and there is nothing I can do to dissuade her of these strats! Meanwhile, I'm still working my way through the ascensions. Finally cracked A15 Ironclad after a full day of getting nowhere yesterday. I have no idea how I made it work, it's the most vanilla deck I've ever built. Well, not taking ANY elites in Act III was probably the key, tbh. Also lucking into apotheosis after taking the energy hammer. And juggernaut being low key amazing when you don't have anything but a smooth stone for dex scaling. Art of war was also excellent for my strategy of basically just play all block cards every turn and chip way 5/7 damage every time. Also despite seeming to be anti-synergy, red skull and runic dodecahedron were actually kind of cool. Lots of extra turns at the start of the fight, a little bit of strength later on to get things killed. Or that's how I'd have liked it to have worked, as it turns out I went into Time Eater with not quite full health and never lost enough to proc red skull...hah. Oh and whirlwind was actually good in that fight because you can get off multi-hits for only the price of one card. Anyway. Not far off A20 now!
  8. You're being scored as you play, and then once you win or die those points are added to a running tally. Hit certain point thresholds and three cards/relics will be unlocked - always in the same order. And yep, whatever you unlock will be available on your next run.
  9. Almost completely, but there are a few things that are permanent unlocks. 1. Cards and relics are unlocked by playing a few hours with each character. 2. Completing the game unlocks a difficulty modifier for that character (known as ascension). Completing an ascension run will unlock yet another difficulty modifier (up to 20). 3. Once you've completed the game with each character once you can attempt an even harder challenge during each run.
  10. Not quite sure where you got the Boot synergy from - Intangible status doesn't have much to do with the boot, which just boosts any small attacks which deal under 5 damage up to 5. Unfortunately, even though the intangible cards are some of the most powerful/beneficial in the game, like everything else, it's situational whether or not to go for them. Losing HP is definitely a big factor in choosing. But, if you're already under half health, you won't lose any of your current HP by taking them, and may even be closer to your new max, meaning relics like Runic Dodecahedron are more likely to proc. Anyway, the main thing to know about the cards themselves is that they are all ethereal unless upgraded. So putting them into play will take priority as you make your first cycle through your deck, lest you forego the advantage they provide entirely. This first cycle can certainly feel safe, as you'll barely take any damage most likely, but once the cards are all used up you have to make sure you've made all the preparations for the rest of the fight - whether that's setting up for a long-haul defence game or a blitzkrieg attack. I've found with Ironclad the latter approach is usually the more synergistic with 75% of the decks that I end up building. Basically, even though they give you an easy ride in the early fight, don't get lulled into a false sense of security later on!
  11. In act 3 you really need to be selective with your picks to make sure you’re not just bloating your deck. In my experience, if you make it to act 3, there’s already a pretty good chance your deck is strong enough to win already, and it’s more a case of maybe rounding out a couple of elements and shoring up your weaknesses. Case in point I had an event I’d never seen before earlier today, in which the game asks if you want to be skipped to the act 3 boss. At first I thought that would be crazy, I was literally only half way through, and was planning on going to the shop and fighting at least one more elite. But looking at my deck and relics I realised the only cards I would take at that point were luxuries as my base deck was already solid, so I might as well just have a crack, and it paid off!
  12. Very satisfying session on this today! Managed to go up another ascension level with both Ironclad and Defect. I seem to be stagnating with Silent at A10 though. I think I might have to start forcing myself to attempt 3 elites or bust.
  13. I think it is technically is an unlock card, but there is a chance you'll be able to get it even if you haven't unlocked it yet. I was looking at my run history and I actually got it on my very first run (lucky bastard I am).
  14. There are a couple on switch at the moment, but nothing that will ruin the experience. Just a bit of light hitching while loading certain enemy animations, nothing that impacts gameplay. The devs have said a performance-improving patch will be out very soon, anyway. I think switch is the way. (Speaking as someone who also plays on PC) EDIT: I should add, I think mouse (optionally with keyboard) is the best control overall, but the portability of the switch makes it the better controller-based experience. Also, yes, there are a couple of crash bugs at the moment - I've never lost progress though, so I didn't realise some were having to replay fights. Fingers crossed the patch fixes that soon.
  15. JLM has covered all of this in greater detail, but I just thought I'd add that flexibility really is key to any deck you build, and a good starting rule might be to only take a card if it serves your deck/relics as that moment, even if it means turning down your favourites as often as not. This is a bummer, but if you can't get your good cards out before you die, you're lacking mitigation, card draw, or energy. Balancing these elements of your deck/build is easier said than done, especially as mentioned above, your needs will change during each act of the game. Sure, the beginning might seem easy to you now, but wait till you get to the harder difficulties... If you're finding it too easy, maybe try taking on as many elites as you can in order to get an extra relic or two to set you up for the second act.
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