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  1. This is beginning to emulate early Ultima Online / SWG gaming. Edit: Which isn't a bad thing and time has shown that these were the golden age for both of these games. Open PvP and skill trees based on doing things.
  2. I'm still not sure why McLaren went for Perez however he did put in today's fastest lap and finished the same as Button did last week.
  3. Would Alonso what him at Ferrari though and do they need need him given the job Massa has done so far this year? I get that he's a good driver but I don't think he's that good that the other big teams would drop someone for him.
  4. He lead because Webber was then told not to challenge. F1 isn't an individual sport, it's a team one which is why team order is allowed.
  5. But that isn't what happened. Mark dialled back the car as instructed to with the knowledge the race order was decided by the team on the pitwall and Vettell ignored all of that and went out for himself even when being told to calm down on the radio.
  6. And I think they included followed by the burning sock to show thst they know its old and would be using it again.
  7. I still don't get why they haven't cleared any more of the prison. Given that it much also have secure admin blocks while better facilities than where they are and that when they first got there they has an abundance of food I would presume that other blocks have similar.
  8. Found a whole group of Xbox servers last night which are mandatory mic usage and what a difference that makes. Everyone was in team chat and anyone not mic'ed up or being a knob was kicked - knob being defined as someone spamming the channel with abuse. The only down side for most was that it was Hardcore with map although I've started to enjoy not having the kill-cam as it means you're thinking more of where you got hit from rather than dying and then seeing where the person is hiding.
  9. Social media is the kings new clothes though. Most software houses see how popular stuff like Facebook is and go to great lengths to show they are 'cool' and can be part of it rather than just spending time developing their own identity.
  10. Anyone playing this? http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/package/dontstarve.html I've just tried the demo so far but it's quite addictive in it's own little way!
  11. If all you're after is the assigment then switch to a hardcore game of team death match. It takes no time at all.
  12. I'd love to be playing the PC version if only for the extra player count on some of the bigger maps. When you play Caspian Border or Operation Firestorm as conquest with just 32 players it's easy to become distant from the action quite quickly. I'm not sure how I'd enjoy a 64 player Metro although it looks intense!
  13. Slightly off topic in that it's PC related rather than Xbox however if you skip to 7:20 in this video their are a couple of mods for the game. 1. Removes the blue tint and suppression 2. Makes the maps night time. Just thought you might be interested in seeing them.
  14. Load of the rings. The first one, not the recent ones, that was half animation and half live footage?
  15. Tefleon


    As much as I love watching it, I can't see where it can go so five strong episodes would be a fitting end.
  16. Theory, inc. bits from Ep. 7 Not sure if these should be spoiler'ed as they don't spoil anything
  17. I knew I'd seen something about it somewhere.
  18. I'm sure it was scripted as a Chinese invasion but concerns where raised that it would adversely affect trade agreements and it wad switched to North Korea. This was all after the filming started so some dialogue and scenes where reshot.
  19. While I don't think this would ruin the show, the bigger worry is this from the article linked by halo. My worry is that they're making everyone more of a caricature which would make the series worse that the third.
  20. Just caught up with these on iPlayer and it is the North East of England.
  21. This is the most exciting race of this season!
  22. If I have a video taken on my S3, can I use smartglass to stream it to the xbox? And if so, how?
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