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  1. Seems like a poor strategy when you see in infra-red, tbh.
  2. Agree about the dog. I still can't watch I Am Legend again...
  3. Booked for 23rd December. This is selling very fast, so get in quick folks!
  4. Padster


    Is it just me, or is the "paste deck" function currently broken?
  5. Depends on whether you have other people who are willing to sit round the table, I guess.
  6. I don't understand why anyone would want to play Dominion irl when the online version is so fantastic?
  7. Dominion app now in early access
  8. A few days away gave me a chance to break out the full set of "Let's Waltz!" expansions for Grand Austria Hotel . Daughter will take me to the cleaners as always...
  9. I did the original Kickstarter, but have only just got it off the shelf of shame. I certainly didn't pay close to the £40-odd it seems to be selling for now!
  10. Enjoyed our first Xmas play of Kabuto Sumo. Surprisingly thinky and quite beautiful dexterity game. Guess who won from this position?
  11. Just remembered my favourite moment when watching this. When Paul & Jessica come out of the tent, I thought "why do they look like they're wearing pyjamas?". The answer, of course, is because
  12. OK missing something here. No-one has an IMAX telly, right? So watching a movie in IMAX ratio means it has to be taller, so it will just letterbox at the sides and the final image will be smaller?
  13. Had a great time watching this today - daughter (16) has not read the book but is enough of a sci-fi geek to have really enjoyed this and be ready to go and read it with a pretty acceptable visualisation of the universe in her mind. This is not The Matrix, it's not going to appeal to non-geeks, but that's fine. I read a review that said it had "just enough humour" - I counted 2 jokes, only 1 of which was funny. Really liked the Apocalypse Now version of ornithopters - such an obviously stupid sci-fi idea rendered on screen in a way that gave real drive to a lot of the action. For me, the spaceship design was what made it really feel like the far future, the way they
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