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  1. It was fine. The last story was terrible. I thought it looked like a massive Guillermo del Toro rip off without any of the smarts or charm.
  2. Yes. It's great. Better if you can get 3 people on a couch.
  3. The new Future Islands is incredible. It's dark. And beautiful. Much less immediate than their last two albums, but now I've listened to it about 10 times, I think it's a masterpiece. Every time I listen I think of that was the best song then the next one comes on.
  4. Well the OONI cast iron sizzler is made of cast iron isn't it?
  5. As a lifelong metal fan with some other favourite genres, I've never really focused on the singing in music too much. Now I'm often tired and getting older I need to soften the average of my record collection. Stuff that has made me realise I really like stuff with good singing: Grimes Janelle Monae Beyonce Hamilton Soundtrack Carly Rae Jepsen (shh) Tool/a perfect circle Opeth Steely Dan Julia Holter I'm kind of inclined to clever pop, jazzy stuff and rock. What else am I missing, mode
  6. What's the best fat and milk to use in a vegan bechamel sauce?
  7. Yeah I didn't mind the jabbering on in Horizon. I just want to pick a car and go round the tracks in 7. Is it worth sticking with? Is the truck race a one off?
  8. Omg a fucking lorry race. Fuck this.
  9. Just started a game of Forza7. Tempted to forget about it if it won't shut up soon.
  10. I guess they want some of the Ooni market. The must be a lockdown success story.
  11. I wasn't getting mad at Microsoft don't worry. I was mad at @AlexM stupid ignorant statement.
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