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  1. Dead By Daylight - my game of the generation. The community they’ve built around it is something else.
  2. Yakuza 0 does a good job of this if you save and stop after a chapter.
  3. Live action scenes from Chateau Del Nige.
  4. I mean like Tesco and stuff. Also depends what tier you’re in I guess we have 5 in Scotland.
  5. Anyone know the best place to get a 12 month gold sub just now?
  6. The app lets you download the games remotely and you pay for it on the console it looks like.
  7. Meanwhile at Snoop Doggs crib Their marketing is certainly AAA this go-around.
  8. I reckon some places have stock to go on shelves on launch day - it’s going to be a tour for me.
  9. It’s like there’s a kind of ironic in-joke going on where people are subverting a thread about a couple of new Xbox consoles into TVTVTV
  10. You can turn it off. Sometimes it’s nice to have options but only binary ones not sliders fuck them.
  11. I *think* so as an example didn’t Forza run a far higher input refresh than the display (I’m thinking 60fps controller input versus 30fps screen update) and that’s why everyone was blown away by how responsive it was.
  12. Sorry man just saw this - I would’ve said don’t do it but you did and I see there was indeed unfortunate fallout. We don’t know what it is using in final build yet and honestly it’ll be the most impressive game from a technical standpoint on any console when the update hits. Everything is last gen if you’re stuck with that way of looking at it. Someone else said MS aren’t going to prioritise frame rate upthread several pages ago but I’m pretty sure Phil already said they will. There’s a lot more 60fps stuff on Xbox than any other platform already. FH4 at 60 on the X1X is ridiculous
  13. Killer Instinct is updating - either a Halloween event or they’ve done something X/S related. It hasn’t updated in a long time.
  14. Jesus Christ props for that! You mean the 500 and the 10,000? they were applied as I went along doing it not dropped wholesale at the end.
  15. This is goosed for me it keeps black screening and returning to the dash on X1X between or at operator selection and before the match has loaded - haven’t played in yonks so was hoping for a n00b killing field situation. Redownloading to see if it fixes itself.
  16. Aaaaaand sorted. Jesus wept it’s like trying to get my head around Rainbow6 after my hiatus took a good few minutes to figure out where clan chat was
  17. It’ll just be keys so don’t Uninstall I’d say just check on the store for the keys to unlock the S1 and 2 operators and they should be free! Or do “manage game” on it and check what shows up under add-ones or ready to install.
  18. Can someone do me a solid and check what info is available for other clan members and if you can see this stuff? It’s their security. How I’d know my XP off hand is a bizarre question: Hi there! Thanks so much for coming up, and let's start with finding your Account! So, go through the list below, and get back to me with your answers: 1. Name of the Account 2. Name of the Clan 3. XP Level 4. Player Tag I'll be waiting for your message so we can continue together!
  19. The “sparky boy” help assistant is shite (no surprise) I’ll hit up the forums today.
  20. This just popped in GamePass it’s the deluxe edition so looks like you get all season 1 and 2 operators included.
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