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  1. Well, I would always read the journal, although in this case it's not likely to give you explicit guidance on anything. Exploration for at least the first 2/3 of the game is excellent (confession - I haven't finished but Divinity games usually get much more linear later). iirc the beach is relevant to your query. Also, welcome to the club. Your timing is great - now it's the exception rather than the rule that CRPGs will be limited format wise. Also, there is a huge variety from the remakes / remasters / console ports of blobbers and PS1 era classics to the likes of Witcher and Cyberpunk. Lots of interesting stuff in the mid range too; if you can tolerate a degree of "jank".
  2. Final update on Snowdonia for a while. The non-core trains are great. They include a wide variety of objects such as hot air balloons, elephants, myopic signallers and all sorts - great to add a bit of variety and fun especially when you can see how they have a logical application (e.g remove ballast to gain height in the balloon and advance your surveyor). Some of them are much more quirky and arise directly from personal experience - such as someone apparently receiving a call about a broken washing machine when actually climbing Snowdon (just what you need), so there is an old fashioned style washing machine included. Also, the automaton mode is competent and is a decent enough high score mode after you have the game cycle worked out. Unfortunately its a bit easy as standard because you can both prioritise the plumb contracts and gain their benefits during placement. Also, it seems a little slower in terms of "the Man" gaining control over the board because you are drawing fewer cubes each time from the same base (for either 2 or 3 players it's the same). So back to pink, yellow and green for the next outing. Finally, the box includes two other sets of cards - a set of blank ones for your own route design, and a set which entirely replaces the need for a board and enables portability.
  3. That sums up most of the teams in the National League (Sutton, Wrexham and Stockport excepted). Ludicrous amounts of time get added on even when no physios have had to enter the pitch. They've money enough to stay in the FL for sure (good riddance from our perspective).
  4. Good price for this https://www.boardgameguru.co.uk/this-war-of-mine-the-board-game-special-offer-75025-p.asp, best played in solo.
  5. No, not overthinking anything - the game is really clever. Glad you are enjoying it. Just take good care of the cat, not all folk have the same appreciation.....
  6. Upon filing some of the unnecessary cards back into the index I discovered a few more SD contracts which hadn't been included in the games yesterday - needless to day ones with sunny backs! I also realised I was interpreting the bottom half of the contract cards incorrectly, i.e as a one off opportunity to be taken when advantageous, regardless of the precise wording, or whether one has placed a worker in that spot (sometimes it's obvious you would only do it if you had, but not always). Now that's sorted out, its time to take a look at some of the bonus content and, sticking with Snowdonia scenario for the time being (no Yeti yet), I decided to have a look at seasons, the "card 31 of 30" type extra contracts, the train scrap yard and the station with the unfeasibly long name. Seasons are excellent since they really add another layer of tempo change and strategy, the scrap yard is brilliant for the end game and only the extra station seems a bit inessential (there is a also a hotel you can tack on in the same way to provide additional building opportunities which cannot be blocked). For the first time the excavate rate counter was jammed up at the top speed and we actually completed the track laying before the Man / Competition / whatever took it away from us. I think I'll play again to really cement the mechanics and then bring out the promo trains for a laugh. A couple of pics to illustrate the components and the conclusion of the latest game in Autumn.
  7. Snowdonia Deluxe Master Set . In a world in which board game STUFF increasingly constitutes a mountain of grey plastic and / or a snowstorm of cheap cardboard tokens, what a lovely surprise this KS is. It contains the base game and all the various scenarios and mini-expansions which have been produced officially or by fans since the first edition, including 100 or more engines (not that they are all trains as such..). The wooden components are all gloriously colourful, detailed and tactile and there are organisers to help sort everything out (I'll try to get a decent picture to illustrate). I'm new to the game so all I have done so far is play the basic Snowdonia scenario a couple of times but I can see already how clever the game is (playing 3 hands in default, can't be bothered with the automaton version which is included in the package and which is available for many of the scenarios). The way everything speeds up towards the end if you don't recycle sufficient stone and ore, the way the incessant rain and fog frustrate and slow things down further (very Welsh ) the bottle neck in steel production which can be a bitch when it comes time for train maintenance.... Needless to say there are a few folk on BGG losing their rag at various typos and errata but for a train nut who likes a nice compact Euro, this is absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Great to see Tommy Wright back in action after an ACL injury, and scoring late on to beat Boreham Wood, a team I have come to dislike in my SUFC supporting life. Lads can put their feet up now since there is no mid week match (just the two in three days next weekend)
  9. That's going to be a better alternative if available - SUFC do it for home matches.
  10. There doesnt seem to be a round up show for mid week matches which is a pity given how many of them there are between now and early November. I take it there is no co-ordination between leagues for re-scheduling potential clashes?
  11. This is where I would say better to start with the first game but if you are here, take it real slow. The first area, the ship, is a tutorial but when you are through that be prepared for a much larger area with little or no hand holding (although the overall objective is clear). The tutorial shows how pretty much all objects may be manipulated. Watch out for surfaces like oil and water which may be impacted by elemental affects and use the environment to good effect (height, bottlnecks etc). Talk to everyone and make liberal use of quick save. Help yourself to a bedroll or two for healing.
  12. Sutton Utd 2: Chorley 2 Entertaining match in extremely windy conditions. The ball plummeted down in a straight vertical against the wind and of course was skidding off and away from the other end (it does this often enough in less extreme conditions). Chorley lined up at the Lane as another team of giants, having neither scored nor conceded a league goal in their first two fixtures. 10 minutes in and they were 2 up, both from corners to the far post with man mountain Meppen-Walters nodding in and then heading across goal for Holroyd to poke home. Crazy defending. We were then the better attacking side but had it all to do - a neat build up for the first and then a direct free kick from our new left back Milsom secured the draw. Not a great result, and we really need to stop conceding first at home. Interesting note in the program "away from home we are able to set up in a certain way and put a game plan into effect" - not sure why this isn't possible at home. Well, two opportunities now to put that plan into practice at Eastleigh and then Boreham Wood.
  13. Yep, it's STUFF all right. There are still nice little things out there - Side Room solo efforts, Dark Domains is a really nice game but not for me, Ragusa is a neat Euro, Unbroken Undelivered is probably decent, but BIGGER is definitely the trend. Also, just keeping up with expansions for the franchises you like and where the games might be difficult to source at retail (Sword & Sorcery, Trickerion, Nemo, and the Hexplore universe). I'm also a sucker for the "additional encounters" type add-ons since they increase replay ability signficantly. Just when I've decided enough is (very almost) enough, KS give me super backer prize idiot status. .
  14. From my observations over the last 2 seasons, it takes a while for relegated clubs to acclimatise to National League level, particularly those new to this level - Leyton and Chesterfield come to mind. Notts' next match is on BT Sport.
  15. Sutton drew 1-1 with Barnet last night. Probably a fair result, Barnet having the better of the first half and us coming back much improved after the break. Harry Beautyman was the pick of the bunch - now given #10 shirt and probably the league's current top scorer with 3. Lots of new faces in the squad as expected - Ben Goodliffe, Omar Bugiel, David Ajiboye, Will Randall, George Tuson-Firth, Rob Milsom, Dan Matsuzaka and Aaron Jarvis. Terrible lino, rolling around and time wasting (nice to have the walking off at the nearest point rule change), yep the league is back. Next up Chorley (h).
  16. Not a fan of this model either. Crazy also to have the first major expansion for Arkham Horror (return to Dunwich?) out of print when so many folk like playing things in release order.
  17. I've just run through a solo game of Gloom of Kilforth, the first since April. I played an elven wizard who boosted combat via spell numbers, and who wielded a big sword, but who also had very useful demon slaying (great v the minions) and electric bolt abilities. I'd totally forgotten how tough this can be at first though - getting the 3 rumour cards you require which always relate to terrain or encounter types in just the one day, probably from 2 or 3 locations (and then requiring another action to regale) is incredibly tough with just the 4 AP. You really have to accumulate some free action loot or other useful items first, and that can take some time. After that first level up however, things went really fast since the later keywords from my quest could be satisfied mainly from assets (probably assisted by the lucky chance that I was using the magic appropriate quest). I scraped though this one in day 23 with 1HP remaining. 3 wins and 1 defeat to date with this mode.
  18. LAC is written conventionally. Staccato style takes off with White Jazz.
  19. This is the link to the Vol III HEXplore it game - Sands of Shurax. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hexploreit/hexplore-it-the-sands-of-shurax/description Worth keeping an eye on if you like solo or 2P games such as Mage Knight, Gloomhaven (for character interaction), or similar fairly sand-boxy affairs, where you don't necessarily have to "beat" the game each time to feel you have had a worthwhile experience. A soloist would typically control two characters with powers which often intertwine (a bit reminiscent of turn-ordered combat in a JRPG); a couple could use 3-4 and have a fully balanced team. I can't see any point in playing this with bigger groups because you are moving a single party around the map, and it could also get a little chaotic in battle. The thing which stands out for me about this particular volume is the relatively low number of roles (and races) included - 6. I know this is similar to those included for many crawlers, but the first volume (VotDK) absolutely trampled over this with 24 - a mix of damager doers, buffers, utility chaps, debuffers and specialists. All these roles and races may be used in any game in the series and contribute significantly to replayability. They will most likely make the first volume available within pledge manager and if the price is competitive (compared to discounted UK retail of £70) I would go for both to significantly improve the experience (you don't need the expansion to Volume I unless you want to explore the PvP mode included in that). All the three volumes play in an identical manner mechanically, with variations around the edges, so looking at any video of any of the volumes will give you an idea of whether it might appeal. The dry wipe markers and boards are incredibly useful and the way the characters grow from weaklings to superpowered boss slayers is impressive. There is plenty of scope for mixing and matching from the various gameplay options and/or house rules to find something which suits.I would second the various comments from fans - a high quality product, if niche.
  20. It's very strange indeed. Some of it surely derives from small populations of items, some of it must be heavily timing dependent as popular recent games such as Wingspan go in and out of print, and some of it, particularly the prices paid for pretty trivial KS add-ons, just seems crazy.
  21. This is out now on Blu Ray. I knew it was going to be good, but the first two episodes are absolutely mind blowing. Only shame is that there is no making of included. I'll go back over the thread when I'm done.
  22. Not sure why I haven't posted in here for ages. Seem to have drifted into reading very long books quite slowly, with the odd short thriller thrown in for travel purposes. Non-fiction wise I've read both volumes of Schama on the history of the Jews, and am midway through the Secret World (very interesting indeed), with bios of De Gaulle and Churchill lined up for the rest of the year. Fiction wise I've re-read Charles Palliser's Quincunx which is currently plastered with post-it stickies since it's a brilliantly constructed if very lengthy mystery in the vein of Wilkie Collins etc (which largely eluded me first time out it appears, don't recall any sense of solving it (you aren't presented with the answer). It's also charming to see how vocabulary changes over the years - gammon must in Regency times have been a mild insult since its used here in the construct - what a load of gammon! Also the Artful Dodger must have been a kid skilled at following "coves" for nefarious purposes (rather than a slippery or hard to get a hold of child). Fascinating stuff. I'm now reading the LA Quartet which has its own lingo entirely (see Ellroy thread), some of which is quite difficult to parse, (quite apart from racial / sexual labels).
  23. I'm reading the LA Quartet back to back (in the quality Everyman library edition). I know I've read at least BD beforehand but don't really remember too many details. The Big Nowhere has to rank as one of the single most brutal but most complete (satisfying sounds like the wrong word in the context) novels in the crime / mystery / detection oeuvre. You have all the clues dribbled out, individual moments which pack a surprisingly sad emotional punch, and the major reveal at the end too . Now onto LA Confidential.
  24. The Club is one of the most intense (claustrophobic) films I've seen recently. Very disturbing in places. Finished Loro, probably preferred the last hour to the earlier stuff to be honest. Can't deny it's a spectacle (+Stooges), but overall I prefer both Il Divo and The Great Beauty.
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