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  1. Thanks. My wife's priority was a nice clean look. After doing some research these get good reviews and are seemingly made by project. We were going to get the model down but they offered me £100 off the 588. It's lovely.
  2. Yeah I'm used to rgb scart so I just want really sharp slightly blooming scanlines.
  3. Lovely music corner. The turntable goes into the line in on the Sonos play 5 which is in a stereo pair with another.
  4. I ended up getting this: Made by Pro-Ject. My wife and I thought it looked beast and it sounds beast.
  5. Frame rate is really distracting. Also the depth of field isn't great. Other than that it's great so far.
  6. It's a remake. If it was a reskin then the movement would be the same.
  7. Your switch is upside down mate g'dday.
  8. It's a complete remake. New everything.
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