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  1. Taters drowned in butter are great.
  2. Thought of you when listening to this - you might like it: https://skaphe.bandcamp.com/album/sk-phe-3?from=search&search_item_id=4219700340&search_item_type=a&search_match_part=%3F&search_page_id=1779806589&search_page_no=0&search_rank=1&search_sig=6213174bc0d55d8c0e90a5874bc21041&logged_in_menubar=true It's kind of ambient, dissonant, psychedelic blackened death metal. It's really good.
  3. I mean you need calories. Just not too many.
  4. When the lord of the goat of billy draws out his distended willy and eats the smegma cheese aroma swaying on the breeze that's the release date
  5. Can't really beat homemade hummus, Baba ganoush and chopped up peppers to dip.
  6. Depends if I have had a smoke or not It's cool, haven't had uninterrupted listening time with it yet but I like it. It's very complex, under the surface, so will take me a few listens to start to recognise stuff. I really like the production.
  7. If you buy direct from distros it's cheaper but they don't always carry everything you want. I buy a fair bit from bandcamp and it's usually the shipping that jacks a reasonable price up.
  8. Anyone that likes proggy DM, like Death, Atheist, Horrendous, Morbus Chron, should check this out now!! It's amazing (seriously) https://diskordband.bandcamp.com/album/degenerations-death-metal
  9. Lovelyman


    There's a load of working class people in music they just don't make any money. Support independent music!
  10. No he works in the tech industry and he thinks there might be a new switch in development so that's the first person in tech to ever have that thought and so it might be true now.
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