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  1. I follow a diet for health reasons that restricts a lot of foods including any processed or cured meat with the exception of prosciutto. I still have bacon about once a fortnight as a treat as it's ok to follow the diet about 80% as it is so restrictive, but we have a brand that is free of nitrates and other additives
  2. For onions and potatoes I have these hessin bags from the dollaratore that I put them in, and then dark not to warm cupboard
  3. Moisture and bacteria are the enemies so before each big shop every two weeks I clear out and clean the fridge and line the two draws with fresh tea towels. Then the veg goes in released from any packaging and wrapped in kitchen towel if green and leafy.
  4. Stuffed peppers Fry your mix: garlic and onion, then either meat or soy mince, veggies* or a mix until cooked if meat or browned if not, then a tin of diced, purée or other tomato sauce, and finally any herbs, spices or seasoning. While this is cooking cut your peppers length ways and de-seed and grate some cheese Once your mix is ready fill your peppers with it, add a bit of cheese on top and in the oven for half an hour at 400f or until the cheese is browned and the peppers slightly blistered. *A good veggie mix is mushroom and aubergine with cumin and a pinch of chilli flakes
  5. So I finally figured where I was going wrong with my dumplings. For some reason, I think because when I first saw them for sale they were in the freezer. I've been buying the wrappers from the refrigerated section and putting straight into my freezer, and then leaving them out to defrost which of course dries out the edges Despite this I managed to salvage a decent batch, but I'm looking forward to doing it properly next time
  6. Well if she uses pre-made then I'll carry on
  7. Those looks amazing I make my own. No where near as smart looking as your wife's and with premade wrappers but they are so tasty Does she also make the dough?
  8. Does anyone know if it's possible to play Twilight Struggle solo or any tips to do so, it's more just that I want to grips with the rules and figure out how to play
  9. It's not solo but if you like Chess you'll love Hive and can play it online for free: https://en.boardgamearena.com/gamepanel?game=hive Loving all of these suggestion and might try some myself as the OH likes games to but wins to often to be much for fun for either of us at strategy/logic ones like Hive and isn't interested in the really geeky stuff
  10. How much to you think the size dictates how much you use each My LC is exactly four portions of most dishes which is why I think its the one I always go to. Before I had a knock off that only did three which was very annoying as not enough leftovers for the lunch the next day @hungry joe if you do request any pot or pan I would be very specific about size
  11. I thought that was the case though I did have a cheap cast-iron crepe pan crack on me so maybe there is a lower limit Thinking about it my Le Creuset is one of the best gifts I've ever received, I use it almost every day, so might be a good shout if they are wanting to go that expensive
  12. I have my grandparents old Peugeot coffee grinder which is excellent so imagine their salt and pepper grinders would be to I looked this up and the first link said only $29.99 and 1 star. Seems there are lots of dupes on the market, as it's $199.99 on MÄNNKITCHEN Cast iron pans are another good shout but I was under the impression they don't need to be expensive, cast iron is cast iron. Though I do love my Le Creuset enameled one which is stupidly expensive my opinion and a gift which I wouldn't have bought myself but just really lovely to use and much easier to clean then my regular cast iron one
  13. A decent wood and metal pepper grinder is top of my wish list. Three times I've asked for one and been given a plastic or even electric one that's worked for a year maybe two and then broke This beaut is $50 and just like the one that my Dad inherited from my grandparents and has been going for 50+ years and produces the perfect grind, might have to treat myself to it
  14. I have homemade one, a small bag for each day on a garland, which we fill with loads of different chocolates and sweets from Bulk Barn. Just a really basic one that you'd get for a quid or two in the UK is $15 here and even worse quality
  15. Use to listen to it in cabs on the way home, even on something as mild as upgrading tech products it seemed a bit hyped up and left me feeling a bit on edge I CAN'T AFFORD TO UPGRADE MY iPHONE EVERY TIME ONE COMES OUT, I HAVE TO SELL THE OLD ONE FIRST. DO YOU UPGRADE, DO YOU, DO YOU.... ?? DO SELL YOUR OLD iPHONE OR DO YOU JUST BUY A NEW ONE... In regards to JOB he is a bully that punches down and uses his education to 'out wit' (demean) lesser beings. Just as JRM does. Only for the other side on Brexit.
  16. I really enjoyed it though that may have been heavily influenced by not having been to the cinema for so long
  17. I thought there has to be a thread on this after watching. Just excellent and now have to figure out how my Mum can watch it The only thing I’d have liked a bit more resolution on...
  18. Wild Garlic Hummus with carrot and cucumber batons Wild Garlic Pesto with pasta Tzatziki with veggie kebabs (aubergine, courgette and onion) Najib's Special (cauliflower) with roast potatoes*, rice or wrap and spinach salad ABC Juice (apple, carrot and beetroot) Roasted vegetables with fennel seeds with cous-cous and a Tahini Dressing *I like to cube them, mix with olive oil, paprika and pepper and roast for about half an hour
  19. It’s good of they’re focusing on ease of shopping now. One of the big draws of Lidl and Aldi for me is that they’re quick and easy to navigate, grab what you want and go. Having a list that assigned items to aisles would be a massive help I stopped using our local Tesco’s which was the biggest in Europe because it was so big that it took ages, and the eggs were right at the far end
  20. Isn’t the point of in store layouts to make people wander around trying to find stuff in the hope they’ll buy extra I would love what you’ve suggested but I can’t see it being in the supermarkets interest
  21. We do a big shop about once a month and then my partner does top ups and trips to the veg market. He enjoys it and I don't. Tends to be the usuals plus a small list for any specific meals I feel like making. We're both pretty good as making meals out of whatever but it can get a bit boring, so I try and include some new meals each week. I did use to do online shopping and Tesco was my preferred one. Just seemed like the best balance of value, service and good picks, you can also save shopping lists so have a basic one that you add to or alternate ones from different weeks associated with a meal plan. I think any cost difference between that and Lidl or Aldi is off-set by being able to properly compare unit prices, plans meals to avoid waste or the need for top up shops and not buy extra stuff.
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