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  1. Oh yeah, this is more like it.
  2. Yeah, when I first discovered synthwave I was pretty hopeful it was going to be a treasure chest of goodies, but I've not found much at all that ticks all/most of the boxes. As you say, that aggressive wall of noise is OK in small doses, but the variation and subtleties aren't there.
  3. Thanks to this thread, I've just discovered Carpenter Brut and Perturbator in my quest to find some more John Carpenter-like synth, and it has that atmosphere I'm after in spades, but it often gets a bit too intense with the pounding beats. Is there anything where it's a bit more dialled in the percussion department but still has the sense of creeping dread? I'm not necessarily after beatless synth, just something where's it's not the driving force.
  4. Yeah, I like that, though it doesn't quite have that atmospheric soundtrack vibe. It's funny, but I've listened to a fair bit of Klaus Schulz (Timewind in particular is amazing) but for some reason I always forget about Ulrich Schnauss and other Tangerine Dreamers.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions - I've had a quick listen to a few of them and they sound promising, so I'll delve a bit deeper this week as my deadline looms. Pye Corner Audio in particular sounded really good. I forgot about FSOL - I like Dead Cities and Lifeforms, though they're quite different to what I'm after but I'll check out their later stuff. Maybe I should post something similar in the synth thread.
  6. Fine people, I could do with recommendations for some dark electronica/synthy stuff in the vein of John Carpenter to help me get through working on an evening. I love his Lost Themes and Prince of Darkness soundtrack in particular. Nothing too intense with heavy beats, which I find in a lot of the recommendations that YouTube throws up, but pieces that are moody and atmospheric. Possibly also crossover stuff with hip-hop, like some of the tracks on Endtroducing, though that seems to be pretty rare from the searching I've done so far. Wendy Carlos' soundtrac
  7. Blast Corps. Something like a cross between the Hong Kong segment of Pacific Rim and that bit in 2012 where they're driving through LA with all the skyscrapers collapsing around them.
  8. The third book, assuming they do film it, is going to be a hard sell, but could be amazing if they get it right. Dust as a concept is already a little tricky to follow, so throw in the kinds of new stuff (which is pretty bonkers) you get in the third book and you risk a lot of people going WTF - that was more or less my wife's reaction when I reminded her of what happened.
  9. I'm pretty sure Barbarian uses a sample of an Arnie grunt from Red Sonja. It might even be the sound when you attempt a decapitation.
  10. I remember thinking it was lots of good fun when it was on TV late one night, and was a bit mystified at all the hate.
  11. If you want to stand any chance of making any kind of positive impact when boycotting a product or company, you need to tell people about it. Contact the company and let them know. Tell your friends and family about it. Post on social media. It's never been easier to raise awareness about this kind of stuff, just make sure you get your facts right first.
  12. Your body heat would be lost via radiation but only slowly.
  13. Have you seen Days of Heaven? I think it's even more amazing. Absolutely stunning.
  14. While listening to some of Ennio Morricone's greatest hits today, I've just stumbled across this brilliant Italian group, who do some incredible funky, jazzy giallo-style imaginary film soundtracks, with a real scuzzy sound.
  15. The Man With Two Brains is fantastic, and probably my favourite Steve Martin film. Carl Reiner's direction is brilliantly understated - nothing showy but he really allows the actors' performances to take centre stage so you end up with loads of great lines with perfect delivery. "Sounds like a subdural haematoma to me." "Into the mud, scum queen!" "What is that? "It's pronounced 'azeleas'."
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