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  1. This is fucking brilliant TV.
  2. Microplane graters Decent knife / sharpener Deep fryer Rice cooker / instant pot
  3. Last Night in Soho Paper thin characters, clunky exposition and sub Dr Who baddies. I was really looking forward to this too. Waste of the talent involved. 2/5
  4. Really seems to me that it was a Friday Film Special on CBBC with added schlock. The characters were paper thin, the exposition was unbelievably clunky at times and the bits that were supposed to be scary were like modern Dr Who nonsense.
  5. It all feels a bit teen drama. The characters have no substance to them, and as a result I don't really care what's going on.
  6. I keep trying to play this and can't find where I'm supposed to go at all. The hub area doesn't have much in the way of recognisable waypoints so I end up wandering aimlessly, making a bit of progress then dying and giving up.
  7. Oh I agree with that. I think it's like BBC got a bunch of money and made something.
  8. I think people are misremembering how 'expensive' GoT looked a lot of the time.
  9. I have this, and the repress of the first album and EP. They are amazing aren't they.
  10. Yeah. Half of what made Halo so cool was the great environments.
  11. So the WHOLE GAME is set on a planet that looks like the first level from Halo?
  12. This must have been discussed, but what sort of settings should I be looking at to make it play like I like games? Honestly I think Ridge Racer and Sega really had the most fun and learnable handling haha. It looks very good doesn't it.
  13. Is it? It's a bunch of disconnected areas. They're more finished, I'll give you that. But at least dark souls tried to have everything connected (give or take).
  14. Dune isn't hard sci fi is it? It's fantasy in space.
  15. Yes, this is exactly what it did badly in my view. It told me to root for someone that I was not invested in. Also, I'm pretty sure some of the other characters are supposed to have a degree of rooting for. Surely they don't want all the other characters to appear disposable?
  16. You guys are the ones telling me I am watching it wrong. There was nothing at all that made me care what happened to anyone in this movie. I didn't really have any preconceptions going in as I haven't read the books. Also I am going to sound like a curmudgeon here, but I thought they could have done more to make the desert environments a little more interesting. The spaceships and buildings and stuff looked cool, but I didn't get any sense of them not being on earth most of the time for some reason.
  17. I know it was in the movie. It was explained. I still didn't feel like I gave a shit about him. I'm not sure some of you know the difference between being told how to feel about something in a film and being shown why you should care about something.
  18. Because you're given very little reason to like/empathise with him. None of that stuff actually happened on screen right? And the exposition of it was very flat.
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