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  1. All the stores around me seem to be constantly in stock (so the signs say on my local EB). I'm in Aussie land. Maybe I should be buying them for you guys and selling at a 15% profit or something!
  2. Just finished Zelda. I've had it since release for the Wii (Decemeber 10th). Took me about 35 hours. I did the first 10 hours then had a break for about 3 months. Just started playing it again in early April. The last 4(?) dungeons were a hell of a lot better than the first 3 or so.
  3. This game is now available on Steam. Along with all the other Hitman and Commando and Tomb Raider games. Eidos signed up to the service. Hopefully they release Deus Ex shortly as well.
  4. How about...a planet/asteroid made of gas!!@#@!#@!# With rings!
  5. I've been banned many a time from CS servers for voice spam with wav files from favourite movie/show. Using sound bites from "Wesley Likes Goon" was a pisser.
  6. I haven't enjoyed any F-Zero (or Wipeout). Found them all on the boring side.
  7. Well, apparently the second didn't sell as well as they (they as in the new owners who paid lots of money for the name) were hoping.
  8. The GameCube was my main/only last gen console. It was fucking awesome. Eternal Darkness was the best game of last gen, then RE4, by a pubic hair.
  9. This will be my first Paper Mario game.
  10. Played TP for 12 hours, and I don't think I have the enthusiasm to even finish the game. Consider your completion a bonus. At least you got a return on your investment...
  11. It doesn't even do region free. What a worthless mod.
  12. I'm saying that by 2012, there will be a HL3 that is totally separate from these 3 episodes. It will be on a new or highly modified engine to bring it line with the other games of the time. Maybe I should of made 2012 my 'announce' date. Because it's looking likely that the 3rd episode won't be out until 2009. And Valve sure as shit can't make a game in 3 years.
  13. Gabe will back track on this. If I'm right, I'll put $100 to a charity. If I'm wrong, I'll put $50 to charity. 2012 is the deadline for the bet.
  14. AAA = Bioshock, SS2, Goldeneye, HL1. Maybe HL2. Etc.
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