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  1. I think it's excellent. There's a real amazing epic level. If you liked Gradius it's a must have imo.
  2. Moana has the most consistent soundtrack.
  3. They kind of reminded me of a fantasy version of Nevernes, with philosophy replacing the Hindi?? folklore.
  4. My first win was a Defect deck with millions of zero cost cards (claw scales nicely) and all for one where you get all of your zero cost cards back from your discard pile. Killed Donu and Deca with one long string of claws and a few go for the eyes. Felt good.
  5. Nah, Frozen is patchy as fuck. Moana is where it's at (apart from the coconuts bit) for infinite watchability.
  6. Horribleman


    I absolutely loved it from the cable car scene right through to the end. I think it was masterfully done TBH, I've never had such a 'oh wow fuck that's me' thing when playing a game before.
  7. Ffs. SKU doesn't refer to the base product. The vanilla switch with an eshop voucher is a different SKU.
  8. Took me about 55 hours to get a win. I've never played a card deck building game before though.
  9. I'm stuck on GuApe - not a fun fight at all. Is the game uphill or downhill from here?
  10. Yes. Hollow Knight. The art, music and everything just fits together into this incredible, cohesive, beautiful world.
  11. Not my dinner, but my daughter asked for one of each type of tomato chopping up and then ate none. So I tried this. Toast with butter, Marmite, tomato, mayonnaise and black pepper. Bloody delicious.
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