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  1. I am tempted. Last metroidvania I really liked was Hollow Knight. Is this going to fill the gap?
  2. Nah, people are assuming 'chemicals' are unhealthy when they have that view. It's nonsense and should be challenged. Everything you eat on crisps is absolutely fine to consume. Nothing they use is better or worse than salt.
  3. Well, I'm officially very confused but not frustrated. I managed to get a nice little beat going in step mode and then it was bed time.
  4. What does a 'chemical' taste of?
  5. Hi. So as I read through all the info etc I am getting a bit more confused. What do I do once I have the bones of a song in the Maschine software. Can I 'route' it into a DAW or do I need to do something else?
  6. Looking at the Maschine MK3 a lot. It looks like a good workflow and a nice piece of kit. Does it come with nice synths in the software? If I wanted to make some minimal techno or something would I be fine?
  7. Hey - thanks for that. I have been looking at the Native Instruments stuff. I was wondering if I could get away with a MK3 plus my laptop, or do I still need external software etc? TBH the workflow is the thing that is worrying me, if I buy into something and dislike it then I am stuffed.
  8. I guess up to a grand but is it worth it? I want something easy to use if that's possible. Never used anything like this before.
  9. Anyone recommend anything I can use to make synth pop with psychedelic sounds and that also has drums and bass? Or do I need a couple of devices? The easier to use the better.
  10. You like punk better then life and death?
  11. All the Vocation beers in Tesco are nicer than the Brewdog equivalent.
  12. Well McDonalds is ok and Burger King is disgusting.
  13. Cancelled isn't a real state a person can be. He should probably quit.
  14. This is weird. It being 'not too uncommon unfortunately' isn't the satisfactory end state of treating women with respect and dignity in the workplace. If he can't do it, then he has no business running a company that can employ women (99.999% of all companies). Why is that hard to understand?
  15. Northern Monk is also there isn't it? There's a cool-ish arcade bar too.
  16. The biggest sound quality upgrade is a decent, well set up stylus.
  17. Lovelyman


    I think my wife probably has a crush on Lauren tbf.
  18. Lovelyman


    I think he said she said is great. Took a few listens. We also have to find a babysitter for the gig. I'm excited for screen violence. I hope some of the psychedelic stuff in how not to drown seeps into the other tracks.
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