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    RPGs and the best of the rest, has to be interesting though these days to get a look in.
    Board games - dungeon crawlers or anything good for solo play.
    Reading history, fiction in translation, science fiction or more or less anything if stuck on the proverbial Desert Island.
    Tennis for 2 weeks a year.
    Football and in particular supporting Arsenal & Sutton Utd.

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  1. Yes, I should have noted that. Can't blame clubs in a desperate financial state for trying everything to survive, but it does compromise the integrity of the competition. At the very least all Dover results need to be expunged since that's a different situation where they have just packed up and stopped.
  2. Another injury time goal won the South London derby for Sutton last night, moving us up to second, just a point behind Torquay. Next up a RLLMUK derby v @Fatsam,s Wrexham. Last two matches have seen wallopings both ways, so likely a 0-0 this time around. TV money will come in handy too. National league still seems to be in a complete shambles though with the Dover situation unresolved and other teams playing non contract players knowing there will be no relegation this season.
  3. Some words from Jonathan Mariucci on why they are switching to Gamefound for Volume IV of the Hexplore it series.
  4. Volume III of Hexplore it - Sands of Shurax. Simply incredible sand box () game, this one channelling a Dune vibe big time with a giant burrowing worm as the Big Boss who leaves behind valuable crystals. There are so many interlocking mechanisms in this - reputation/loyalty to the city states, non connected areas requiring travel by caravan, an Arena (suiting the Half Ork gladiator down to the ground), gambling and bribery, it's going to take a while to all bed in... (and this is the base version of the game - two more layers of content are available ....). Next volume launches April on G
  5. I'm space constrained in a flat with no handy attic, spare room or even much clear wall space, so I thought this might be a helpful thread for chat around: insets storage solutions such as furniture your own game playing aids (like my late lamented Gloomhaven trays, but also simple tips like using dice to record enemy health where no mechanism is offered in game). particularly good or bad packaging (i.e in box). Some publishers seem particularly bad at this such as Giochix, but the work around for these is to use A4 plastic folders which comfortably house the
  6. I'll start a game packaging, storage and arrangement thread for all inset chat!! Returning to costs, February is done now: January total £179 February: Alba KS hardback pledge £30 Vampire the Masquerade Chapters KS extras £80 (doubly glad I backed this one now the video game has been cancelled) Pandemic Legacy Season Zero £67 (this month's impulse buy - probably more or less a reskin of seasons 1 and 2 but I haven't played those, and any legacy game has a huge future lack of storage space bonus value) Lewis & Clark second edi
  7. Important win for Sutton last night at Dagenham - sounds as if we didn't play too well but two penalties, one in extra time, sufficed. Having suffered from last kick of the game goals twice I think so far, that evens the score a little.
  8. I've started playing through this again after many years. Chose a female city elf rogue. Blimey that origin pulls preciseley no punches. Rape and murder in the opening minutes. Im an angry elf as a result (of course I chose combat). Going through the ritual in your wedding dress, having stripped the two lads to their loin cloths. .. I
  9. Vampire fans should check out the 3 new or forthcoming games in the unplugged sphere, hangout of all the cool kids these days....
  10. Good weekend for Sutton with a convincing win over Wealdstone and league leaders Torquay losing at home. 4 points behind with a couple of matches in hand. One of those matches is v Dover who have apparently unilaterally stopped fulfilling their fixtures. They should be expelled from the league and all results reversed if this remains the case. Only 20 out of 44 fixtures played owing to Covid and waterlogged pitches suggest a hectic schedule for the reminder of the season so games in hand might not be particularly valuable.
  11. It's not great even though the camera movement makes it clear what is required. I think it was a reverse out of the out of body experience which actually worked, although that doesn't altogether make sense - let your spirit self get caught (can't be avoided?) then hold b and let your mortal self run for the switch. After a couple of failures it worked, and it only took a second or two. Games got a fairly large patch.
  12. I've got Sleeping Gods pre-ordered from Meeples Corner - no payment required upfront. https://meeplescorner.co.uk/product/sleeping-gods-board-game/ Kickstarters really vary. Some have no retail distribution but may have retailer level pledges where small quantities will trickle through. Others go to retail, possibly at lower cost. Most campaigns re-open for pledges at around the time the pledge manager opens but that timeframe varies quite a bit too - often 2-3 months after close but can be later. So, hard to generalise.
  13. It's great. And tough. No wins yet here, although luck is a big factor of course. I like the little graphs which portray your declining health, which you can suitably annotate. Alien eggs!! etc.
  14. Another explanation for "it all begins with a dead girl"
  15. I've just had a note from Phalanx with news of further delays, but the key point is that a high proportion of the game (1941 Race to Moscow, (crawl more like)) is locally sourced so there should be no Brexit complications - seems common with Polish (and some other European sources) that printed material is locally produced and game assembly done on site. They're going to redesign the board as a bonus for solo players for the additional delay from the Chinese components. Others seem to have accepted the need to split the UK shipment from the EU one to at least get round the "in and
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