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  1. Musicians don’t universally agree on what “good music” is 😂
  2. Sorry to try but have you bothered listening to Born to Run properly? It's really good. The others are ok.
  3. Agreed, but he was specifically talking about RCA cables.
  4. I wouldn’t bother with premium cables. Wires are wires.
  5. Aftersun. 5/5. I found it equally heartbreaking and life affirming. Probably the most physically emotional response to a film I’ve had. It’s incredible. I can’t imagine watching it again but I’m intrigued how it plays.
  6. Marmite and cheddar and butter is nice
  7. Laguvlin, Ardbeg, Laphroaig and Talisker are all solid.
  8. You probably could do with stopping watching youtube. I recall you busting into the stupid Depp/Heard trial with cool facts like 50% of domestic abuse victims are men. You're placing your hope in civilisation in Chat GPT for fucks sake. And I don't think GF reviews need you to constantly stan for them. Needlessly aggressive all the time.
  9. They were challenged on their I’m alright jack ideology i guess
  10. What dreamylittledream perceives and how the world actually works.
  11. Everything in the cupboard except mayo (which is almost certainly fine not in the fridge too) and the milk and the cream and stuff that goes in the fridge.
  12. Guy with a cunt as an avatar is a bit of a dick. What a surprise.
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