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  1. We had of monsters and men in our wedding playlist.
  2. Could you ferment scotch bonnets. I will have to do some experiments.
  3. Got that in a lovely frame in my dining room.
  4. Horribleman

    The National

    High Violet is a different album on Vinyl.
  5. I saw this at the cinema yesterday. I think Your Name is a much better film. But that's not too say this isn't gorgeous and for the right demographic, fantastic. You should watch Your Name if you haven't already. It's more gorgeous than this IMO.
  6. Ready or Not. Trashy, fun weirdo family horror. 3.5/5
  7. I find scotch bonnets weirdly tolerable. They have a lovely flavour and the heat seems to be on the right part of your mouth for some reason.
  8. This one wasn't because I was scared of how massive and red the scotch bonnet was so I didn't put many seeds in. When it's just on the edge of too hot, it's weirdly the most amazing thing ever. This one wasn't on the edge
  9. One of my current favourites. Onion, garlic, tomato puree, oregano, nice little tomatoes and a scotch bonnet. Fusili. Amazing. Nose will run if hot enough.
  10. Horribleman

    The National

    I really like I am Easy to Find. It's gorgeous. The vinyl sounds great (they are mastered differently to the streaming/CD releases). Also it has the most beautiful actor in the world on the cover.
  11. I'm looking for something like America but a bit less cheesy. Nice, easy listening but with fantastic songwriting and performances.
  12. Holland and Barrett soya protein mince.
  13. Horribleman

    The National

    I would love them to remaster everything with a decent dynamic range. Or release the vinyl masters on streaming services.
  14. Yushoi pea salt and vinegar are lush.
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