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  1. @Gotters I've been seriously considering making batches of soup for work lunches this winter. Over the summer I've been making layered salads in a big jar every morning to take in, but now the weathers snapped I don't think that's going to cut it. I can't stretch to anywhere near a Thermomix at the moment (maybe a soup wand lol), but none the less you've inspired me
  2. I'm wondering if an Ikea Hack might be possible, rather then building from scratch.
  3. Building up a collection stopped as we got busy and stopped playing what we already had. We had been in the habit of a game of something quick each evening after dinner. Also Coup felt like a bit of a let down, maybe it's just not very good with two players? But while on a trip to Bath I went charity shop hunting as my friend slept in and I found two games Rail Race and Billionaire for about 3 quid each, old. Neither seem amazing, but good enough to have some goes on.
  4. It's feel more made by committee then curated. I would have preferred it to be organised by genre with a few in each, selected by a single 'expert' in that field. There are defiantly some good film amongst it. And I was very pleased to see Fish Tank in there, not everyone's cup of tea, but it's one of those films that touched me. But then it has 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, a film I sat through at a film festival waiting for something to happen, nothing did, the credits rolled and the audience went wild.
  5. I've found Jamie Oliver's curry recipes very good, from the Ministry of Food book I think. He gave one tip, to add balsamic vinegar to the pan after browning the meat, which I disproved of as not being authentic but it made this dish
  6. I did enjoy the show but I think it would have a been a lot better if seasons 2 and 3 had been allowed to develop more evenly across other characters and story-lines. The highlights of the last season for me have all been separate to Joan, particularly when we get glimpses into different aspects of the country and how it is run.
  7. Watched the first three episodes and I'm really enjoying this so far, feels like light relief after the Handmaids Tale
  8. @Horribleman that roast looks divine which I don't think I've every said about a veggie one before
  9. Green Thai Curry made with a paste my Mum sent me from her travels. I topped it off with chopped spring onion, mint, chilli and a big squeeze of lime.
  10. emerald fox


    I was tempted to buy a cheap electric grinder, but then remembered the one my Dad used when I was kid. He still had it and it’s now mine
  11. I've got a stash of maple syrup, will give this a go tonight
  12. I am seriously going to have to make this butter chicken if it's so good. We don't eat ready meals beyond pizza or curry, and I'm quite tempted to have a stash of homemade ones. I did make a Prawn curry recently with a Bangladeshi Bang curry spice that was well banging!
  13. So I popped into Bad Moon Cafe to check it out. It specialities in warhammer with custom tables, but has a good variety of regular board games for 4.00 an unlimited session. Free on Friday evenings which a meet-up group attends, so I know where I'll be. They also have a small selection of new games for sale that were well priced and I picked up Coup.
  14. So Hive arrived this weekend. The first game was a bit blah as we just branched out in opposing straight lines and then it was a race to place ants and grass hoppers. But then we started to get the tactics and try and lay down defence and traps, got into using the beetle, and also moving our queens. My crowning achievement was when the BF realised that I'd deliberately laid pieces down on my Queen to block what would become the final placement.
  15. I just use a food processor but every time I make hummus I am like why do I buy this. So quick and I can add much more lemon. Also toppings are nice to get into like chopped coriander, caramelized onions, olives, a swig of good olive oil or a dollop of tapenade. Flatbreads on the bbq with a little brush of oil or butter with crushed garlic is pretty dam good.
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