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  1. Seriously though, what's going on at McLaren? Force India looked like stealing the limelight for worst pit stops but McLaren just love to geg in. For once Button seemed genuinely hampered and Perez, well, he doesn't look like he's traded up at this stage, has he? Just gets to play with more tyres.

    I'm still not sure why McLaren went for Perez however he did put in today's fastest lap and finished the same as Button did last week.

  2. I'm sure he will. And if Red Bull is dumb enough to sack him I'm sure they'll enjoy watching him 5 championships in a Ferrari.

    Would Alonso what him at Ferrari though and do they need need him given the job Massa has done so far this year? I get that he's a good driver but I don't think he's that good that the other big teams would drop someone for him.

  3. If he'd ignored it, past Webber then ground to a halt you would have a point. But he didn't. He went on to win quite comfortably. We are seeing the same situation two different ways. I don't give a fuck about teams strategically winning championships, I want to be entertained by racing drivers and whether anyone says about Vettell today be proved he is a proper racer and a winner, he took advantage of a situation and read it better than his own engineers and team mate. More of this please.

    He lead because Webber was then told not to challenge. F1 isn't an individual sport, it's a team one which is why team order is allowed.

  4. I do kart but that's not the point.

    I'd like to think Vettell will sit down Monday with his team and point out the car was much better shape than they said it was, otherwise he could not have done what he did. Mark fought and lost, but he should have expected it, that he didn't just shows that he will stay being a nice guy and Vettell will stay a winner.

    But that isn't what happened. Mark dialled back the car as instructed to with the knowledge the race order was decided by the team on the pitwall and Vettell ignored all of that and went out for himself even when being told to calm down on the radio.

  5. I reckon safe for sure are Andrea, Rick, Carl, Boring Blonde Girl, Darryl and Sword Woman.

    Two to four or so out of the rest of the main cast regulars will snuff it - Governor for sure obviously (inventive and horrendous death by zombie i should think) and I reckon Milton might survive and be a new addition to the group. Merle, Lesbian Woman and Herschel, possibly Glen to make up the other dead bodies.

    My guess

    Andrea, Rick, Darryl and Sword Woman to survive and move on to season 4 but escape presuming everyone else is dead.

    Glen, Glens girlfriend and the baby escape and are alive and stumble into New Woodbury.

    Milton becomes leader of Woodbury. A new age begins.

    Merle dies killing the Gov.

    The Govs private army killed trapped and killed by zombies.

    Herschel, young girl and short haired girl die.

  6. I expected a fire when they all were looking at the map and Hammond left the beans on.

    Glad they didnt re-use that gag. Good episode, and looking forward to part 2.

    And I think they included followed by the burning sock to show thst they know its old and would be using it again.

  7. I dunno with the size of that wandering horder that turned up the pressing weight alone would have pushed down most walls. Plus eventually the front zombies would be crusehd and the ones behind would stand on top. Constant pressing it would eventually fall.

    I do find it a bit silly how they leave loads of zombies close to the fences or out in the prison garden bit. Wouldn't take much for Daryl to start shooting some with arrows or for a small group to go out to kill a load. Fan down the mass and take the field back.

    I still don't get why they haven't cleared any more of the prison. Given that it much also have secure admin blocks while better facilities than where they are and that when they first got there they has an abundance of food I would presume that other blocks have similar.

  8. them leaving the guy with the rucksack to his death. I know this is supposed to be an example of them becoming more isolated and dehumanized as the zombie apocalypse wears on, but either the actors or the writers aren't selling it enough to make it totally convincing. Probably a bit of both.

    After being camping a few times I couldn't get over how clean all of his gear was given that he'd been using it for so long. The sleep mat for example didn't look like it had been on the ground once. That and the cleanness of the car exterior when they pulled up in town when the scene before they had been trapped in mud.

  9. Found a whole group of Xbox servers last night which are mandatory mic usage and what a difference that makes. Everyone was in team chat and anyone not mic'ed up or being a knob was kicked - knob being defined as someone spamming the channel with abuse. The only down side for most was that it was Hardcore with map although I've started to enjoy not having the kill-cam as it means you're thinking more of where you got hit from rather than dying and then seeing where the person is hiding.

  10. All this 'social media' crap is just a waste of time, I just want to get absorbed in a great game.

    Social media is the kings new clothes though. Most software houses see how popular stuff like Facebook is and go to great lengths to show they are 'cool' and can be part of it rather than just spending time developing their own identity.

  11. I think I'm going to give up on the Assignment. Why am I busting my chops to get M26 MASS kills just for some sodding gun camo.

    I know it's a challenge and it shakes up your play, but I feel I start to play the Assignment and not the game type objective. Plus it just winds me up and kills the enjoyment of the game for me.

    If all you're after is the assigment then switch to a hardcore game of team death match. It takes no time at all.

  12. The best format, despite what Kerraig says ;)

    I'd love to be playing the PC version if only for the extra player count on some of the bigger maps. When you play Caspian Border or Operation Firestorm as conquest with just 32 players it's easy to become distant from the action quite quickly.

    I'm not sure how I'd enjoy a 64 player Metro although it looks intense!

  13. Theory, inc. bits from Ep. 7

    Will Andrea side with the Gov or Rick come the battle given that she (a) Pretty much was sick of them in S2 and (b) Is now alpha female since she's banging the Gov.?-

    Ep.07 - The room they locked Michonne in seemed much nicer than their own cell block. Why haven't they found a nicer part of the prison to make home in???

    Not sure if these should be spoiler'ed as they don't spoil anything

  14. Filming was actually long finished before the change to North Korea was made (shot in 2009, changes done in 2011). The big concern was that the film wouldn't be granted release in China, which meant it would miss out on the now-huge Chinese cinema-going market. They had to reshoot the starting blurb and alter a couple of scenes, along with a lot of digital work to alter propaganda posters and motifs.

    I knew I'd seen something about it somewhere.

  15. While I don't think this would ruin the show, the bigger worry is this from the article linked by halo.

    The rant was reportedly prompted by lines of dialogue he found offensive. According to people close to the actor, Chase had been increasingly frustrated and uncomfortable with the direction of his character, Pierce, who is a bigot, and had felt that Pierce had run his course.

    My worry is that they're making everyone more of a caricature which would make the series worse that the third. :(

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