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  1. Well yeah, but only making the PS4 version upgradable seems a bit unnecessary, it can’t be any more difficult. Not that I have an Xbox Series yet but it’s crazy.
  2. I don’t understand why the Xbox physical version can’t be upgraded. It’s ridiculous.
  3. Yeah fuck that, own every table on Xbox but won’t be rebuying any.
  4. I came into this thread looking for some decent PS3 digital games but a load of the recommendations so far are still available on three generations of Xbox or physical media elsewhere. Not saying these should be completely excluded especially in the case where physical is prohibitively expensive but do think it should focus on games that will be lost if PSN on PS3/Vita shuts down. I got back into the PS3 last year and picked up a few exclusives that I hadn’t got round to originally. I made a very short list of digital ones that I intend to get but can’t comment on quality: Tok
  5. Wasn’t that just a temporary thing? I thought nearly all had been reinstated.
  6. Without modding the 3DS or buying an R4 equivalent for it then no I don’t think you have any other option. You can only buy DSiWare games from the eshop.
  7. If they’re not genuine they simply won’t play on a 3DS. It’s actually the easiest way to ensure that a cart is genuine as DS games are still region free although there are a handful of DSi enhanced games that aren’t.
  8. Love popping into this thread for the latest pics. Are you selling any of this stuff directly here or only on eBay? I’m interested in the Moon DS game.
  9. It’s impossible to know how long the contract is for each game but this spreadsheet (from ResetERA) shows how long they’ve been on the service. I would suggest you prioritise anything that’s been on there for 12 months or nearing that length. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kspw-4paT-eE5-mrCrc4R9tg70lH2ZTFrJOUmOtOytg/edit#gid=0
  10. I’m on the Alpha preview thing so it might be to do with that but I can’t see any recent release notes on it.
  11. I mentioned this before in one of the Xbox threads that it was the only platform that didn’t show playtime for each game unless it was included in the specific stats for the game. It seems that this has now been added to all games (not x360) under the stats section.
  12. Thank you for this. Hadn’t seen it mentioned before and it is extremely easy on Xbox with the exception of one or two if the RNG doesn’t play ball. One thing to mention, as it says in the video, it’s a one hour trial so all achievements have to completed in this time unless you can access multiple accounts.
  13. Yeah if you didn’t rinse the quick games in the last 10K quest and have a PC then getting 10,000G is pretty trivial. You probably didn’t get the full 1000 in One Leaves in 10mins though as that requires at least 20 playthroughs. I too wasn’t going to bother with this but have still managed about 5,000 so far with the following: Little Acre Full Throttle Call of the Sea Hellblade (frustratingly the last 2 achievements didn’t unlock for some reason) Korgan Currently playing through Deliver Us The Moon.
  14. Me too. 2500 points awarded for renting movies which I haven’t done and can’t see any transactions.
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