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  1. What's happening with Button? He gets in the points, I make a coffee and he's 15??
  2. As I've got older I can't watch Star Wars without seeing the Rebels as terrorists. I love Kevin Smith movies. I have Flash Gordon in my ten favourite movies.
  3. Very enjoyable episode and I still think this will link back to the dark timeline.
  4. <p>I saw this on another forum and wanted to share. It's basically a theory about the last episode and it's links to Remedial Chaos Theory.<br /> <br /> </p>
  5. Still hating that they changed claymores in the last patch but pretty much okay with everything else. For rented servers; can you have a ranked no kill cam server which isn't on hardcore? I was told not but have seen a couple of servers claiming to be just that.
  6. Wife and two daughters means I'm lucky to get to watch the race. "it's just motorway driving dad"
  7. Dumb question: how does qualifing work? Not the fastest gets pole but the three round things.
  8. Grab hold of the manager next time your there and ask him to let you try some glasses for a couple of minutes. If you explain the situation and that you want to come with your kids I'm sure they can help.
  9. Or even when they arrived at the farm and asked where they were, someone might have mentioned that just down the road is a huge secure building.
  10. Is there a way to watch the NBC website feed from outside the US?
  11. It was one of his tweets about the paintball episodes that got me into this in the first place. For the first time in ages I've now got a show where my favourite episode changes depending on what mood I'm in. Sometimes it's all about the chicken, sometimes the trampoline - just for the baby storyline - and sometimes the zombie episode. Actually I might just watch the blanket fort one right now.
  12. What's up with Buttons tyres? Vibrations?
  13. Not a spoiler but a guess. In a future episode Carl will need to kill his mother.
  14. I think it's because as a group they're crap. We already know they have a town, housing estate, school / medical station and a freeway full of cars near to the farm and they don't seem to be looting these places dry. You can only have a finite number of walkers at each place so clearing them should be possible allowing them to then take what they need and not bother heading back. When they went for the drugs for example, why didn't they stack the van to the rafters with everything? Why just cherry pick the shelves?
  15. As do I although I'm torn whether the 2009 version is better or worse.
  16. But he doesn't need to be. This, along with his other movies, is watchable. It's not going to be award winning but it didn't leave me feeling I'd wasted hours of my life like some other films have.
  17. But was that a gag because he'd put the car I to the snow or did they put the car into the snow for the gag?
  18. It's no worse than most other advert, it's just being judged harshly because of the movie it's spoofing.
  19. Given that's it's an advert that has been written to mirror scenes from the original film I don't think it's that bad. What else could you really do with the material and brief? I would love a Ferris 2 though and think it could be possible given the right writing team.
  20. How do I get that Yello music sting onto my iPhone as a text alert? Anyone? Anyone? Text alerts to an iPhone? Anyone?
  21. Not sure if this has been posted yet. How I wish I could claim to be a fraction of this good, I'd have died in the first room.
  22. Great fun had last night. I even managed to get Kerraig's dog tags, although I'm sure he'll claim waiting until he was hiding and AFK isn't something to be proud of.
  23. If you're on the 360 give me a shout as this combo is some of the best play. I've found coming in as support then dying before returning as an engineer means you're set for a whole game of air domination as you can reapply at will using the kit pack on the floor.
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