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  1. Just finished watching this. Very reminiscent in places of Taxi Driver, King of Comedy and even snatches of Apocalypse Now. Gary Glitter though. What the flaming fuck?
  2. Anyone after Kings Dilemma, Meeples Corner restock coming tomorrow. Just a few copies available. It's amazing. https://meeplescorner.co.uk/product/the-kings-dilemma/
  3. Oh yes, I'm sure it fits in, its just I prefer to leave the monsters in a different container between sessions. I don't use the initiative bars since I place the cards played in initiative order across the table, simples (miss my binned off LP mailer trays though ). I should have mentioned the use of the booklet replacing bland and bulky tile sets as a big plus - no more fiddling with door and obstruction hexes. Much smarter all round basically, and the bonus of classes you may well want to retain for later use (I'm assuming the only thing one will want to c
  4. Incredible news for Wrexham. For the rest of us it looks as if the plan to admit fans on Oct 3rd will be scuppered. Sutton Utd are in the process of agreeing their "safe capacity" with the local authority, and have sold around 700 season tickets. There is also another fan fundraising initiative in hand which has raised £30k. So that is cash in hand, and there will be savings to make if fans are not admitted to matches. Maybe they open the bars on match days and use the same rules as for pubs. There will be live streaming available for the rest of us. I think the
  5. Any link up of MS with Sega needn't be an acquisition. The first bullet point could include a few Sonic games coming to gamepass or summit (those blue controllers still stick out). I know there was talk at one stage of having a separate section for niche Japanese games, which is where the other platforms score hands down at present.
  6. Jaws of the Lion is really clever. They have put a lot of thought into providing "stabilisers" for the first 3 scenarios, using a reduced deck of cards and clearly explaining each one. In the first scenario, the monsters only move and attack at par, they don't use their own decks. New features are introduced and then the wheels come off in #4 and you are straight away into a stamina scenario because there is a lot of monster HP to chew through. Scenario #5 is a boss to introduce these, and thereafter its standard Gloomhaven. A couple of things stand out for me: All
  7. It is extremely "flat" for sure - visually wonderful but lacking in real memorable moments - the sort of scenes that BioWare could conjure up at will in their heyday and we remember years and years afterward. Combat has definitely not been tweaked - I reckon whoever claimed it was had misunderstood the levelling in the original. It's almost a surprise when you stumble on a few side quests which have alternate paths, but there are some. Still, in the main a very enjoyable game (that initial load time though, and the load time for opening books..).
  8. The entire Sega back catalogue do far as compatible. Or Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrow.ind
  9. I haven't put it to the test but if you are after a series X, the Microsoft UK store is still indicating stock is available to pre-order from them directly (unlike for the other retailers listed).
  10. If you listen to one board game podcast this year, I suggest you make it Ludology episode 234 (the most recent) with David Turzci. It's brilliant - very wide ranging (not just his games) and has a lot of interesting things to say about game complexity, the 6 key attributes he attaches to games and to solo gaming.
  11. You now have 14 followers. If you want to see what these are up to you need to befriend them I.e make it reciprocal.
  12. Simply Games has just put up a £630 bundle with Series X, 3 games, headphones and some other stuff and a £350 bundle for the S.
  13. But not that type of Fallout. The last two are just shooters right?
  14. Sent you two invites - one to the RLLMUK club, which is a little moribund but maybe that will change now, t'other to RPG addicts which is active but which you may ignore if you don't like RPGs.
  15. Never apologise for bumping this unusual and high quality game. I thought it didn't drag at all because one of the mechanics is subtly inverted in the last phase, but opinions differ.
  16. Also it's worth downloading the Xbox app on your phone if you are new or returning to the ecosystem after some time out. You can do pretty much everything from it.
  17. Yes, there is the on-line store, plus the likes of Shopto and Simply. Worth keeping an eye on sales every Tuesday since I assume you can purchase games these days without having a console. The basic version of the game will be upgraded for the series X (others can explain this better), there are no special versions for this season at least. UPS. Edit - as noted by Mr Gerbik in the above post.
  18. Did you see their tweet? The whole situation is fascinating (from an RPG fan point of view). Wouldn't be surprised if current Bethesda projects are cancelled and staff re-assigned to others in the stable.
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