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  1. For your Evil Drum and Bass sound, have you heard of a band called Anaal Nathrakh? Sounds like they will sound like you described.
  2. A Subtle Dagger - Thrice I've got good taste, me.
  3. They all turned shit. And got left behind by people with more creativity in their left nostril I think I'm gonna get Jane Doe anyway it can't be that hard to get into, and it's on every best album ever thing on Amazon too
  4. It's all confusing, even to someone who is into it. I mean I got a hopesfall cd hoping it would be all melodic and mournful, but it's way heavier than that
  5. alternated with some proper singing, yeah.
  6. I really love Relationship of Command, but it gets a bit much if you listen to it too much. Are the others you mentioned better?
  7. Hardcore: Emerging in the early '80s, hardcore took the ideals of punk to a new extreme. The music was fast, the vocals were screamed, and the structure was simple. Emo: I prefer to think of it [emo] as punk rock that’s more melodic and introspective/depressing than hardcore, but still tapping into that primal energy and anger Got these from a website.
  8. I'm not sure but emo crossed with hardcore would be my answer. Gibbercore is Jesus Built my Hotrod by Ministry
  9. Dillinger Escape Plan would be ace if the singer and lyrics weren't shit.
  10. gah forbidden! Bloodbath are great traditional swedish death.
  11. You're absolutely right, but it makes it easier to decide what on earth they are going to sound like !!
  12. Checkin' these all out. Using amazon to get reviews Anywhere better?
  13. Man I was just going to post a question in here as to whether Jane Doe is actually good once you get into it or is it just extreme for the sake of it? I have listened to it once on a listening post and it is VERY extreme. Not sure if it's 'get into able'.
  14. I thought that since it is such a hard genre to find anything remotely approaching genius unless you religiously buy tons and tons of shite and give each 10 listens only to decide that it's crap, that we should have this thread. I'm going to start by advising everyone to get a CD that they may not have purchased: Arcturus The Sham Mirrors \m/
  15. If you can get 'Behind the Iron Curtain' by Iron Maiden on DVD that is an ace gig with loads of classic shit on there: Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight and Hallowed be thy Name. And bruce has long hair and gold spandex pants on \m/
  16. I thought the last 2 were The Dreadful Hours and The Light at the End of the World? I'm leaning towards something a little heavier at the minute - Morbid Angel helps me concentrate at work!
  17. Gunforce 2 is much harder than metal slug and it's pretty funky too.
  18. I'm sure quite a lot of them are one-creditable certainly DoDonPachi nad ESP ra de. There's a great FTP servver full of godly videos of people clocking these games over at shmups.com
  19. I got the somberlain too. Looking for something a little 'deeper' not that the somberlain is not deep but I think the nodes of ranvier or something thing might be up my street Either that or Jane doe by converge
  20. Got Mars Volta! Couldn't get into Trail of Dead Thanks anyway!
  21. Honeymanster was pimping the new Opeth one. You keen on them? I heard that they are awesome live.
  22. I am wanting a new CD. Current faves are: Tool: Lateralus and Aenima Arcturus: The Sham Mirrors At The Drive In: Relationship of Command I want something a little 'challenging' as I listen to it alot at work. I liked the first Tomahawk CD - is that any good? What about stuff like the Melvins? Cheers \m/
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