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  1. Another Level - Freak Me Is this where Dane Bowers came from? The skeleton rap guy is so disgusting. North and South - I'm a Man not a Boy Are north and south a bros parody band? This sounds incredibly amateurish. A1 - Everytime Dreadful. Let Loose - Crazy for You. This sounds like go west crossed with wet wet wet. The chorus is good on this one. Bros - Drop the Boy Gugle roodum dum dum dehey One True Voice - Sacred Trust it sounds like they sampled their christmas presents when they were 3 What we have learned is that music production has not got worse over time.
  2. Yo! When the revised dates get announced and if you have spare tickets i may very well be interested.
  3. Wasn't the first film the only half decent Marvel Movie?
  4. Indeed! fwiw, i wasn’t trying to be a dick yesterday, i think we were talking at cross purposes. Sorry!
  5. I'm assuming you have some MF Doom/Madvillain stuff given you asked for fairly recent? If not, then check out MM Food, Operation Doomsday and Madvillainy
  6. I think main bangers on it are probably: United in Grief, N95, Die Hard.
  7. Say a prayer for those like me where it was Blood Sport.
  8. This is like Jackass but a little bit less funny.
  9. Tyler the Creator, Little Simz, Aesop Rock, Denzel Curry, Armand Hammer.
  10. Almost no one can tell the difference between well compressed mp3 and lossless, but all things being equal i would rather play lossless. but most MP3 players can play a lossless format, it wasn’t unique to this.
  11. About the thing we’re talking about. The rich dude wearing a crown and their reason for doing so.
  12. You’re basing your opinion on your preconceptions, which are not correct.
  13. I see wilful ignorance and prejudice!
  14. The whole point of the thing is that he’s not, and can never be a saviour for his community. He naively tried when he first had fame and influence and failed. He’s acknowledging that sudden fame and wealth when you’re not prepared or equipped for it can screw your perspective.
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