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  1. I hope that @Ghosty doesn't spout horrendous views that people mistakenly attribute to me, leading to the online equivalent of dogshit being posted through my letterbox.
  2. That sure is a poster. Sounds intriguing.
  3. I think I'm going to print out some samples showing the kind of photos I like to take, show them to a shop like London Camera Exchange, talk about how I'd like to develop my skills then hear what they suggest based on that.
  4. Dead Man's Shoes is one of those films that, whenever it's on, I think, 'Oh, I'll just watch it up to that bit, then I'll go to bed.' Then: 'Oh maybe I'll watch to that other bit.' And so on and so on, awesome scene followed by awesome scene, until you've done the whole film and you're left a bit numb. The scene where the three gang members are doing the washing up while discussing recycling and the merits of empty Pot Noodles doubling up as mugs is hilarious. It's such an incongruous bit of banal domesticity given what's gone on a few moments ago, and what's about to come.
  5. This afternoon was the first time in years I was able to watch live test cricket for any length of time. What an innings to pick! I'd forgotten how good, how dramatic test matches can be.
  6. Good point. Just realised I used to work with someone who started a part-time photography degree. I should pick her brains and see if I could try out her kit. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. I love woodworking so that could be the basis of one such project - photos of beautiful pieces of wood grain, woodworking joints, old hand tools, etc. Stuff I can easily do in my garden.
  7. Chosty

    Nintendo Switch

    I bought the Reloaded version last night. IT'S PERFECT! Instead of having an early night, I played until the early hours, so in a cruel twist of irony it's probably going to increase my stress levels as I'm going to be less productive at work today. Still, what a fun few hours I had. The core gameplay is SO satisfying and gives me the same pleasure I remember having with shmups when I was a kid. Clearing levels isn't too hard at all so there's a sense of progression, but there's plenty of challenge in getting all the medals, and I noticed there's a hard mode for each level too. It looks and sounds great, and I can generally tell what's going on on-screen. I unlocked level 4, but did a bit of grinding on earlier levels to power-up. That might get tedious later on, but for now it's still very enjoyable. The ship is a little twitchy to control (compared with Ikaruga, which was lovely to move around), but I'm getting used to it and perhaps other ships get unlocked later with different handling. So thanks for the recommendation! With the gold points I had it was under £8, so a real bargain. It should keep me going for a while, and then I'll move on to some of the other suggestions.
  8. Objects in nature, mostly - see my original post a few posts back. I only partially understand that, but I'm sure it's valuable advice . Once my work quietens down in the next couple of weeks I'll start doing some more research and try and get more familiar with the jargon.
  9. Chosty

    Nintendo Switch

    It's probably just because I'm not used to twin-sticks, at least in a top down game.
  10. My son often goes on about how my phone is trash... Thanks for the advice. I have a lot background reading to do! So much tech and terminology to understand.
  11. Yep, very enjoyable. I read it in about a week, including a couple of mammoth sessions. But with this kind of story you often get a really tight, focused first book based around a decent concept, then the sequels expand the world and introduce progressively ludicrous concepts and twists.
  12. Chosty

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks for all the suggestions - I've checked them all out on YouTube and some good looking candidates. I like the look of Sky Force in particular but there are two versions: Reloaded and Anniversary. Is there much difference between them? I've looked into it but I'm not all that much wiser. Neon Chrome looks lovely but perhaps a bit fiddly to control - am I being picky? Hyrule Warriors looks like it could be a frustrating although I like the idea of smashing thorough hordes of grunts.
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