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  1. You're right - it's for the public event, not the TV show. Though it's not running alongside ECTS; it's running alongside a new trade event called European Games Network. Those wanting TV show audience tickets can apply for them through the 'watch' part of the Game Stars site (www.gamestars.co.uk)
  2. The odds are currently one in two of winning a ticket - but they will lengthen over time as we get close to giving away the total number of VIP tickets. However, you can only vote once per day. So if you're unlucky, keep voting. And if you are lucky, keep voting anyway, otherwise the Sun readers' votes will sway the decision. ;-)
  3. You're embarrassingly right. They haven't properly signed yet, though. So shh...
  4. You’re embarrassingly wrong.
  5. Congratulations! The VIP Ticket for Game Stars Live is pretty cool - you'll get early access to the show on the first day, before everyone else is let in. (Game Stars Live runs from September 1st to September 5th). Your ticket will arrive in the post, but not for a while. There will be a separate TV show broadcast around Game Stars Live, so there is a chance you'll be on t'telly. And, no, can't name names yet. Although I would have thought the band was fairly obvious from that ;-)
  6. It won't be tables I can sort out - just balcony seating. Not sure how many I can get in, but I'll do my best. (Charles and Mark - you should be okay.) One of the music acts has almost confirmed and they're really cool if you like Germanic forgetful footballers. The girl co-host is cute. You can find pictures of her on the Internet in her bra. And one of the guest presenters has also signed. You'll all really groan when you hear who this person is and claim this person is "rubbish". But you'll watch it anyway. New challenges have just gone online, too - including Wario Ware.
  7. Zelda won "Most Wanted" last year, which is the only award offered to games that aren't released yet.
  8. London Studios on the South Bank. April 13th - afternoon/evening (not sure of the exact time).
  9. If anyone is genuinely interested in the show or attending the filming of it, drop me a line and I'll pass your details on to Granada (simon.byron@bhpr.co.uk; not by PM please - it's too clunky). Can't promise to help everyone, but we do have a studio audience this year. Plus, do vote on the Website; it's very easy to get Game Stars Live tickets (consumer exhibition in September) for free that way. Finally, I know many of you will hate it. It's an ambitious project designed to push gaming further into the mainstream and, as such, isn't deliberately aimed at a hardcore bunch like us. But I - along with everyone else working on the project - believe it's a step in the right direction. Otherwise I would not be working all the hours God sends on it. Small steps, my friends. And remember: NME readers will never like The Brits. Simon
  10. bm

    True Crime

    I have. Kinda. Got loads of grapples, none of which I use. Should I upgrade some more, d'y'think? (I'll try button mashing again later; thanks for that. It worked with against Rocky in the Chinatown Shootout, but not, so far against this git.)
  11. bm

    True Crime

    I really like it. There are a few things wrong, but overall it's very enjoyable - particularly as it's delivered in bite-size chuncks (as opposed to GTA's instance on ridiculous and lengthy repetition if you fail a mission). The cut scenes, too, are really well shot. However, I'm having trouble beating the final boss. Any tips?
  12. Apologies. Didn't mean to ignore you. Yes I am - byronicman from the old forum. Hello!
  13. Almost. Comes a close second to being chased by a man *IN A FUCKING HELICOPTER*.
  14. Last I heard, he had invented a game show for Hewland. It was that one that required people to be on the run for a week; quite entertaining for a while. Oh, and Frank O'Connor once was and remains one of the tightest men I've ever known. He also threatened me with violence once, over a girl.
  15. bm


    Yup. Mine crashed after I'd unlocked the second table - meaning I had to go back and unlock it again. I was going to say "fuck it" but once you know the most direct route through the challenges it's definitely easier. I'm kind of enjoying it. I love the little cutscenes and the vocals - where else could you expect to hear: "hit the bumpers the respective number of times to free the cry babies" uttered in a completely serious tone? Good fun, IMO. It's certainly easier once you get in the zone (climbing the cliff face is a cinch once you work out the way to do it - I particularly liked the way you have to hit with a red flipper, but hold the blue up in order to collect a certain sequence of coins). But like has been said already, knowing it will crash again is a concern. My advice is to quit immediately after unlocking a table so you can save whilst before it blackscreens).
  16. Wave Race is beautiful.
  17. I've got Counter-Strike now, no thanks to you.
  18. Um. If you kids felt so passionately about it, why didn't you vote in the first place?
  19. Definitely one of the greatest ever handheld games.
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