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  1. I like oat milk in tea better than cow's.
  2. Yeah - I mean it's obvious they use the worse tomatoes for the chopped ones.
  3. I've been playing this every chance I get! It's great. It starts off too easy but it quickly ramps up to a nice satisfying level of challenge. Nice, useful sail skill tree, varied areas and 'gimmicks' for each area. It looks and sounds lovely too! If you like your 2d platformer games then why aren't you playing it?
  4. Most active speakers (all?) have volume controls.
  5. I just read that and thought WTF connecting a phone to speakers wtf who would do that. While listening to my turntable on Sonos
  6. I gave my daughter Kirby to play and she cried when she had to hurt another character so I guess that's cool
  7. It picks up nicely and is really good. Not particularly hard but it's cool.
  8. Is Flynn Son of Crimson any good? It seems to have good reviews but the first stage is a proper snoozefest. Does it get better soon or is it not for me?
  9. This is pretty cool https://menitrust.bandcamp.com/album/untourable-album
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