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  1. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I would get over to another region or island and clear forts or leader houses (side benefits being materials and loot for sale or deconstruction) (assuming you have 100% cleared the first mandatory regions). Likely there will also be side quests available too, once you have revealed the map. Also moving around gives you access to more town notice boards to scoop up all the generic kill x of Spartans / Athenian etc etc which just keep XP ticking along as you fulfil them.
  2. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Yeah, bad wording on my part. Also I think the ship upgrade Aesop analogy is off, since the tortoise wins his race with the hare because the hare takes a nap partway - I was thinking of where you get closer and closer and never reach the destination. This game feels a bit like that at times.
  3. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    That's the thing. You know perfectly well you are a fat cheeked hamster running along on your exercise wheel growing fatter every session, with food or other treats being thrown at you every so often, you know there is nothing in this gameplay wise that hasn't been done before a thousand times, but,hey, it doesn't matter. It just comes together splendidly and I think the historical setting adds considerably to that. They've thrown out the old mission constraints and modern day stuff, not to mention the absolutely shit combat of the franchise (e.g III), and the open world setting offers a lot more variety of landscape than the single city offerings.
  4. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I didn't notice but my ship arrows have been downgraded to pink. Aesop wasn't Greek for nothing.
  5. Cosmic_Guru

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    This week's patch increases the level cap from 50 to 70 and introduces the inventory transmorg ability whereby you can equip, say, the meanest ugliest metal helmet with high Assassin damage and magic it into a soft cloth hood (or any other headwear you have looted to date). It (or last week's) also clarifies and makes more visible the bonus accruing for rising up the mercenary ranks - the next one for me will introduce a shipboard carpenter who will upgrade the ship for reduced resources. Just the one cultist needed now until I can max out my poison blade sneaky build (with Spartan kick side line of course). If I have one complaint about this is that the the number of interesting skills for any build is limited - but then again you have to cater for folk spending far less time levelling up (it really isn't grinding). Still not getting tired running around debating philosophy with Socrates, meddling with politics and doing my Minotaur "pre-trials". Such a great game.
  6. It was a sort of aural / photographic collage really - going through at a rapid clip the various phases of army life (Western front context) in sequence: Call up Training Embarkment and Channel crossing Moving up to the trenches and daily routines (the big switch in presentation at around 24 minutes) Work routines behind the lines Rest periods Major "over the top" offensive notorious but relatively few in number over 4 years - most casualties were from snipers or shrapnel on "nothing" days) De-mob (the film suggests this was quick and simple whereas in reality many of the conscripts were retained in Belgium for months after 11/18 doing work such as buried detail.) Disillusionment back at home When you watch the credits you realise the men interview were from all branches of the service and many regiments so they were talking about different experiences but it all fits together in this format. They mixed things up quite a bit, presumably having to work with whatever footage was available, but I disagree with you that the awfulness doesn't come across. Those interested in a chronological sequence of veteran interviews and archive footage should consider watching the BBC series The Great War which seems to be available on YouTube.
  7. Cosmic_Guru

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    No. Far better games to play in shared space or MMO. No SP worth speaking about.
  8. Cosmic_Guru

    What are you playing?

    Folklore pics - in transit on the world map and in the final stages of a boss battle v the Far East Alchemist. This latter went very smoothly because the exorcist, reduced to ghost form, in the top left hand corner of the map has a ghost power which immobilises, and the boss is strictly melee, but boss battles are normally as tough as you would expect. Since then, I've decided that a pack of small coloured stickers is an essential resource!
  9. Cosmic_Guru

    What are you playing?

    I'm getting something of my boardgames mojo back. Just run through the first scenario of Discover Lands Unknown (Island map) with 2 hands. Frankly, they could not have come up with a more tedious ending to this scenario if they tried (real spoiler) Peeping ahead, the win condition for scenario 2 looks a little more interesting, but likely this game will be offered in the trading section before too long. The big selling point is the randomness of contents (2 maps out of 4, and some variation in location cards and enemy types making each set potentially unique). It reminds me a little of City of Kings and is likely a little similar to 7th Continent although I have yet to play that. The basic eat, drink, craft, avoid or take on predators gameplay loop seems sound though, and is probably more enjoyable with 4P perhaps splitting into 2 teams of 2 to offer support or transfer opportunities. I've also got Folklore: the Affliction on the go with a 4 character group (range is 2-5) and have the Sword & Sorcery Arcane Portal expansion as my "big" weekend game. Folklore waffle not spoiler In short - might be worth considering for a group who are interested in a more story driven affair than the likes of Gloomhaven, so long as they are prepared to keep their pencils sharpened. As for Sword & Sorcery, I love it now after initial tribulations. Each Quest can branch and twist in unpredictable ways, drawing new enemies into the fray and revealing dream sequences, hidden treasures and other delights. The dungeon tiles are far more intricately designed than for Gloomhaven and team positioning is key, but there is still a degree of randomness in how things pan out dependent on enemy activations and shadow placement. 3 characters seems a sweet spot for solo play, but I reckon a full 5 character blow-out (either good or evil) through both acts is on the cards some day now that Act II is available and I've figured out how to organise space. This feels a bit like Baldur's gate to Gloomhaven's Icewind Dale.
  10. Cosmic_Guru

    A movie watchers blog

    Yep. The cavalry charged into a crowd gathered at St Peter's Field Manchester in 1819 to protest lack of parliamentary representation and the introduction of the Corn Laws, leading to 15 dead in the immediate aftermath and hundreds wounded. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peterloo_Massacre
  11. Cosmic_Guru

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Use a blood drain weapon like the hacksaw, or one which maxes stun (these seem the two most viable strategies). Lots of points in stamina. Just one of the specials.
  12. Don't know how I missed this thread earlier but congratulations on the launch. Issue #1 purchased. I like the look of the Toolbox section - this is territory that Edge has almost entirely vacated, so there is definitely a gap in the market for folk like me who aren't in the business but would like to know more about what goes on "under the hood" of games. Please, please keep a really good balance of games - genres, origins, age etc. Spot on review of Assassin's creed too . Looking forward to the the RPG feature in the next issue.
  13. For me, the transition from b&w to colour (and enlargement to full screen) was breathtaking. Despite being fairly knowledgable about the war, I hadn't realised such minor details as the men's shirts being light blue. I'm not sure why colour adds to effectiveness / immediateness but it does. Incredible editing job to arrange the interviews thematically rather than chronologically (as they were presented in the original Great War BBC series). Very intense and moving experience all round. Obviously there were many other WW1 experiences which could not be accommodated in this format, other arenas of war, women serving as nurses and ambulance drivers etc, but it really brought home the conditions these men lived and fought in - 4 days in the line -> retreat to work parties and periods of rest in the rear. My grandad lost a leg on the Western Front and like the men interviewed could or would never speak about his experiences with family, but he was fortunate to have a job to return to and, as I discovered recently, an incredibly benevolent employer. It's hard now to think that these lads of 16 or 17 would have been working for several years after leaving school at 13 or so, so no wonder they were keen to get out of their routines.
  14. Cosmic_Guru

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Yes, Sutton Utd 0: Slough Town ("the rebels") 0 I hope no-one stayed up for the TV highlights of this. Only one team seemed confident enough to play their game and fight for the right to go through to the next round and they weren't in amber & chocolate*. I can only think the financial situation at the club is getting serious, and the players were extremely nervous not to fail. As mentioned before, we have no fit centre forward at all and our 2 most forward attackers on the field were ineffective and both got substituted, leaving a (bandaged) centre half up front for the last 20 minutes or so, much to the extreme frustration of the crowd. Conditions were atrocious with frequent downpours, but affected both sides. Slough had an appeal for the ball over the line on the other end which I had no view of but had a good sight at a tap in which was hit into the ground and a lucky escape for us. Our crosses and few attempts went high wide and handsome all afternoon. Terrible showing, unclear tactics, no name it. Our number 10 has now been called up for Kenya in the inter-lull so we have even fewer forward options for the trip to Gateshead and the Slough replay. Soaked on walk home completed the misery. * incidentally Slough's home colours, same kit manufacturer too
  15. Look forward to hearing what you think about it.

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