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  1. it’s absolute shit.
  2. 512TR in? It is always in? That’s all I care about.
  3. Yeah he is broken right now I gave up after the three matches I played as him all bugged out. I was really enjoying him though he is a great addition.
  4. There is nothing I enjoy more than ruining SWF fucks games. They’re the entitled pricks of the DbD world. Even ruining it for one of them is enough for me. As a surv main I cannot wait for Pinhead - got the 1M blood points ready to pour into him.
  5. Garou mark of the wolves last month, samurai showdown 2 this month, killer instinct, Fight Night Champion, Injustice2. There is a catalogue go use it.
  6. Looks like it’s rank reset day so I’m now LV20 for survivor let’s fucking go!
  7. Toxic killers suck. I’ve let my rank drop right back due to not playing and had a twat yesterday playing as Pyramid head who just wouldn’t leave anyone they hooked. That’s fair play but what they did was use his special as soon as someone went for the unhook meaning they insta-downed the hooked person and put the rescuer into a knackered state. Repeatedly. The match didn’t last long. I now hate that killer as much as spirit who frankly should be removed from the game The obvious play is to jockey the lockers but that makes you as shit as them.
  8. Hahaha? What is this like an Angel alt or some shit?
  9. Dirt 2.0 is phenomenal did it get any sort of series patch?
  10. It’s surprisingly proficient for a Sony flagpole title given the online focus. I’m just saying I reckon FM8 is going to be absolutely best in class when it launches. It’s about resources and MS are almost limitless and willing to throw it towards these titles. Delaying Halo by a year for example must’ve cost an absolute bomb especially considering the launch model of free MP and GamePass Campaign. Forza 7 was a long time ago.
  11. I genuinely believe FM8 will be the best thing we’ve ever seen. Everything about MS current trajectory points to it. Polyphony have been off the boil for a while and Turn10 have been in utter radio silence. Fingers crossed. FM7 was/is amazing. Like you said just look at FH5 and it is still toe-dipping last gen imagine what they can do if they take that legacy support away.
  12. Good to see people playing this and recognising that yes funny enough it’s halo and it’s good. Strongly encourage you to go back to the start of the thread when we had wankers telling us it’s shit because you can’t use Kinect to talk to Cortana amongst other “comedy”. Or the importance of the story cohesion against such landmarks as call of duty and Killzone.
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