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  1. Used it from my S3 last night and it let me navigate the Xbox, start games and basically act as a better navigation controller than the Xbox pad.
  2. Storage Wars and Whales Wars. The latter because it reinforces my view that if you stick a load of vegans on a boat, nothing can be achieved.
  3. After trying this on my laptop a few times I'm giving up until I can get something with a little more power. Even on the lowest settings, it's a little shaky so hopefully I'll be on by the end of the month. Hopefully!
  4. Newbie questions: Is it always night time? If I'm aggro'ed, how do I loose it?
  5. I've downloaded this today and just started to play.... Any specific server I should be looking for so I can find other Mukers?
  6. Covered? How hot should the oven be?
  7. For those still playing, the London event just started.
  8. Which is better... Im in airport A and have two passengers; one for airport B and the other airport C. Is it better to plan a route to C via B in one go or should I stop at B and look for more passengers?
  9. Cheers. All built my end and adding to our scoring.
  10. If anyone has a spare Mohawk M engine they want to gift me, it would be really appreciated.
  11. Upgrade an airport or buy another one? Which is the better play at around level 7-8?
  12. Says it all or am I still an amateur ? Let's see how addicted to this i-crack you are ? Cheers. I'm only level 4 at the moment although I've got six airports. My stats say 6 of 7 but I'm not sure what that is.
  13. Just started playing and joined the RLLMUK group. I have some quick questions. 1. How do I make notes to buy new planes? I can make coins and that appears to be it. 2. What do airport upgrades do? 3. How can I get bigger planes other than buying them? 4. Any tips?? Ta
  14. Tefleon


    Ah. The fruit you can see are my attempt at a garnish. It hides 250ml of beaten double cream covered berries. For the actual meringue; is it wrong that it's so cracked?
  15. Tefleon


    This is my first attempt at meringue. I'm fairly happy about what I've ended up with however it did end up quite crumbly on the outside.
  16. I'm not impressed with the new assignments. Using the same guns is just lazy. It would be more impressive to have x kills using Y and the Z in one life etc. They remind me of MMORG quests rather than a FPS. Go kill 10 pigs. Now go and kill another 10 pigs with this stick.
  17. I'd love to see the spaghetti westerns remade, taking the story from a western genre and delivered as something similar to Lock Stock or Snatch.
  18. Why does the Italian keeper appear to have blue tape on the back of his neck?
  19. In other news... Two Brits still got points!
  20. Get Button in for tyres FFS.
  21. Button almost back in the points
  22. How do I do that waving arm smiley from an iPhone!!!!!!!!!
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