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  1. Yep, it's the 4 character solo game which ramps up the busy work. I also have control schedules for crafting wants, key facts about each character ( immunity, added damage, re-roll opportunities beong the main ones), levelling up and a scan of the combat terminology page (all of which sounds excessive but 4 shheets fit back to.back in 2 clear plastic document holders so it's quite tidy in play). This all being in relation to a by now high powered team of slayer, witchhunter, illusionist and scientist who have completed all the chapters in the first 2 books. Not sure the aesthetic of some of these fits with the 16th or 17th century setting, but they are a cool bunch.
  2. Using dice to track monster damage is a great idea. I marked my standees as I couldn't see any other way of identifying one from another, obviously not ideal.
  3. I really like Folklore although the housekeeping is a real nightmare. Ive finally devised a system which keeps things as streamlined as possible which includes tricks like relegating all gear with passive bonuses to the character bags, scribbling all the small changes in game to cash and xp on sheets of paper to save wear and tear on character sheets, and using the Gloomhaven dials for health and MP.
  4. Maybe I'm over optimistic but I think there is plenty of scope for more games in the DA setting. When DAO appeared Bioware had a big chunk of the console WRPG market. Now that's not the case and, following the "kickstarter era", the genre is thriving with lots of competition from the likes of Obsidian, Larian, and Playground (all digits crossed) and the expectation that PC RPG will find their way over sooner or later (e.g disco elysium ). The other point is that the 3 DA games have so far been quite different structurally. It would be possible to pull back from the bloated open areas of DAI whilst retaining the highlights of the series, but I have no idea how much talent has leached away, or what the corporate objectives are. In summary, outlook uncertain.
  5. Finished up and almost perfect throughout. It's rare that a single show elicits the full range of emotions, (it is incredibly funny in places), resonates (unfortunately ) perfectly with the times despite being based on a 35 year old comic book, is impeccably soundtracked and acted throughout and had zero filler. I AM THE EGG MAN WE ARE THE EGG MEN COO COO CACHOO
  6. Yes, they have sorted the final National League table now based on average points, and I assume the promotion playoffs are being scheduled. Good luck to Harrogate and Notts County in those. Not too sure what is happening with relegation since the idea is to keep the size of the league constant, but if one club is relegated from League 2 then Chorley will drop. I don't think that is controversial given the sizeable gap down there. Barrow too were ahead of the pack for several months so good luck to them in League 2.
  7. Thanks. It certainly gets under the skin at times. I should probably break open volume 2 shortly - it has a forest setting and from watching some videos last year it seems draining energy becomes more significant. Volume 3 is in production and has a desert setting with heat and radiation hazards, together with new gameplay factors such as city states and faction reputation, caravan routes, gambling and arena combat. Volume 4 is in development and has a vampirism theme or background with day night cycles, new buildings etc. Goodness knows what they have planned for 5 and 6. Consulting the boardgames pricing website I see you can pick up copies of volumes 1 and 2 for less than £60, which I would think reasonable for the quality and replay value if appealing.
  8. With one episode to go, just got to post how amazing this series is. I took the time to read the book(s) the week before and that paid off since otherwise it would have made a lot less sense. Instead you grinned at all the "in" references (and were sad and angry at other times of course). Particular shoutout to the soundtrack which is incredible too. I didn't know that the Tulsa massacre was real either when I started watching a couple of weeks ago.
  9. OK, so this is a bit more info based on the versus game I just completed (and WON). This is a surprisingly good mode, even when continually swapping hats as a soloist because the Dead King has a number of things to consider. He has to balance going straight for the jugular and corrupting cities and shrines, with opportunities to increase his attack statistic by undertaking his equivalent of quests, and having fun at the heroes expense by disrupting their circumstances and raising minions to go after them, but also at the expense of his energy level. As noted earlier, he has various opportunities to roll to increase difficulty (which will pump his stats in the final battle, and which is irreversible), and he also has powerful "play anytime" cards - in this game he prevented the heroes from purchasing gear upgrades for 6 turns which is why they all have cash in hand at the end. So not all the cards are stacked in his favour. I thought about an effective team for this game and I decided to go with 3 races which each had undead as a favoured enemy - this gives an unblock able damage bonus - but he had the answer to that in the form of a ritual he can use each combat round to reduce the value of this (one with re-roll capability would be more useful) I also thought it would be useful to build the hero's citadel very early in a central position so that they would always have a safe place to turn in quests and to obtain teleportation stones. Both sides alternate placing the initial 4 pieces on the map - I decided the heroes wouldn't try to extend distances in this case (unlike the earlier game where the initial set up was very different with lots of empty space in the middle). The team this time comprised Lucifer, a Fallen divine one (healer), Bhaal the demonborn bserker (striker) and a shady weapon smith to buff the berserker. If you are not familiar with the gameplay, the team moves around the map resolving circumstances rolled for with d6 (top row) and seeking to complete quests at particular locations (bottom row). Boss lairs are marked in red and there are also caves to explore (green) which offer a menu of threats and opportunities depending on a d10 roll. The DK moves around and corrupts every city he reaches (the red and black markers). These are then closed to heroes although there are 5 talismans available to purchase which enable the city to be freed. As and when you turn in quests or complete boss fights you power up. This is the crux of the game (indeed the franchise). Each role has 4 statistics which are the focus here (as well as health, energy and the 3 skills corresponding to dice which you roll every turn and which are also used to complete many quests). These statistics are attack, defence, and 2 masteries denoted by different symbols The masteries will reflect the role. The flipside of each role board features artwork of the role where you can see the nature of the weapon used and general appearance of your character, but there are no weapons or equipment to acquire in this. Instead you raise the level of these key stats either via cash (representing purchasing upgrades) or via the direct power ups. The intriguing and technical aspect of all this is how the derived values of the 2 masteries are adjusted as you increase your 4 stats. At the simplest level you simply add say attack value to rage (mastery 1) value to achieve a greater attack value at the expense of one energy. Sometimes though these masteries also allow you to do something else as well once you reach certain levels e.g the weapon smith may buff attack level for a number of rounds, and also defend. Sometimes an action taken in round 1 doesn't manifest until round 2 e.g laying traps, or drinking to enhance attack (as you do). So these roles develop and intertwine with each other in a way which I find fascinating. The laminated boards provide space for all the necessary calculations. The easiest way to succeed is to have a big hitter such as the brute or the berserker here, but energy may also be damaged and the next game in the series makes more use of this. The game is remarkable albeit expensive, and with versus mode (from the expansion) and the campaign which is currently being written represents good value for money for a certain fanbase. Anyway here are a couple of pics of the map - which is very detailed even if it doesn't come across very well, and the team going into the final battle which they won over 3 rounds.
  10. Oh it happened alright, it's just that the game doesn't photograph well. I'll try to get some pics of the current game.
  11. It's been a HEXploreit Valley of the Dead King weekend here. Given the current difficulties in the hotel sector, Basil, a wrathful dwarven brute, Sybil, a stingy angelborn oracle, and Connie, a headstrong elven shaman decided to set out on a long mission to rid the valley of the menace once and for all. They had a tough beginning to their campaign with a kobold invasion of their home town, but next encountered a real stroke of luck with encountering the first boss in a way in which the rewards were doubled. Their passage thereafter was long and not always agreeable, and it got more and more difficult as more bosses were slain, but they were determined to vanquish each and every boss in order (14 in total) and to confront the Dead King at his deadliest, so needs must. Basil was a whirlwind of hack and slashing, even at some cost to his health, Sybil divined the boss's intentions and either defended, healed or absorbed damage, and Connie used her totems to power up her spirit summons to wreck havoc on boss's energy levels. Another major stroke of luck was the opportunity to eliminate the Dead King's bone army before the final battle, one which was grabbed by both hands. Finally, after many many weary miles (and a few teleportations), the team faced up to their ultimate adversary - he of 480 health and 420 energy. No problem whatsoever for our intrepid trio. He rolled a 3 - a further double action - potentially disastrous but fortunately not so here. Basil wound himself up for 450 health damage, totems were set out, Sybil did her thing and we were into round 2. The boss rolled a 1 - damage of 16 to each hero - no problem when you may absorb up to 34 at a time and everyone's health was over 30 initially. Connie got her Will o the wisp to eliminate all his energy in one go (via the 18 totems she had in place), and that left Basil simply needing a final swing of his axe to do the job. In all seriousness, a brilliant game, even though this group was ultimately somewhat OP given that boss battles yield the best rewards. In this instance I set out the world map to extend the game length as long as necessary to complete my objectives for this team, and gain a couple of achievements (valour points) for myself, which carry over to other games in the franchise, each of which introduces new elements - this is the most basic of the games. All of the role and race cards carry over to all games afaik. I also looked at the versus game and I'm for that too now- in this one player plays as the DK and appears to have all the advantages - he chooses his targets to corrupt (rather than rolling for them), he may up the game difficulty which is usually the party's prerogative, and he has some truly evil "anytime" cards he may play. I'm thinking a very fast game might be the best approach - possibly using the brute and oracle again (that power of the oracle to roll the boss die before committing to actions is unique and extremely beneficial), with maybe a buffer in there to to speed things up even further.
  12. Coming out 11 August. Dev work by Kaiko.
  13. It's not gossip - 2019 accounts were delayed in mid April following going concern issues. A superficial Google doesn't reveak any update.
  14. I set myself a limit of KS for the calendar year and, allowing for forthcoming Hexplore Vol IV and the Serious Poulp offering, I've almost reached it already . $26 taxes on Frosthaven should be sufficient motivation. Still, got a couple of products - Philosophia and The Artefact which should be with me this month.
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