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  1. It won't let you add it to your library if you've already redeemed it. And I would love DmC if available - can swap you for another Steam key if you like?
  2. I'm playing it quite happily. A fair few crashes on default graphics, but I've lowered shadows, detail etc. and haven't had any crashes for days. Runs very smoothly - but admittedly it took some tinkering.
  3. What's the forum's choice here?
  4. Apologies for using you as tech support on RPCS3 - but quick question. Once I've added the game to RPCS3 by pointing it at the folder, and it then running through the set-up (in this case, it's currently "compiling PPU modules"- you mention it then sits in my saves folder of the SD card; does that mean I can delete the original folder, do you know? Sorry! Thank you!
  5. I really appreciate that advice, thank you.
  6. Sorry to raise the question again, but if I wanted to play a PS3 game via the PS3 emulator, do I just put them in separate folders in the ROMs directory? What files should be at the root of that ROMs/GameName directory? Oh - and any idea how to add art to the main display so when I'm selecting, say, Epic Games Store it's not blank (I have changed the art on the icon in properties).
  7. Has anyone had any joy launching FIFA offline?
  8. Much appreciated - thank you.
  9. Had the 512gb UK confirmation - I think I was 6.13pm on the day the pre-orders went live. Paid for it immediately- when, approximately, can I expect it in my hands next week? And do you get much control over delivery date (I am, typically, away next Thursday and Friday).
  10. bm

    Oculus Quest

    Just sent it to Reef who PMd me straight away. Sorry!
  11. bm

    Oculus Quest

    I've got a spare Zombieland Quest code from that bundle if anyone wants it.
  12. Ahh, sorry, I should have been clearer - I was talking about GTA III, the only one I've played so far.
  13. Oh, to add - I just had a had crash on Switch. Hadn't saved for an hour or so, so I was fuming. Thankfully, hitting 'Continue' on reload took me back to the opening of the mission I'd just failed.
  14. I've not come across any yet - fail and you get the option to start again from the mission's opening cut scene.
  15. I bought mine on the US eShop, so was around £44. I'm planning on running through them in order, so my hope is they patch San Andreas by the time I get there. GTA II could absolutely do with some love - the frame rate is all over the place in handheld - but I'm having a decent time, I have to say. Just destroyed the three laundry vans, so maybe a couple of hours in? At just under 15 quid each, I'm okay with the money... but agree that so far it's far from "Definitive".
  16. Yeah I've seen enough - I'm in. The only GTAs I've finished have been Chinatown Wars and GTAV. Excited.
  17. bm

    Oculus Quest

    Not strictly speaking gaming and obviously take this with a pinch of salt from a hardcore Muse nerd, but that free VR Stageverse concert is highly recommended. I think the UK showtimes are midday, 7pm and midnight and it's rough around the edges in terms of UX and the streaming tech varies, but I had a fine old time with it last night. Really good to see the show close up - you can stand back and admire the spectacle or hunt for hidden details like the dancers chatting off stage, the photographer skulking around the background, the audience members smoking, the stage detail etc. etc. Longest time I've spent in VR in one go. Not quite the future, but certainly getting there. Here are a few photos:
  18. How are you finding gaming on the projector btw? I fired up Resident Evil 8 and //think// I found the input lag too much to bear, though that may have been me looking for it as I'd heard it was an issue. Do you play on it frequently?
  19. Yeah one of those games speculated there has a codename on the Steam backend, so I would be surprised if that list turns out to be true.
  20. Me too. If there's gonna be any, I don't think we'll start to see significant movement until people are asked to start paying for it.
  21. bm

    12 Minutes

    I've never seen such disparity between Steam rating and forum feedback. I'm with you guys - it's absolutely tedious. This will teach me to never be excited about anything every again.
  22. bm

    Oculus Quest

    Thanks for the recommendation on the VR Wave lenses - used mine earlier today on the Quest 2 and it was a revelation. Also managed to get app sharing working on the Quest 1 so me and Mrs B played three Walkabout Golf courses and it was genuinely brilliant. Really did feel like we were playing the real thing. Would be up for a few online games at some point. We should start a league!
  23. bm

    Oculus Quest

    I've been really enjoying the demo of Smash Drums: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3508439205941147/?locale=en_GB Will be buying the full version on launch, for sure.
  24. bm


    There's nothing to stop them from sticking it straight into PC Game Pass, is there?
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