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  1. Oh god! Oh well at least I wasn't being useless. I usually need to use a guide a few times in games like it.
  2. YES! How do you know?
  3. I got completely stuck in VII. I was having fun until then.
  4. Yep they're great. Got a Panasonic one too.
  5. Can't get one makes you want one more.
  6. Lovelyman

    The Medium

    89 for me, even though it'll be mediocre.
  7. That's the thing though - unless you know to use the spear it's a godawful fight.
  8. Doesn't really look like a game does it.
  9. Of course they would. But they have done nothing about the scalpers. So I guess they don't care too much.
  10. Do we think the medium will be crap
  11. Surely they are ending up in game buying customers' hands.
  12. I'm surprised people think Nintendo don't crunch. Didn't they make everyone finish BotW on their weekend every week?
  13. Promising Young Woman Carey Mulligan stars in a quite strange film about someone who traps sexual predators. It's a good and rather strange movie. Recommended. 4/5
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