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  1. Yeah you got to like the look of the setup. When I was using the Behringer I had it out of sight. But I have a nice looking NAD one now.
  2. Dude if you can get two 5s in a stereo pair it is audiophile heaven! That's my setup and the room tuning really works so I can have my speakers out of the way. If you can't, cool. If you want to stick to £300, then I would say look at decks including a phono stage and compare them to ones about £20 less (you can get a very decent Behringer phono preamp for £20). Pick a one you will like to look at / use. Ask about it here.
  3. Had a nice surprise in Marks and Spencer yesterday. All the cheese has the is this vegetarian or not info displayed clearly. Even the fancier ones.
  4. 01 - Ulcerate - Stare Into Death and be Still 02 - Future Islands - As Long as You Are 03 - Adrianne Lenker - Songs and Instrumentals 04 - Ulthar - Providence 05 - Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition Chapter II: Render Unto Eden
  5. They soaked up the sauce just right! I did the trick of over boiling them but using a bit of vinegar to stop them mushing up. Then just roasted them in olive oil for ages.
  6. Synthwaves by Schnauss and Quaeschning may appeal.
  7. OMG! I made my first BIR curry with a proper base gravy. It was absolutely fantastic! Like, so much better than I had expected.
  8. I've got the Dishoom book too! Don't eat meat so just sub in some tasty vegetables.
  9. Do you use Al's gravy with the recipes in this book? I've just bought them! I made a pathia last night with some homemade veg stock as a substitute for the base gravy and it was great, best curry I've ever made. So I have high hopes for what it tastes like with a proper gravy.
  10. Anyone managed to get quick resume working with Sekiro? It loads super quick then boots me back to title because it's lost connection.
  11. I never finished this, so I bought it on Xbox Series X for 4K 60 goodness. It works great. BUT When you start it, you get 'quick resume' followed by 'you have been signed out, returning to title screen'. I tried starting in offline and online. Nothing seems to fix that. Is there a way to solve it?
  12. Also that one about the weirdo neighbour called Friday night dinner
  13. Is the good place on Netflix that's good my wife said
  14. That Robbie Williams song is the weirdest thing I've seen in ages.
  15. What is it? I mean what game modes/tracks does it add?
  16. Wow River City Girls is bad. Super sluggish boring combat.
  17. Lovelyman

    The Jazz Thread

    I've bought this. It's great.
  18. Have a smoke and listen to Garden of Delete
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