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  1. I’ll give roasting broccoli ago, but thats how I do cauliflower and it’s lovely A sprinkle of sesame seeds and drizzle of oil on a stir fry really brings it up a notch A nice pile of properly crisped onion is lovely too
  2. I forgot that’s today. Will make crepes with lemon and sugar for dessert and hopefully celebrate passing my theory test
  3. I loved the pottery one. I know it’s a rip-off but it’s not something that’s usually on the telly and it’s very enjoyable to watch. I also use to do quite a bit as a kid and really enjoyed it. The sewing one was interesting but a bit too quaint, it didn’t need to be I like the sound of some of the others in here though
  4. I read 18Q4 and enjoyed it, and have often thought about bits of it quite a long time afterwards which I guess is the mark of a good book. But I wasn’t left wanting to read more of his stuff and from what I’ve heard it’s pretty similar
  5. I wouldn’t charge by the hour, as you say people will ask for less and even if they’re happy with it you won’t be and they’ll be a bit of work out there with your name on it. But it is a good guide for coming up with a price. A tenner an hour is an absolute minimum. You could decide that you’re only going to charge ten hours regardless of if it’s taken you 15 because you're learning. Or if it then only takes me 5 hours I’ll still charge £100 because that’s what a finished piece of my work of this size, complexity and format costs
  6. @stephen129 that is the best brand of jerk seasoning there is and always bring some back with me from the UK Yum I want some now
  7. I've been making a lot of soup lately with a base of garlic, leek and carrot, either split red lentils or potato and a chicken stock cube, and then another veg like green beans and any herbs if I have them. Not the most exciting but very satisfying.
  8. I feel like these have been discussed before but they are magical Colds, hangovers, rainy camping, if not cure it can certainly make them all less unpleasant
  9. Aw I see sorry you do make a roux, missed that, hence the bafflement as I know from here that you make a good roast
  10. God tier - Spuds roasted in duck fat, PAXO stuffing (with extra stuff mixed in) and pigs in blankets drenched in Bisto gravy (with juices added) and a generous crumble of Maldon salt and course ground black pepper. That and a glass of a decent red and I'd be happy with just that. Crackling or yorkshire puds if serving pork or beef. Good tier - Pan fried brussel sprouts, roasted parsnips and caramlised carrots. Mulled wine and mice pies, both homemade nothing worse then a crappy almost empty shop bought mince pie, are great but are for the lead up to Christmas for me and not the day
  11. Isn't stock cubes with vegetable water just flavoured water? Doesn't sound like gravy or jus to me Or do you do something to thicken it?
  12. I'm with you on granule gravy @Gotters but like @LeighCb it has to be Bisto for me. Just like Mum (or Dad in my case) makes it. Sure adding the juices of a roast into makes it even better, but for me gravy made from scratch is either just jus which is it it's own thing or just tastes of flour and does not have the beautiful texture and translucency that maize starch or whatever they use provides. Sure well done if can stir flour into butter and juices into that without lumps, but is it actually better? No, not for me anyway. I also like it thicker then is apparently right and proper, as that's
  13. These are really bloody good. Had forgotten about them
  14. This is my thread, I love biscuits. All time favourite is McVicties dark digestive, followed by up by Hob Knobs and Rich Tea. All classics but digestives make me just think of home. These are my idea of a treat, or a box of shortbread. Best Lidl biscuit goes too I’ve also been introduced to Croatian biscuits. Napolitanke are wafers really but a nice lighter alternative. Domacica can seem stale but are for dunking in milk, they can absorb a lot while staying held together by the chocolate. I find that some cookies can be
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