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  1. Tap and release.
  2. Don't repeatedly tap RB when you're in the air, tap it once *just* as you're about to land.
  3. If this is a similar length to the original's DLC then £25 (I assume, based on the $30) seems a good price for it. Can't wait.
  4. I love the setting, but if anyone can turn it into a by-the-numbers anodyne retread of everything that has come before, it's Ubisoft.
  5. S'really good. Was like nothing else I've seen recently. Properly odd.
  6. For stuff I wasn't so familiar with I watched everything I could (or read stuff on the internet) but there were a buncha' properties I was intimately familiar with where I'd been wanting to write for them all my life (I'm looking at you in particular, Dr Who). Luckily, because the cast was generally the people who knew the characters the best because they were the real deal, they'd tweak the lines in the sessions to get them as close to on-character as possible, which was a massive help.
  7. Cutscene script only this time (plus a few odds and sods) and it was, as you'd imagine, ace. I can't really talk specifics, but it was a lot of fun. Busy, busy fun.
  8. Just started playing it today and although I'm obviously biased (as I worked on it, but not in a gameplay capacity so it's mostly fresh to me), I'm really enjoying it. Whizzed through 5 and a half levels without stopping. Just trying to save up that first million so I can buy the x2 multiplier red brick.
  9. And after they gave us all commemorative glasses, the ungrateful sod. I'm surprised it's that divisive, there wasn't anything about it that I didn't love.
  10. Just saw this yesterday and it is excellent. Can't wait to see it again.
  11. The problem with drawing a map for Atic Atac is that there's one room which fits inbetween a bunch of other rooms. It shouldn't physically fit in there. Vexing! http://gamesdbase.com/Media/SYSTEM/Sinclair_ZX_Spectrum/Map/big/Atic_Atac_-_1983_-_Ultimate_-_Play_the_Game.jpg
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