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  1. How do you deal with the mosquitoes? They're wasting me!
  2. NM! Default HDR is way too dark. Found the way!
  3. Hello! I'm stuck really early on. I've just got the And I can't find where to go. There's two breakable bridges but I don't think I can break them yet. There's a wall where the map says is not a wall near a tree and a route up that I don't have the mobility to get to.
  4. Really liking this. Looks incredible on my OLED.
  5. Lovelyman


    I thought Steredenn was incredible. The bosses have great bullet patterns.
  6. How is it worth a playthrough if it's boring? Is it like Last of Us 2?
  7. Lovelyman


    Any good ones on game pass?
  8. If Beale Street Could Talk. Beautifully shot and acted. Nicely slow pace and unfortunately extremely sad. Fucking hell America. 4.5/5
  9. I'm going to be getting this later today when I pick up my X. Anything on this I should seek out? I prefer single player games but also couch coop and online coop. What are the best games on it? Bearing in mind I've not had an Xbox this gen.
  10. Still think Vocation Life and Death is one of the best pale ales you can get in the supermarket. Juicy, hoppy and a little hazy.
  11. Hidden Figures. Watched this a few years ago and fancied seeing it again. Great performances from the three leads. Really nicely paced and shot. 4.5/5
  12. I'm late as hell to the party but this is bloody excellent! Map design could teach the AAA Bros a lesson or two and no swiping the touch pad to play guitar! Loving it.
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