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    RPGs and the best of the rest, has to be interesting though these days to get a look in.
    Board games - dungeon crawlers or anything good for solo play.
    Reading history, fiction in translation, science fiction or more or less anything if stuck on the proverbial Desert Island.
    Tennis for 2 weeks a year.
    Football and in particular supporting Arsenal & Sutton Utd.

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  1. Does anyone know how 360 games are going to be handled - will you still be taken to the 360 warm up screen etc? Both Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins have just had updates and I'm giving them both a quick look ...
  2. Got it with a £10 loyalty discount from Waterstone. The review from SFX suggested very good things indeed.....
  3. Also, I'm finding it hard to believe that the Demons Souls remake is the only game shown that won't be available for PS4.
  4. Responding to the presentation itself, it seemed a bit rushed. Obviously though, the finer points of presentation haven't counted for anything at all given the rush to pre-order. I thought back compatibility could be clearer. I wouldn't be surprised if the new FF comes to Xbox, or the FF VII remake for that matter.
  5. No, that's a different situation. I was checking though it and found some of the health tokens were missing. I've probably appropriated them for something else, guessing it would never be sold. I can have a look for them, or find substitutes, and think about a price - its got all the additional KS content, but is a little "used" in feel owing to card shuffling. Watch this space!
  6. No, I was thinking of taking it down to a charity shop this morning but it's still here presently. Are you interested?
  7. More so than simply or shop to. I suppose Amazon or Microsoft are the bankers in this equation.
  8. Mortis is next up for Chicago. If you take anything else 1066 goes for free, otherwise it's £5. The Artefact is free.
  9. Don't think anyone else was up for this so it's yours for £5. I'll PM you the Paypal address.
  10. Sorry to hear your news Rob. @frumious I'll PM you payment details - it will be two separate parcels, so £70 please.
  11. Of course. £40 for both if I wrap and send them together. I'll PM the details.
  12. OK, this is the current offering. As far as I know, all games are complete. All games are punched, bagged ’n’ banded, and otherwise in very good condition unless noted below. In general, I’ve taken 50% of effective retail price as a starting point and adjusted up or down for condition. Consider £5 of stated price to be postage, so if multiple items can be packed together that sum will be deducted (no guarantees, it all depends on what will fit with what.) I’ll organise couriers for the items >2kg and1st class PO the smaller items. Payment by Paypal or BT please. All prices UK only. Isle of Cats - full KS edition including 5-6 player expansion, various additional decks and bigger cat meeples. The original cardboard fish tokens have been replaced by wooden ones. Some sorting out will be needed - the leaflets explaining the KS content are included. Near new condition throughout. Price £45 (SOLD fruminous) Gaia Project £35 (SOLDJonny Alpha) On Mars - retailer KS edition, includes a few additional cards and a board for blueprints. £60 (SOLD lochenvar) Chicago 1875 - thin paper money is worn. £25 (SOLD Mortis) Feast for Odin - this game has suffered a little from damp. It’s marked the inside of the box in a few places but not affected the game pieces other than one or two profession cards which happened to be on the outside of the decks. Also, the top right hand corner of the box is a little scrunched (visible on the photo) £25. (SOLD Fruminous) Miremarsh £20 Ships £10 (not discounted for condition - just didn't cost much more new) Core Space bundle - includes Cygnus crew, Yamato crew, Purge outbreak (all sealed) and hardcover deluxe rule book - £55 (Pending Nathan Wind) 1066 Tears for Many Mothers - £5 if sold separately. (no original box) (SOLD Uglifruit) Marquis £10 (SOLD Jonny Alpha) Res Arcarna £10 (SOLD Revlob) Dungeon Alliance adventure packs and Champions expansion £10 each, £25 the lot. I’ve also got 2 copies of Artifact (one sold), the solo RPG and 1 spare copy of Spielbox issue 2/20 and 1 Keyforge deck which must have come with TTG - if you would like any of these and they can be packed in with other items please indicate. I guess the next step is for those who have expressed interest to confirm or otherwise and then we can exchange details.
  13. No, nothing like that. What system are you playing it on?
  14. To confirm - enemies in previously explored areas don't scale up to your current level - just had a spider eruption at chez moi which illustrated this. All enemy types scale though when you move into a new area - so a wolf or a rat for example becomes tougher and has no one set level. A lot of things aren't explained at all in this.
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