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  1. Yeah, my feeble attempts at sniping were with the Pierce. The switch to charge was just to see what happened in a ranged context, since hadn't used it elsewhere (it removed a couple of shields / armour and got them buzzing around like disturbed wasps). Grip is great as it has basic damage increases for head shots and when at low health and is consequently very powerful for single targets, maybe not the best for the raft of adds which some bosses are partial to.
  2. Re the Anchor Re the mind your step boss which you encounter twice Combat in this is fascinating - hugely enjoyable when in non stress situations, but something about the field of view, the red colour which seeps into the screen when at low health, environmental hazards and the cumbersome shield make it much more tricky than it should be at times.
  3. Everything gets a little easier when you gain a certain ability and use the results of it to exploit weaknesses - there is a simple trick to that medical room encounter if you can pull it off, for example.
  4. No pierce upgrade here and I've completed the storyline. Just one side mission to complete - all the other upgrades are available. On a second play through I would reserve all my materials for gun upgrades since the synthesis is so random. Use grip and spin pretty much exclusively apart from one part of the penultimate mission where I was so tired of restarting I resorted to sniping and thrashing around from distance with the explosive one.
  5. Only incursions have timers - you can ignore them and they will be replaced by others in due course - signalled by that hooter sound I think. They provide materials and upgrades but not skill points which are only obtained from missions and discovering hidden rooms / areas accessible when you have your full powers. Green crates are a good source of more valuable materials and upgrades. Gun upgrades still baffle me since I've completed the story, have only one mission o/s and haven't seen an upgrade to pierce as yet.
  6. That boss can be 100% cheesed.
  7. @Thor How many skill points roughly would you say you obtained from secret locations? I seem to have loads of nodes to complete and only 7 or 8 points to gain from 2 missions. I've probably found 4 or 5 from exploration so far (plus the ones you mention earlier from revisiting somewhere). And, to answer a question you raised earlier, no I haven't found her, despite being pointed in the direction of the quarry and then more generally to maintenance.
  8. Don't think so, it's used in maybe 3 or 4 places.
  9. Have a look round for hiss nodes - small red patches. If you chuck stuff at them the red barrier should be removed.
  10. For the key side quests you won't have to read the collectible in question - for the key ones "investigate the X in Y area" immediately becomes a side quest in your log. They don't expire (the only ones which do are the timed incursions). I can't remember which came where but you can certainly obtain them in different orders and from generally looking around each area as you follow the main quest. Levitation is essential for progress but is probably the only one (that's the issue with the clocks area).
  11. Follow up every object of power notification you come across! Some might have come from picking up collectibles along the way iirc.
  12. Maybe something got chopped out? Maybe the house was supposed to move around in some way with these as the only fixed points? I'm also not sure what the sort of hooter sound signifies.
  13. Later on you can use that dodge to your advantage to aim a little left or right. Anyway, finally completed the last chapter . It's just so frustrating with falls and exploding enemies mixed in, and you can't go back and do something else or even use all the material to upgrade guns. Now to go back and finish off the remaining bosses.
  14. Go upstairs and wait behind good cover for him to pop his 2 loads. Then empty your clip and run to new cover. Rinse and repeat. It may be quicker to throw objects at him but that can be a little more tricky early in the game.
  15. No. The option to upgrade pops up after passing certain mission or boss fight points. The ability to do so is then linked to materials. I may have had an example of game difficulty resetting last night when an expected wave of enemies didn't appear (or it could simply have been a bug). The lack of checkpoints late on is a huge negative in this. I really can't see the point; all it does is encourage cheese and excessive caution, when combat is designed to be fast and fun - you become cautious to avoid having to trudge through 3 or 4 areas again after making a single mistake.
  16. Thanks a lot. I did the first phase somehow without really twigging the secret.
  17. Sutton lost 3:0 to Maidenhead and there isn't a single positive to take from our performance. Maidenhead are unexceptional (not huge, not fast, not particularly well organised) but we were terrible throughout from start to finish, attacking and defence, I don't think we gave the keeper anything to do until the 85th moment. We also need to give our new keeper, Dudzinski, a go since Jamie Butler was at fault here for at least a couple of the goals. At this rate all eyes will be on the results from the bottom teams. Next two fixtures - Yeovil (a) and Notts Co (h) will be interesting.
  18. Is there any trick or gimmick to dealing with the traffic light phase 2? Also, If I had my time again I would prioritise the shield upgrades. So essential for many of the boss fights. Levitate and seize are neat to use but far less important.
  19. Two bosses conquered last night and another perfectly do-able. Also, one of them enabled the 3rd grip update which is useful although for some reason not one level IV or V damage increase upgrade for that has dropped or been synthesized.
  20. Central Research is almost always very "hot" in my experience, which makes doing the various Board challenges there fairly quick.
  21. Can't say I've seen ANY evidence of this.
  22. I'm not sure about this - it's simply not entirely what I was expecting. I like the Metroidvania aspects and the really weird stuff, and uncovering the backstory. Characters are a bit meh. I dislike the lack of checkpoints immediately prior to boss fights and in a few other places (the game is saving so surely that would be something easily fixed). I'm probably not too clever at it, but combat is really tough in places and that doesn't fit particularly well with a story led game. I understand the rationale behind the incursions and mini challenges but they both become something of a grind with the limited enemy types. Finally had a few bugs and freezes. Probably unfair to compare to either QB or Prey but right now I prefer both of those to this. Also, for those reminiscing about Alan Wake, a really good game came out in spring which utilised light as a key mechanic - Plague Tale: Innocence.
  23. This game has some truly terrible checkpointing .
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