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  1. Thanks @Fneeb. Looked like a lovely island from the flyover and the shop is perfectly placed for a turnip drop off.
  2. Thanks @Rayn and Mrs Rayn. First time I’ve used the turnip exchange site and worked well and didn’t have to wait too long. Haven’t been checking the thread this week until now so glad to sell this morning at a good price. I think being able to wait until late in the week helps as most people will probably have sold by now. Just pushed me over the 10mil profit mark too so got my last stalk market badge.
  3. The better way is for someone to buy it and then drop it for you to catalogue so you can order it later.
  4. Well that was the least painful turnip sale I’ve had. Even had time to buy other items in the shop without a single interruption. Thanks for opening @gonk. Left you tips behind the shop.
  5. Thanks, bought the elaborate kimono stand and let anyone who was there catalogue it. Let me know if you want to as well. I’ll take it round any islands I visit today for cataloguing just in case anyone’s interested.
  6. I’ll buy these and drop them for cataloguing if you open up?
  7. Gates open. Tammy has an iron garden table recipe. Nooks selling a magazine, especially useful for the manga library wall, I can craft for you if you don’t have the recipe, needs 10 magazines.
  8. Of course, thanks for clarifying. I’ll need to get my flowers in order before I can do this I think and need to better understand the new guide being used.
  9. I might join this but what happens if it rains? My place is looking pretty gloomy at the moment.
  10. It’s a street organ (yellow), 5k bells.
  11. Thanks, safely received. My Nook Cranny items today if anyone wants me to order. Just paid 54k for a golf bag Anyone got a blue boxing ring corner?
  12. @Ste Pickford had the red one which was my final one too. Saw most of the others multiple times but yes red doesn’t seem as common.
  13. @Ste Pickford helped me complete the phone box collection today. A bit of a shambles from my end when I it picked up then couldn’t tell which was mine and initially ended up giving the same one back to them. Thanks to all that traded with me. A question on the in-game friends list, do we have to be switch friends as well as visiting/opening to appear on this? It doesn’t automatically populate by just using a dodo code?
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