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  1. I just read that and thought WTF connecting a phone to speakers wtf who would do that. While listening to my turntable on Sonos
  2. I gave my daughter Kirby to play and she cried when she had to hurt another character so I guess that's cool
  3. It picks up nicely and is really good. Not particularly hard but it's cool.
  4. Is Flynn Son of Crimson any good? It seems to have good reviews but the first stage is a proper snoozefest. Does it get better soon or is it not for me?
  5. This is pretty cool https://menitrust.bandcamp.com/album/untourable-album
  6. Oh absolutely. I did wonder if they ever sell at full price.
  7. £2.30 is almost pringles money!
  8. Nah I love nailing cooking stuff I just don't post much. Like reading about your stuff though.
  9. Well yeah it says it's tobacco in the thumbnail.
  10. I will try it I guess. It will prob be the best burger they do.
  11. Nomadland. I loved this. Looked and sounded beautiful. A lovely rumination on the meaning of life. 5/5
  12. I am only basing that from the first single. I'll have to give it a listen when I get a chance.
  13. Oh cool! Yeah I love it. Ordered on vinyl.
  14. Thanks - my wife loved the Sparks doc and this might be something else like that we can watch together.
  15. Not sure where the best place to post this is, but I think it's great https://yusu.bandcamp.com/album/yellow-river-blue
  16. Surely they could just drop the price to free and let everyone own it as long as you have a sub?
  17. This is amazing https://willofthewhore.bandcamp.com/album/blessed-the-severed-hand-path Weird trippy death metal.
  18. Cruella Pretty boring, far too long and just a bit dull. 2/5
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