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  1. Could you perhaps find a local lower-league side to support until the Bury phoenix arises from the ashes? Just back from a rare 4-0 home win for Sutton with bonus points for (1) goals being scored by forwards and (2) for the T shirt and shorts experience. The result never looked in any doubt after we scored although it might have been a different story if the Spirites early snatched shot had crept in instead of crashing back from the crossbar. Next game is Daggers (h).
  2. I agree. You don't find better quality loot in higher lock chests either - that depends more on your loot %. I only got vigour out of curiosity to see what was what in a few places. I'm beginning to think things only really change if you deliberately delay certain quests - maybe if you go full on main quest and don't select charm / intuition you see different world circumstances (there is a huge spoiler in the Kotaku review which identifies one such instance). If like me you are hard wired to do side quests first and also are reasonable, rational, charming and hard working, you seem to end up in a particular place (everyone on board except the Bridge Alliance and the Coin Guard). Still, more might be revealed by inspecting the hidden achievements after completion.
  3. Yes, all good now. Which means all those vigor 3 climbing walls are accessible. I think I really am on the home stretch now, with just a couple of areas to visit en route to the presumed show-down, climax and / or decision. Another tip - always buy any "quest items" which pop up from time to time in vendor inventory - they save a little to-ing and fro-ing in places.
  4. And there I was naively thinking Sterling was being ironic when he was banging on extremely repetitively about repetitive barks in Greedfall (a video unworthy of posting here since he was just whiling away the time before Borderlands 3 downloaded, and didn't get the game at all).
  5. There are loads of things which could be criticised about this game. My personal bugbear is the African / Irish / Godawful somewhere-between-the-two native accents (they should have chosen Welsh or Irish and stuck with it). I keep thinking I'll just have to buckle down and finish the main quest, and something else pops up.
  6. every Thor warm front seems accompanied by a cold front rushing along behind. There are indeed some quests which do make you run from A to B to C to D repeatedly, but only a few.
  7. Oh good. Certain things clearly need to be done in a particular order in this to make any sense at all (think Nauts and Petrus), and I'm guessing that the final bits of the "main quest" will be pretty native-centric, so there could be opportunities there.
  8. Interesting! We'll have to chat more when we're all finished. I'm now beginning to think the single occasion on which I restrained Siora from expressing her grief and anger might have been highly significant to our relationship, I can't think of any other reason why we are not best chums given all the leg work I do for the natives and my generally pacific approach. Really looking forward to the end of the Petrus side quest chain tonight.
  9. I've kept the sailor suit because it has +1 lock picking on it (a fact I didn't appreciate in the prologue). It is crazy how you only need to change the main character except for once so far when you suddenly need to purchase 3 outfits. Anyway, since I'm a kick ass mage I usually roll with Vasco and Aphra, although on normal difficulty it really doesn't matter one jot. Vasco is a must though for important talky bits since that way I obtain intuition 3. I've recently done a whole swathe with Petrus and he's great. I really like that character. I've also used Siora a great deal with all the various native interactions. Kurt was useful early on. So, it's been a good mix. As for relationships, Vasco is just itching to get into my pants (playing male), so that's all sorted for this run. I was also angling for Aphra but keeping everything strictly rational. Like you I still have work to do with Petrus and Siora but at least I have a new lead for the former. I'm now beginning to wonder what I have actually changed or altered (other than the two either / or quests you encounter in the prologue). I'm generally a conciliatory type who doesn't go round causing trouble. I've got 2 points in both charm and intuition and have cash to binge on bungs (after THAT bit with Kurt). Early on when there is a mission to sneak in and rescue some "lions" I didn't spot the quiet option and didn't have the necessary intuition to wriggle through the gap, so blood was shed. However, that seems pretty minor and everything is tickety boo with them now. I did take an important decision re Theléme but feel I've done little of significance with the Bridge Alliance. I hope the secret achievements reveal or anticipate things I haven't encountered at all.
  10. I feel I'm hurtling along towards the conclusion now, after some gnarly Théléme related investigation, but must surely have more companion quests to do. Also there are a fair few areas which haven't been fully explored. Note - areas are often blocked off or doors aren't "active" until certain points are reached
  11. Nope. If its the first boss tell him to run upstairs (up is always good in this), take cover, shoot and immediately sprint to new cover whilst reloading (unless he's ace at chucking stuff quickly and accurately). Some of the later bosses may be completely or partially cheesed.
  12. New Serene is often foggy and dusty but then you exit the Governors place and witness the sun setting in the face of the red brick buildings; it's almost breathtaking in contrast. Lots and lots of minor faults and quibbles but nothing getting in the way of some seriously good gaming. Just discovered something very nice indeed at the end of an initiative 2 wriggly passage........
  13. Second away game of the season we throw away 3 points with a late pen . 12 points from 11 matches. No home win. League 2 looks even more ridiculous this year - one relegation spot, four (even three in a normal year) promotion spots....
  14. Tap laying skill helps with cheesing the arena Magic is really good to play in this, even without the conventional fire balls, lightning etc. Just reached my first real natives v colonists dispute re land use......
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