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  1. This may sound odd as im sure its very simple, but how do you make stock?
  2. This sounds like a pretty good idea Does anyone know a good chicken curry recipe?
  3. Having decided to turn my back on Tescos after one to many news articles about women in Pakistan earning 40p, I have decided to stop shopping there. Therefore I need to make my savings elsewhere; one idea is to buy one big chicken and make three two people meals out of it. I found this site that shows how to carve a chicken into 10 pieces http://gourmetsleuth.com/cutupchicken.htm I have some dishes already, but in order to keep it interesting I’m going to need quite a few, so I’m wondering what chicken dishes everyone here does. My favorites are Marinade of olive oil, garlic, shallots and coriander, baked in parcels Stir fry Chicken drumsticks in oyster sauce from the Chinese supermarket
  4. This other house is a great idea because the show was slowly turning into a slow predictable coronation for Pete. Who ilike sometimes but other times he really annoys me. Now he knows who fancies him but he pretends not to, so he has his little fanclub who he knows will never nominate him. Can't he just tell Lea to fuck off that whole scene with him and her this evening was nauseating.
  5. For some Hollywood types it would be the equivalent of wearing your older brothers underpants.
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