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    RPGs and the best of the rest, has to be interesting though these days to get a look in.
    Board games - dungeon crawlers or anything good for solo play.
    Reading history, fiction in translation, science fiction or more or less anything if stuck on the proverbial Desert Island.
    Tennis for 2 weeks a year.
    Football and in particular supporting Arsenal & Sutton Utd.

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  1. Reminds me a bit of Elex - that underrated Euro RPG. Lots of joy in exploring and discovery.
  2. 3-2. Never in any doubt . The lads must be absolute bundles of nerves.
  3. All items have now been despatched. Decided to rock on with eBay sale immediately owing to diary being more congested later in the month. Let me know if any problems with damage etc.
  4. Just seen that spectators will be allowed back, subject to regulatory approval, for the final 2 National League fixtures* (and play-offs). Woot! We have our match in hand over Torquay tomorrow - Woking at home. If we don't win, then we have no business in even contemplating promotion. If we do, we edge ahead of Torquay again and have 3 final matches - Maidenhead and Barnet away, and Hartlepool at home. * possibly excepting Wrexham.
  5. Sorry, Ph0rce is taking it. I think the original post is fully up to date now.
  6. Great thanks. PayPal as before.
  7. I would hand you over Gloom for £35, but we need to resolve the TMB position with @ph0rce and also @graemandius since they expressed interest earlier.
  8. Sutton - outskirts of South / Southwest London.
  9. Prices for current list. All prices include UK RM shipping unless too big/heavy for that. Owing to the steep increase charged for parcels over 2kg, it seems unlikely in most cases for there to be any benefits of scale for multiple items. Dwellings of Elverdale - deluxe version (not legendary version) £70 (including courier)(first dibs @shynra) Underwater Cities £35 (first dibs @Munkienut) Bonfire £30 (first dibs @michael) Quartermaster General 2nd edition £20 Pangea £25 Philosophia £30 - this is a KS game. L
  10. This now seems to be out on Thursday at least to pre-orders on the black box.
  11. Humour me with this one (my first ever poll). Nice clearcut choice of answer. Expires next Friday 11pm.
  12. All I remember about it is the sheer surprise of seeing it one summers day on the shelf of Game, Kingston. Most games of the time were previewed to death in the Official Dreamcast Mag and also delayed multiple times, but this came out of nowhere.
  13. Incredible. The new one looks incredibly dull, but this is a classic.
  14. I think they are up for underwater cities but not dwellings.
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