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  1. 6 hours ago, Twinbee said:

    Got the final pressing (for a long while, apparently) of Slift’s bonkers heavy psych album, Unmon. Beautiful Mœbius-style gatefold artwork. 





    I have this, and the repress of the first album and EP. They are amazing aren't they. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Mystacon said:

    If it does turn out to be the case, I’ll be very disappointed as well. Especially when you look at the incredible work that Bungie puts into the sheer scope and variety of the environments in Destiny. Halo could do with some of that.


    I realise a lot of people will want that old Halo feel, but if that’s all that’s on offer then they’ll have dropped the ball in my opinion.

    Yeah. Half of what made Halo so cool was the great environments. 

  3. This must have been discussed, but what sort of settings should I be looking at to make it play like I like games? Honestly I think Ridge Racer and Sega really had the most fun and learnable handling haha. 


    It looks very good doesn't it. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Darwock said:

    Dark Souls loses to Bloodborne in terms of world design. The first half of DS was amazing. The latter half was half baked and felt unfinished. Bloodborne is solid throughout.

    Is it? It's a bunch of disconnected areas. They're more finished, I'll give you that. But at least dark souls tried to have everything connected (give or take). 

  5. 39 minutes ago, Scribblor said:

    Okay, but that's different to saying "we weren't sure who we were supposed to be rooting for". Whether or not you felt like you actually did root for the protagonists, the film could hardly have been clearer that you were supposed to root for them.

    Yes, this is exactly what it did badly in my view. It told me to root for someone that I was not invested in.


    Also, I'm pretty sure some of the other characters are supposed to have a degree of rooting for. Surely they don't want all the other characters to appear disposable?

  6. 13 minutes ago, Stigweard said:

    Well that's not a pretentious thing to say at all. Maybe you just had a problem connecting with the character.



    Eeerm Yes.

    You guys are the ones telling me I am watching it wrong.


    There was nothing at all that made me care what happened to anyone in this movie. I didn't really have any preconceptions going in as I haven't read the books.


    Also I am going to sound like a curmudgeon here, but I thought they could have done more to make the desert environments a little more interesting. The spaceships and buildings and stuff looked cool, but I didn't get any sense of them not being on earth most of the time for some reason.

  7. 2 minutes ago, JohnC said:
      Reveal hidden contents

    It was explained, twice IIRC, how they were being sent to the planet to fail. The Emperor saw them as a threat to his reign so specifically set them up to fall. In cahoots with the almost comicbook-style villain Baron, with a helping hand from the Emperors own special forces, who we are told are not really supposed to be involved in this, but are secretly sent there and whose involvement is being kept secret. The one observing even said she won't be reporting it.

    That was all in the movie. If you can't figure out who to root for, I'm not sure you actually saw the movie.

    I know it was in the movie. It was explained. I still didn't feel like I gave a shit about him. 


    I'm not sure some of you know the difference between being told how to feel about something in a film and being shown why you should care about something.

  8. On 25/10/2021 at 10:31, Davros sock drawer said:

    Saw it on Saturday. Was pretty excited having heard so many good reports and the Villeneuve interview and review on Wittertainment in the car beforehand.


    Unfortunately I was bitterly disappointed by it. I am a huge fan of the book, having read it maybe a dozen times, most recently this year. I’m aware therefore that I’m going to be hard to please, but I’m fully prepared for compromises, character deletion - anything that’s necessary to get the story told well for the medium of film. 


    What I wasn’t prepared for was a total absence of character motivation, huge missed opportunities for easy wins from the book, and for one of the most moreish villains of any work of fiction to be so thoroughly neutered. I also felt it was a remarkably cold film in terms of the performances, and with the exception of Rebecca Ferguson (who just about held the film together, emotionally), nobody seemed to give a shit about what was happening. 

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    I thought the characterisations and motivations were incredibly weak. For example, what’s Thufir’s motivation for the entire book? Seek revenge on Jessica, because he thinks she betrayed the Duke. In the film? Er…pass. There’s no suspicion subplot in the film, so he’s a completely pointless character now.


    What’s the Baron’s character in the book? He thinks he is subtle and cunning but he’s actually a loose lipped gobshite who can’t resist bragging and oversharing his plans. He’s delightfully disgusting and hedonistic. In the film? He’s just fat. And boring. And says nothing. From an LA Times article:



    That’s such a bad call it boggles my mind. What a waste of one of the most readable, page-turning villains in sci-fi! You cut out most of the speech of the Baron?! Why?! I can never wait to get to the Barony bits in the book. In this he was utterly bereft of interest. What an utter squandering of material! 


    What’s the Baron’s motivation in the book? To destroy the Atreides yes, but specifically to install his beloved nephew Feyd Rautha as the ruler of Arrakis, which he does by making the populace so terrified of Rabban that they welcome him with open arms. In the film? Er…Feyd Rautha’s not even in it, and he just hates the Duke a bit for…reasons?


    There was a perfect example in Dr Yueh’s death scene where they squandered an opportunity to be faithful to the book with a mere smile on Yueh’s face, a look of puzzlement on the Baron’s, and a repeated line. That’s all they would have needed! The book shows here how his overconfidence is shaken by Yueh’s reaction to his “So join her!” line. In fact, let’s just have the whole thing:








    Now obviously you don’t put all of that detail in the film. But the foreboding and doubt in the Baron’s thoughts could have been covered with a raised eyebrow, or a wavering smile. A glint in Yueh’s eye and a faint smirk of victory on his lips. But no, here it was just a pithy line, no hidden meaning or intrigue behind it, nothing but words. They literally cut everything important out. 


    Plus of course you don’t give a shit about Dr Yueh anyway, as he’s only been in maybe two scenes, and they haven’t impressed on the viewer how tough it would be to break his conditioning and why he’d therefore be such a shock as the traitor.


    More generally, they softened all of the edges in all of the characters. I can understand why the Baron’s homosexual paedophilia isn’t going to play well today, but Duncan’s drinking was also cut for example, making him absolutely paper thin as a character (plus Momoa is shit casting anyway).


    In fairness it did look fabulous but even so I honestly think this is a huge missed opportunity and now there may never be a version which does the book justice. To be fair to Villeneuve, he did say he had decided not to lean on the political back story, and probably the only way it could have been done properly to incorporate all the political intrigue and detail was the Game of Thrones approach. Any film (or even pair of films) is only ever going to be an impressionistic, surface level take on it, or being more generous, to have a different focus. But even so for this to have been made with such simplistic A to B to C plotting, and with no sense of motivation or character is just very, very sad. 


    I could go on, but I don’t want to yuck too many yums, as clearly lots of you loved this. I can only assume that most people simply haven’t read, or can’t recall the book, but regardless at the very least the motivations matter, even if I realise you can’t provide all the detail from the book. There has to be a reason why the characters are doing what they do, and I couldn’t find them on screen (or hear them - terrible sound for the dialogue at my screening)


    Anyone who enjoyed this but hasn’t read the book yet is in for a treat if they do.

    Me and Pip basically agree with all your criticism. We weren't sure who we were meant to be rooting for, or who was doing what and why at all. As a result it just felt like a bunch of disconnected scenes. 


    Neither of us have read the book though, so I'm now interested in reading it. 

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