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  1. Great episode. Was very satisfied by the end of it but have the following notes... Meanwhile in Winterfell... Also...
  2. @Jamie John Thanks I will try Heroes and Villains. I remember Nights at the Circus being hard work at times though very rewarding on me and defiantly left an impression. I do like her re-telling of fairy tales.
  3. I loved this book. Have you read Nights at the Circus
  4. Really enjoyed this series. Bateman's very good (pretty much his defacto character but more interesting in this), the family are all interesting and not prop characters and I love the Langmores. The slight jumping around in chronology works well too, when often it doesn't. I like the Snells as well but Jacob feels a bit too put on at the moment.
  5. Binge watched the whole show yesterday and loved it. I found ep. 2 vulgar which is was and I saw that as being the point, its a show about a show about women and vulgarity, but wasn't put off by it and found it much less uncomfortable then the below but not having been directly effected by either may be why. The comparison I'd make to OTNB is that both shows take an ensemble of very different and often flawed women and put them in an environment together which is very unusual on TV and it's very enjoyable.
  6. Because of this thread I packed a couple of these when I last went camping and oh my goodness they were so good. Thank you.
  7. A bit late to the party but I started playing Mini Metro this week and love it, my only gripe is that the ipad version doesn't seem to have zen mode. Eufloria looks great
  8. The strudel sounds lovely, would happily eat that myself even though I'm a meat eater
  9. emerald fox


    I'd go for something that can be made in advance like a pate or terrine served with homemade or very good toasted bread. Or something that can be cooked fresh very quickly and served immediately like steamed sea bass or scallops with garlic, chilli and ginger
  10. No, not sure why just didn't fancy one after making them, then dinner and having that
  11. Made some sausage rolls last night to bring into work, puff pastry, a layer of salami, sausage meat, grated parmesan and lots of black pepper. I got a nice golden top so am happy, hopefully they taste ok.
  12. Game pie and beef wellington, pastry or proscuitto, both sound lovely
  13. I did a strudel last year but I usually do a fruit pie as my Dad doesn't like anything too sweet or mince meat
  14. I've been doing duck for the last couple of years, perfect for 3-4 people, so far I've just done Delia's crispy duck with black cherry and red wine sauce from her Christmas book but may try this one or atleast improve the technique.
  15. Wow thats really shitty, I love Honest but have only every been to the Soho branch which has always been excellent, omg the rosemary salt fries... Byron is good too though and I'm really pleased ones opening in the O2 as every restaurant there seems to do a gourmet burger but there all crap
  16. Rikku your cupcake is great. We had a halloween cake sale at work they were all either shop bought or looked a right state
  17. Hmm that might swing it in the board games favour then
  18. I'm buying some sets in preperation for Christmas. 221b Baker Street Detective Game to play with my Mum and her partner as they both like Sherlock Homes and Ingenious to play with my Dad as he likes more abstract, pattern based games. I'm also thinking of getting either the Game of Thrones card or board game, as a present to my OH because actually I really want them, are they any good
  19. What a brutal second episode.
  20. I wouldn't approach it by trying to make your normal dishes with substitutions instead look at what you can make with fruit, veg, wholegrains and pulses. Stir-frys with veg, brown rice, soba or rice noodles, and then for protein quinoa, black beans, sprouted seeds or tofu, and garlic, chilli, ginger, spring onion and black pepper for flavour. Curries with different flavour bases eg. Thai Yellow Curry (sweet potato and carrot in a coconut milk and yellow curry paste sauce made by blending ginger, garlic, chilli, black pepper and tumeric), an Indian dahl based curry (simmer split red lentils in veg stock with garam masala and tumeric and add veg) or chickpea and spinach or a jamaican curry (any root veg in coconut milk with scotch bonnet, thyme, pimento and black pepper). Stuffed veg is also great, as is just mixed roast veg, or make your own pizza base and top with tomato passta and veg.
  21. Oatly is good and is the only milk alternative I've found that doesn't contain any additives such as corn syrup or maize starch
  22. I use one simlaur to the one you already use, I've tried using a steel but can never get the angel right
  23. The trick to good pizza is one of these as it gets enough heat to the base of pizza
  24. For simplicity I would recommend Melon & Parma Ham- just arrange cubes of melon and strips of parma ham nicely on a plate Thai Chicken & Noodle Salad- marinade cubes of chicken in lime juice, garlic and chilli, thread onto skewers, grill and serve with thai carrot salad Mango & Ice Cream- use either fresh or tinned mango (its sweeter) and just make sure you get really nice quality vanilla ice-cream
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