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  1. @cowfields Omg you have to go to The Bake or Beirut Lounge if you like Lebanese cuisine.
  2. I knew it would be rehills. I lived really near there when I was at uni until 2003.
  3. No. I think it gets a pass because it's on BBC. It's VERY SERIOUS.
  4. This is for use with a Sonos? I have a NAD PP2e. https://www.sevenoakssoundandvision.co.uk/p-11535-nad-pp-2e-phono-pre-amplifier.aspx?gclid=CjwKCAjwvMqDBhB8EiwA2iSmPBmk9ul9M-pyLwsXOCFpUperHnZ09G4UEWZsNQxsUCiu5axo9gdCSRoCxmgQAvD_BwE My last preamp never turned off unless you turned it off at the plug, so the signal to the line in on the Sonos was always live. This meant it couldn't detect when to switch to the line input. This wasn't a huge deal, as you can switch on the app. If you're going to switch the preamp off between listens, don't worry
  5. Stevie Nicks was amazing in Fleetwood Mac along with everyone else in the band.
  6. It was super totally boring. The last fight was ok I suppose.
  7. Mid 90s. Watched this story about a young kid making friends with a group of older skaters to escape his crappy home life. Very good I thought. Tight, well directed and actually funny and tense. 4.5/5
  8. I agree. I hope the game is good but I don't really have high hopes. The only good RType level was #3 in the original. The bosses are good but the levels are suck.
  9. I think that was boring. Boring boss. Boring level. Boring music.
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