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  1. We watched them again over the Christmas holidays. The first is still wonderful like you say. Sadly the pacing of 2 and 3 really let them down imo.
  2. Second Hilda. It's wonderful. Bluey (Disney+ I think?) wonderful family silly fun, but very sweet. Octonauts - educational and fun adventures. Over the Garden Wall - weird and a bit creepy but funny too. Okido - another educational fun one. True and the Rainbow Kingdom - cute AF and cool adventures. Much better than it looks like it will be. Gabby's Dollhouse. Silly stories with some fun songs.
  3. That's totally cool, I don't expect to have the same taste as everyone, and also music has been weird this year. I'm happy that my list made you check them out, and at least find one or two that you might come back to!
  4. Do it, you don't need anyones' permission.
  5. I tried some last night
  6. They last ages if you keep them corked and out of the sun.
  7. Just copy into a spreadsheet and filter on does not contain [1]
  8. Something like this might work: https://www.screwfix.com/p/mottez-shock-absorbing-floor-mat-grey-blue-620-x-620mm/1374v
  9. Yeah it is pretty gross. Like, I will do it as part of the game but it isn't pleasant. I would rather the option to not do it be there. Doesn't seem necessary.
  10. Octonauts is genuinely decent too.
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