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  1. Yeah also this. I think it shows a really limited view of the world when people can't imagin hanging out with out trying to slip it in.
  2. I agree that this most likely does not fall within the legal definition of assault if he did not touch her, however if he tried to or his intent was too touch her then it would be attempted sexual assault. At the moment the testimony she has written so far does not state what he did or said once in the shower so I agree that we cannot state that this was an assault or attempted assault. However if I were showering and a male friend entereded the bathroom naked and got into the shower with me I would absolutely feel sexually threatened and would perceive his intentions to be to either assault me or worse.
  3. It's taken a while for me to venture in here the whole thing being a bit too close home. But @kerraig UK has done a pretty good job of painting the picture one of immunity for powerful men, and the fear instilled in the men and women who have to work with them. I say have to because almost no-one has the privilege to pick and choose who and what they work on, and if you're the employee of a vendor who signs them as a client you absolutely do not. I think it's a good thing that this has all come out. Anything that makes this sort of behaviour, which I would describe as institutionally acceptable, unacceptable and maybe even punishable, as many of the allegations are criminal offences, is a good thing. However I am also very cynical about the whole thing. The fact that this has only come out once HW is not as powerful or allegedly as rich as he once was. That no-one 'above him' has so far been outed. And that the same people and bodies who have applauded and forgiven male perpetrators of sexual and domestic violence under the excuses of 'artistry' and 'he was going through a difficult time', are now suddenly on the side of the victim. Within my own professional peers, when discussing men such as Polanski, I have found myself the only voice that does not excuse them. It is important to note that this includes when it is presumed by all that the allegation is true and the debate is on if it should be of consequence to the man and his career or not. But when I ask what they would think if it was their own daughter they reply 'I would kill him'. It seems that we still live in a culture where the validity and relevance of an allegation is based on the value placed on the woman or girl being above or below that which we place on the man. This is confirmed by reports that HW's peers complained to him about his behaviour, but in the context of it being against 'their woman'. Sadly some of the comments on here have cut a bit close to the bone in regards to victim blaming and denying, and I would therefore just like to ask that the new rules in regards to dismissing the crimes, injustices, challenges and choices people face based on gender, and promoting or defending rape, grooming, coercion, harassment, stalking, assault, violence, or abuse, are considered when debating these subjects, alongside the statistical likelihood that there will be victims, both male and female, of these sorts of things on this forum.
  4. Omg I’ve been lied to, this is on the App Store for MAC but not iPad
  5. This is getting downloaded tonight
  6. Coming out for Xbox soon. I always say never again, but I will.
  7. I saw Karl Marx City a while back and found it really profound, and just saw that it's been added to Netflix. It's a documentary but made with a Film Noir investigative style in itself. Off to see this tonight...
  8. Ok I do not get Tap My Katakari at all but Polytopia has been really good fun
  9. Have been playing Prison Architect since it came out for iOS. I had it on PC, but have enjoyed much more since I can pick up, play and put down. Just downloaded Tap My Katakari and Polytopia.
  10. I’ve just read the Red Rising trilogy. The first book was fantastic, brilliant Hungar Games-Battle Royal type story with good premise and characters and left me desperate to start the next one. The next two books had lots of good ideas and moments but just felt a lot less crafted then the first. I enjoyed them but got a little ok can we get to the end of the story now towards the end of the last one.
  11. Those sound great. Servants of the People sparks my interest a lot. In the run up to the last GE I listened to this series which I found very interesting, Anji's and Margreat's most so because I previously knew nothing about them. Lessons in a landslide: The Times 1997 team Lessons in a landslide: Margaret McDonagh Lessons in a landslide: Anji Hunter Lessons in a landslide: Alistair Campbell Lessons in a landslide: Peter Mandelson Lessons in a landslide: Tony Blair
  12. Watching an interview with Corbyn he said he was reading a book by Clive Pointing which I presume was this and take it as a recommendation Breach of Promise - Labour in Power 1964-70, Clive Pointing
  13. I've been getting back into reading books on politics, philosophy, economics and history, and a lot of recommendations have been made in the politics threads. I thought it would be cool to have a place to list books we've either read, are reading or want to, and to post synopsis, reviews, our own reviews and links to extracts or accompanying videos, podcasts or articles. Recently read: A History of the World, Andrew Marr I really enjoyed this and would happily second read or dip into again. The Decent of Man, Grayson Perry Extract in article form A very short read but very interesting. Poor-Bashing: The Politics of Exclusion, Jean Swanson This is hard to get hold of but Google Books has a decent extract. I would recommend reading it for the correlation between England's Poor Laws and austerity, the use of consultation as a tool against those it includes, and the internalisation of welfare shame. Currently reading: The Ministry of Nostalgia: Consuming Austerity, Owen Hatherley Intimacies: Love and Sex Across Cultures, William Jankowiak To read: The Hidden Wealth of Nations, Gabriel Zucman Podcast The Production of Money, Anne Pettifor Debt - Updated and Expanded: The First 5,000 Years, David Graeber Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist, Kate Raworth Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World, Tim Marshall
  14. Just caught up. Biscuits was pretty good, loved the chess set and liked both the snake and ladders, and drains and ladders, but the rest were pretty poor. Caramel was alright, not keen on the stuff but it all got pretty tense with the waffles. Bread week is always my favourite so loved that. I much prefer savoury baking, both making and eating, to sweet and I do feel that each series seems to have less then the last with even bread week including enriched dough and pastry focusing on sweet, and also things like caramel or pudding week. I guess ratings or focus groups must suggest that sweet is more popular.
  15. Watched the first two episodes and really looking forward to more
  16. I love LA Confidental. I found Brick was an interesting example of a modern film noir.
  17. Looks great. David Simon is enough for me to watch any show though.
  18. i watched this and thought it was fascinating. The scandal didn't really capture my attention when it hit the press but this did and the way that it goes from one thing to another is really cool and works even though a bit clumsy. I watched it alongside this which was also very interesting.
  19. Thought it was all good. Didn't mind Noel's voice over work wh9ch I know what a complaint, thought he and Sandi worked well together and showed promise of warming up as the series goes on both between themselves and with the contestants. I love Prue's dry demenor and as Paul has thawed in recent series it's a nice counter balance and a slight role reversal between the two judges. The BLT, watermelon and pancakes were amazing, I also really liked the ramen bowl and the solerium, shame that she didn't manage to get the top on it. I really want want a mini-roll right now
  20. One thing I really loved about this season was the costumes. Thought this interview about them was pretty interesting. http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/film-tv/a12097061/game-of-thrones-costume-designer-interview/
  21. Looking forward to watching this tonight and seeing how it is. Pleased to hear it hasn't been trashed, though Mary Berry will be missed.
  22. I so want to re-watch it now THE WIRE - 100 Greatest Quotes (spoilers)
  23. Season 2 was my favourite for the investigation, absolutely gripping. Initially I thought of it as a stand alone season until saw it, themes or charterers, being references in later seasons and it all felt inter-connected. Season 4 was my favourite for characters, I loved those kids and it really set up for the ending of 5. A Hispanic season sounds like it would be really good but as they said it would have required a ton of research and I respect that they weren't prepared to it badly. It is a good idea for a new show though.
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