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  1. Looks good - what recipe did you use? I had a really nice takeaway one the other night, so fancy trying to make one at home. I also had sag daal for the first time, and that was gorgeous. Edit: just seen your other post with the recipe. I've generally gone right off meat-based curries, although I'm still fond of a good chicken shashlik, particularly if it comes with well-roasted onions and peppers.
  2. Tremors is 1990s. It's also a perfect homage to 1950s style B-movies, with great pacing, wit and chemistry between the leads. It's ace!
  3. That's not the purpose of blood moons, is it? I thought it was simply to resurrect enemies so you don't end up with a huge world with nothing to fight.
  4. But in Back to the Future, Marty plays hard to get with his mum...
  5. I saw it originally in a Moviedrome double bill with Escape from Alcatraz - a perfect combination. It was one of those really memorable film-watching evenings.
  6. A Man Escaped (France, 1956) by Robert Bresson. An utterly mesmerising, intimate and slow-burn WW2 prison escape film where everything is in the detail.
  7. Will definitely give those a try. Thanks. If you're ever around Oxford, LB's in Summertown is well worth a visit, and I've had plenty of great wraps from there. I don't work nearby anymore, so rarely go
  8. It says rehydrated soya. Getting a decent Lebanese-style flatbread seems impossible in standard supermarkets (the closest I've found are those pre-folded oval ones, but they're a far cry from the real thing). Best bet is likely to be some Middle East deli of some kind, if you have one nearby.
  9. I bought a pack of this from Sainsbury's yesterday and just had some for lunch, fried and added to a wrap with finely sliced red cabbage, tomatoes, spring onions, mayo and sriracha chilli sauce. It was staggeringly good, and really hit that doner kebab spot (not that I've had one for years) without any of the guilt. Will definitely get it again.
  10. I loved both books when I was younger, and I've read them both a few times in the last 10-15 years or so. Each time I read them now, though, I realise that pretty much all the funniest stuff is in the first book, and possibly even just the first half or first two-thirds. At it's best, I think it's as good as Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (another series where the humour tails off pretty quickly in subsequent books), there's some brilliant dialogue and passages where we follow the character's internal thoughts, and loads of little scenes that are paced really well so the humour stands out and doesn't get bogged down by paragraphs of unimportant detail. Once you get in to book 2, it all becomes far too much plot- and action-driven - exactly the same problem as the later series - and the humour is virtually non-existent so it's more like sci fi drama.
  11. Yeah, that vid definitely needs a seizure warning.
  12. I hope that @Ghosty doesn't spout horrendous views that people mistakenly attribute to me, leading to the online equivalent of dogshit being posted through my letterbox.
  13. That sure is a poster. Sounds intriguing.
  14. I think I'm going to print out some samples showing the kind of photos I like to take, show them to a shop like London Camera Exchange, talk about how I'd like to develop my skills then hear what they suggest based on that.
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