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  1. Are there any good metal podcasts?
  2. Filthy casuals is worth a listen too. Kind of like TCGS from Australia.
  3. Yeah I mean, astro bot should still be great. The resolution might look a little worse but I'm not sure how your eyes interpolate that.
  4. It won't be any different to how you perceive 3D games on a TV.
  5. Exactly what I was hoping you'd say It looks gorgeous. Will probably do a dry run beforehand.
  6. Question about this. How obvious is the blue cheese? My dad isn't a massive cheese fan but if it's just a hint in amongst the other flavours then it's fine.
  7. This looks awesome. Thanks.
  8. Speaking of Dal, I made a killer one yesterday. Lots of garlic ginger onion tomatoes. The other thing is a chickpea and coconut milk curry.
  9. Princess Mononoke. 2.5/5 It's too long. I don't know if there is a lot lost in the dub, but there isn't a likeable character. Maybe that's the point. Nowhere near Miyazaki's best.
  10. Just make a dal. Best food ever.
  11. Wow!!! It's not that hard.
  12. Into the Breach is also fucking amazing.
  13. What's the best cheese board ever. Best four cheeses to eat with some nice red.
  14. Rogue Legacy is great. Probably the most moreish game other than slay the spire.
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