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  1. Wow this post is utter shit. Some dumb cumrag that doesn’t understand how processing power is utilised.
  2. Being it’s you I’d hold the button to lie down on your front then hold the button to drop your pants to your knees. The “enemy” will do the rest. Godspeed.
  3. I will never get your deck. It’s totally alien to me.
  4. Youre a donkey fucking weirdo. How you slipped under the radar this long is incredible. Now fuck off
  5. Fuck off to fuck and Merry Xmas
  6. Fuck off means Merry Xmas by the way
  7. Amazes me how many non-X owners feel the need to constantly come in here posting pish I don’t/didn’t see that phenomenon in the Pro thread but that’s been dead a while now I guess. You PC guys really do live up to the neckbeard wanking in the cellar to zoo porn whilst pixel counting across the donkeys cock stereotype.
  8. 1.72GB update for Aaero now classed as X1E
  9. Id rather not but: b) devs are reluctant to go back and patch old games Halo5 DangerZone Gears4 Tomb Raider Witcher3 Ghost Recon COD IW DR4 Elite:Dangerous Fortnite Fallout4 Skyrim Gears3 Halo3 Halo5 Hitman Killer Instinct Killing Floor2 Mantis Burn Racing Mirrors Edge Quantum Break Re:Core Redout Slime Rancher Steep Skate 3 The Witcher 3 Titanfall2 Warhammer:Vermintide and whatever else I don’t have installed.
  10. That half hour solo Rambo run only to take two to the back of the head and insta-die. Majestic.
  11. Had to have more so watched the Xmas special tonight. So, so good.
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