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  1. This is now listed for release on Nov 04. Anyone else going to take the plunge?
  2. SLick is more like it - if you pull it off. Might be my imagination but it looks as if the whole game has been tarted up even further visually - any one else agree?
  3. Thats easy: X Box Call of Cthulhu Ninja Gaidan Black Fable TLc PC Black and white 2 F.E.A.R
  4. I got a pre-order copy no probs. Maybe retailers are shy of giving it prominence because at £20 the margin is too low - also it is rated 18 because the decapitations left out of the original PAL version are included. The Americans love this and rightly so. Get it and forget about 360 preorder allocations!
  5. F.E.A.R - and immediately pre-ordered. I love the way you can feel it when you walk over the dead bodies. And the sound - awesome. Also AoE III - agree with the earlier poster about singular lack of help but muddled through and it looks good. On Xbox - Fahrenheit and Burnout revenge - also winners. So a good strategy all round for developers / publishers.l
  6. True - all others are a matter of opinion. Pretty pointless thread really but it brought back good memories of this game. I completed it on DC and dont remember a particularly slow start (recent offerings on PS2 have been much worse culprits in this regard) or lasting 100 hours. I might have missed some stuff but I think 30-40 hours should do it. I generally like the genre but it wont appeal to all.
  7. I really enjoyed this game. Ok its relatively short but an intense experience whilst it lasts. One puzzle renmains - how to unlock 100% bonus content? If you purchase all the items available on the menu it only takes you to 82% or so. Has anyone achieved a better score yet?
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